Big Bust Swimming Suits
Which One Works?

The 7 Secrets to Big Bust Swimming Suits

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1. Find swimming suits or bikini with a built-in underwire bra in your size. Out of all the advice this is the most important. (That's why it's first) I talk all about big bust bikinis on this page.

2. Check the label for a suit with Lycra or Spandex. This material is great for holding in bulges and bumps.

3.  A halter-top style is recommended for big busts. It will give you even more support.

4. There are mixed opinions about what kind of neckline will flatter your bust the best. Most recommend a "V" neck. I agree,as long as it doesn't plunge too low. Showing too much cleavage can make you look old and heavier, NOT ALWAYS!!

5. Some recommend a square cut neckline. This could also work as long as it isn't too high. Having too much fabric above the bust will make it look even bigger.

6. If you're more comfortable in a solid color that's just fine too. Find a beach wrap or sarong with a bright design. This will draw attention away from your chest to your lower half.

7. Some suits designed specifically for big busts have an extra band in the back (kind of like a bra band, but cuter) This will help your shoulder straps stay up and provide support.

What Kind of Bra Support Does my Suit offer?

Okay Ladies, Here's the low down on the bra situation in swimming suits.

If you're looking for a suit online and it says....

"Hidden, floating, lined underwire cup has an elastic underband for stability." It means that it has a supportive 1/2 bra. "Huh?" This is like a bra without a band that goes around your back and hooks together. It's just the front of a bra sewn into the front of a swimming suit.

It does offer some support, but not much and it might not fit real well. Why not? Here's an example, me and my friend are both a size 8. Except I'm a 34DD and she's a 32C. If we both order a size 8 suit will our breasts fit the same in the suit? NOPE!

A "Hidden, floating, lined underwire "bra" is better than a shelf bra. A shelf bra is what you find in a 12 year old's swimsuit.

I look for suits with a bonefied bra, (as in a clasping bra). You can tell your suit will have a built in bra if you order it by your bra size, not a 'jean' size. Still Confused?

For example....

I like Both of These Suits from HERROOM.COM....

But which one has a supportive bra?

Fantasie Versailles Twist Front Swimming Suit

This is the description for this suit...

  • Molded, lined, hidden underwire cups have center vertical darts and a covered elastic underband for shape and support

Gottex Dream Weaver Swimming Suit

This is the description for this suit...

  • Swim suit has hidden contour, wireless cup with sewn-in light foam padding for shape and modesty

They both have a bra right?! What's the Difference?

Hint: look at the sizes!

how to tell if a swimsuit has a built-in bra
example of a swimsuit that doesn't have a bra

When you order the Fantasie Twist, you have to order it in your bra size.

The blue Gottex suit is available in regular ol' sizes 8,10,12,14 etc. No custom fit in the chest area. You could have a woman who is a 36G and a woman who is a 34B both ordering the same size 10! That's not right people!!

This tells me that my best bet for finding a supportive bra in a swimming suit would be to order the Fantasie Suit.

A suit will fit your breasts better and have more support when you have to order it by your bra size! So So important!!

Swimming Suits with a built in bra

I've found the following suits/swimming tops with a built in bra. They are all from which I'm affiliated with!

Click on the picture and it will open a new window to Herroom.

Happy Shopping!

Also, These are all 1 piece suits. I've done two other big bust swimwear pages. One dedicated to underwire tankinis and another for big bust bikinis. Check them out!

2017 Update: I just wrote a review on the Freya Tropicool Halter top swimsuit. Check it out!

Other big bust swimsuits you should check out...

If you don't find a 'one piece' swimming suit you like, maybe try a tankini! I've reviewed 2 tankinis with a built-in bra. Click on one of the images below to check them out.

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