Want a Wedding Dress that Flatters a Big Bust?

Need to find the perfect wedding dress that flatters a big bust? You're on the right page!

You'll find a ton of valuable information like ...

1.Tips to consider before you leave your house to go shopping.
2. Why one size DOES NOT fit all full figure brides.
3. Neckline Tips for your gown.
4. Important 'Strapless' information
(including great full figure strapless bras.)
5. Which dress cut works for us.
6. What skirt style looks best.

Tips to consider before shopping for your wedding dress

  • Go bra shopping first
    Make sure you buy a bra that fits perfectly. Do Not go shopping for your wedding dress in an old, saggy sports bra. Brush up on your bra shopping skills
  • Take one or two trusted friends with you. They won't be afraid to tell you their opinion and point out which wedding dress flatters a big bust.
  • Go shopping on a day when you feel great. If you're having a bad hair day or PMSin', you're setting yourself up for a rough time.
  • Call the Bridal Shops before you go and let them know you're coming. Some shops require an appointment. This might seem like a hassle, but it will insure that you have an attentive, supportive sale person totally focused on you.
  • Always, Always be chummy with the wedding dress sales lady. She has seen hundreds of brides with different body types. She will have a very good idea about what will work for you. With this being said, don't let her push you into something that's not what you want. If you're just not 'clickin' with her personally, go somewhere else.
  • Because of your larger bust, you may have to go up 3 or 4 sizes. Do not let this send you into a hopeless depression! It's totally normal. I wear a 10-12 and my wedding dress was a 16! It's just a number, forget about it.
  • Try on lots of different dresses. You might be surprised what style you like. When you find the perfect dress you'll know, but make your dress prove itself by trying on several dresses even after you have the one. That way you'll feel confident that you made the perfect choice and not second guess yourself. The wedding dress I chose was the first dress I tried on, but I tried on another 5 dresses just to make sure.

Does One Size Fit All?

No Woman's body is exactly the same. This is especially true for women with large breasts.

I wish I could say, "this is the perfect dress for all women with large breasts!"

There are so many other factors to consider, (like hips, arms, tummies, and height) it's just not possible.

However, I can recommend certain characteristics of a wedding dress that flatters a big bust.

Hopefully, this will save you time when you're shopping because you will avoid trying on dresses that just won't work and you can zero in and focus on ones that will.

Guidelines for Finding a Wedding Dress that Flatters a Big Bust

Neckline Tips

  • A Sweetheart, V-neck, or Scoop Neck are Flattering
    Also, if you don't mind showing some skin, an off the shoulder look may be the right wedding dress that flatters a big bust.

  • Avoid a high neckline.
    It will make your bust look bigger.

  • Also steer clear of halter-top styles.

  • Be tasteful when showing cleavage
    (heaven knows we have plenty of it) There's a fine line between classy and trashy.

  • Bend-over and look in the mirror.
    Remember, at your wedding you'll be bending over to kiss your great-aunt Heidi in her wheelchair. Be mindful of what she'll be staring at. Besides, you'll have oodles of time to show-off this asset on the honeymoon.

One Last Neckline Tip:

Keep your neckline and bustline simple. It's best to avoid large embellishments, heavy beadwork or other large details on the bodice. It will be the first place people look and we're trying to downplay this area.

What about going strapless?

It's Okay to Show Some Skin!

 I know how popular strapless wedding gowns are, and here's my two cents;

Choose your strapless dress very very carefully!  If you get one that is too small, or too low, or too tight you'll regret it. A proper fitting wedding dress is crucial when you have large breasts.

Big busted women need the support provided by wearing a good bra so, if you're going strapless, GET A GOOD STRAPLESS BRA!

Where can a big busted woman get a full figure strapless bra?

I wrote a great page about Full Figure Strapless Bras - Check it out! You will be able to find a bra for your wedding on this page!

Look for a strapless dress that comes up high enough to cover your boobs.

Stay away from a low cut, strapless gown because it will not be a wedding dress that flatters a big bust and you will regret the three feet of cleavage you'll see in your wedding pictures. Just trust me on this one.

Wedding Dress Outline Tips (also known as your dress' cut)

Most all the experts agree that an A-line silhouette (also known as the Princess cut) highlights an hourglass figure the best. This means that the sides of the dress will hug your curves, flaring out just at or below the waist.

A drop waist is another style that will help to elongate your waist and define the area between our bustline and hips.

Empire waist does not flatter a big bust. Wearing this style with large breasts can make you look pregnant! Ekkk! We Definitely don't want that! Unless maybe that's what you're going for.... Don't waste you time with this style and stay focused on looking for a wedding dress that flatters a big bust.

Some women with big busts like the corset style dresses. This style does offer support and can streamline your silhouette.

This is an "A-line" cut

This is a "Drop Waist" cut

Avoid an Empire Cut

Corset Style Can Be Supportive!

Wedding Dress Bottom Tips

Moderate fullness in the skirt is a good thing for busty brides because it will balance out top-heaviness.

The fullness offered by an A-line or princess cut is very flattering to women of all body shapes.

Another trick to looking thinner and more balanced is to pick a wedding dress that is on the longer side.

If you like dresses with decorations and embellishments, the skirt and train are the places to have them. It will become the focal point and help minimize the bust size.

Good Luck Shopping for a wedding dress that flatters a big bust!! 

You're going to need a great bra....Check out some of these Strapless one!

The Goddess Lace Longline Strapless Bra  covers the whole breast.

You can see the support on the sides, bottom, and top, it's like a fortress.

The funny thing about this strapless bra is that ladies either love it or hate it. Some of the complaints were 

  • hard to get on (has a TON of hooks)
  • made their boobs pointed
  • not smooth under clothes

Also, Goddess recommends measuring your band size at the fullest part above your belly button since it goes all the down. So you'll probably end up ordering a size or 2 larger numberwise, but then go down in the cup one or two sizes. Make sense? For example if you're regularly a 34F try ordering a 36E or maybe even a 36 DDD.

This Bra is  a Hall of Fame Winner!

The Fantasie Strapless Bra looks a lot more comfortable than the one above. There are no seams or lace. It's also not as long in the body, so if you've been blessed with a short torso, then this bra might fit you better. It will be smoother under your clothes too.

This bra has won numerous Awards over the last 7 years for being the best strapless bra. 

In fact, it's so awesome that it's been inducted into the 'Undie Hall of Fame' on Herroom.com

If I was looking for a strapless bra and had big boobies, I would strongly consider this one. 

It comes in black and nude. The white has been discontinued for whatever reason.

This highly touted strapless bra from Panache comes in sizes from 30D all the way up to 38H!

This bra seems to be a love child from the Goddess and Fantasie (both pictured above) 

The cups are structured like the Goddess and yet the bra is shaped more like the Fantasie. 

It only comes in Nude and Black - Sorry, no white!!

One lady, size 38E, called this bra "Life-Changing!" That's a pretty heavy statement, but okay. ;) Give it a try.

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