Tata Tea Party: For the Win

tata tea party

Sometimes I think about my ancestors (No this lady isn't related to me...pretty sure:/) and I picture these somber, stern, colorless people. Most likely because this is how people looked in all the old photographs.

Then I see a picture like this and it makes me think this woman had a personality I think I would have enjoyed. She had a sense of humor and liked to laugh. I can see the twinkle in her eye.

Do you think it was her idea to pose like this? Was it the photographer's idea to set up the tata tea party? Photographers are weird. I can see it being his idea.

Was there hot tea inside and that's why she's suppressing a laugh, so she won't upset her precarious setting and burn herself? Just ask McDonald's, hot drink on tender body parts is no laughing matter.

I can tell she's a classy lady. She choose to balance 2 delicate teacups  on her breasts instead of 2 whiskey flasks. That's class right there.

I'll see your 'tata tea party' and raise you 50 cents, a pen, and a cordless phone

After seeing this picture I got curious. Exactly how big does your chest have to measure in order to balance tea for two?

So I ran a couple of scientific experiments.

Factoring in the upward lift provided by a corset I was able to balance two quarters AND a pen AND our cordless phone on my 34DDD bust.

Don't Judge. I was sitting in my office and just started balancing things that were in arms reach. I stopped short of attempting the inkjet printer, but I did get about 32 jumbo paperclips.

It's harder than it looks

I didn't have a rose printed tea set to fully recreate the photo, but I did try with 2 plastic kid size cups filled with kool-aid and it was an epic fail.

So I feel I can confidently deduce that our busty pioneer in this photo is atleast a size H (although some would argue that she is easily a T cup. Get it? a T Cup!:)

Planking is so old school. I predict that the next huge viral sensation will be TaTa Teetering.