Wireless Bras: Because Everything Else Is!

Why not upgrade to wireless bras? Everything else is wireless (except for my toaster, why can't they make a wireless toaster?)

Also known as a soft cup bra, a wireless bra can be supportive.

The bras listed below are specifically picked by me for women with large breasts, however, there are wonderful soft cup bras for my smaller sisters out there. So keep reading no matter what size you happen to be.

As I was researching, I found that most softcup bras (wirefree) were worn by either small breasted women (size A) or very big busted women ( like sizes F-M). Small breasted women don't need the added support of an underwire and very large breasted women find underwires very uncomfortable. So if you're a middle grounder (like B-DD) I would probably recommend an underwire bra. That's what all my bras are.

However, tons of ladies out there like wireless bras. That's just fine. There are lots of great bras out there for you. 

My recommendation for Big Bust Wireless Bras

Just want to be upfront with you that these are affiliate links. I earn a small commission if you decide to buy one.

Wacoal Casual Beauty Soft Cup Bra

If I was going to order a wireless bra for myself this would be it. I like it because it is virtually seamless.

Also, it's lower cut under the arms. I can totally see myself wearing this on a Sunday afternoon, or maybe while lounging on vacation..... Okay, now I want to buy this bra!

This bra got great reviews from ladies who had just had breast surgery. Whether it was a reduction or an enhancement.

One more note: This bra seemed to be most popular with ladies in the C-DD range.

Elila Jacquard Softcup Bra

  • Featured on "Good Morning America," October 2, 2012.
  • Featured on Lifetime Network's "Double Divas"

This wireless bra is especially recommended for all those ladies that are extra busty (like size F or bigger)
The first thing I noticed about this bra was the straps. They have an extra cushion to prevent shoulder digging. Some customers like this, others didn't.

The only complaints about this bra were about the cushions not staying in place, but most problems were solved by sewing them in place.

Glamorise Magic Lift Full Figure Wire Free Support Bra

This wire-free bra is great for full-figured women. Like the bra above this bra has extra wide straps to help prevent 'shoulder digs'.

It comes in four colors; white, blush (light pink), blue ice (pictured), and black

The bra definitely full coverage, with high sides and band. Most women liked the high sides unless they were petite and then they found the high sides were uncomfortable.

Goddess Audrey Soft Cup Bra

This bra comes up high on the sides. Could be a good thing or a bad thing. Personally since losing weight full coverage bras bother me, especially on my sides. Some ladies were bothered by the 'boning' on the sides of this bra, but fixed the problem by cutting it out. They loved the bra after their alteration.

Reviews for the Goddess Audrey Soft Cup Bra

My favorite Wireless Sports Bra...

I know we're talking about everyday wireless bras, but I couldn't finish this page without mentioning my favorite wireless sports bra. 

There are several wireless sports bras out there that I have tried and loved, (the shock absorber being one), but my very favorite sports bra is actually the bra I wear all day every day, The Glamorise Sports Bra.

I discovered this wireless bra by accident while looking for a cheap bra to review (kind of as a joke) and it blew me away! I love it. If you're interested, check out my in depth review of this fabulous wireless sports bra (full of tons of pictures) by clicking the image below....

One more comfortable, wireless bra you might like....

Again, this next bra I'm going to mention probably isn't the bra you were looking for when you came to bbs, but if you're into wireless and you're into comfort (can I get an AMEN?)  then you should check out the Ahh Bra. It's the bra I wear when I'm chillin', sleepin', or most recently sick in bed with the flu :(

I did a review on it too.