Underwire Bra Pain?
We feel you!

True or False: Underwire bra pain is caused by your underwire bra.

Answer: True. (Easiest question ever, right?)

Okay then, here's a harder one.

True or False: ALL underwire bras cause pain.

Answer: False! Just because you wear an underwire bra doesn't mean it will automatically cause you pain. There are lots of women who wear underwire bras without experiencing any discomfort. However, if you're one of the unlucky ladies who do have underwire bra pain then you understand how awful it is.

What Causes Underwire Bra Pain?

First and Foremost: Wearing the wrong size bra!!! (infinity exclamation marks!)

I'm willing to bet my first born child (who happens to be an ornery 15 year old, so if I lose it's no skin off my teeth ;)  that if you're experiencing bra pain, 95% of the time it's because your bra is too small, either in the cup, the band or both. 

Don't blame the wire, don't blame your boobs, don't blame Trump. Blame your bra size. It's most likely too small.

I've written several articles about how to find the right bra size. Here's one, Here's another, and Here's one more for good measure. (pun intended) I'm not going to rehash all the doctrine today about how to find the right bra size, I just want to put you on the right path to discovering the cause of your bra pain. Check your bra size first!

But what if it's NOT my bra size, what else could be causing my pain?

If you're confident that you're wearing the right sized bra and still experiencing pain, there's a couple more reasons that could be the culprit. 

  • Sometimes when you have large heavy breasts they can press the cup wire into your skin/ribs/etc. 
  • Wearing your bra for an extended period of time
  • Sleeping in an underwire bra
  • There's not enough padding around the underwire.

Solutions for the Pain

I mentioned already about double checking your bra size. Do that first. Sometimes we get a bra and then gain a few pounds or maybe it's that time of the month. Or maybe we got the wrong size in the first place. 

Don't wear your underwire bra for extended periods of time. Change out of it right when you get home from work (as if you need me to tell you to do that ;) 

Don't sleep in your underwire bra. Maybe look at getting a sleep bra. I reviewed the Ahh Bra and it's super comfy. Sleeping in an underwire bra can create pressure and pain.

Give your underwire bra a good inspection. Is it worn out? Is there enough padding around the wires? Underwire bras have come a long way in their design even in the last 5 years. So if you've sworn off underwire bras because of the pain, maybe look at giving them another shot.

I love my Prima Donna Bra, it's an underwire and it's so comfortable. And last week I tried a few satin underwire bras. (Here's link to that page) 

Finally... It's OKAY to go wireless! 

Eliminate the underwire altogether! There are so many fabulous wirefree bras that are supportive, beautiful, and comfortable! One of the very first pages I wrote when I started my website years ago was about wireless bras. (Don't worry, I've updated it since then). I've got some good recommendations and information on that page too.  

I hope this article was helpful in giving some basic information about underwire bra pain. It really is an awful thing to have, but luckily something that's easy to fix.... in most cases. However, I need to put a little disclaimer in here, if you've tried different solutions and nothing is working, don't be afraid to see your doctor, just to rule out anything serious.