Sports Bras for Men:
What to Look For When Shopping

My goal is to make this page the shortest page on It's not that I can't think of anything to say, because I'm pretty sure I could literally write 15,000 words on this topic, but I want to be as straight forward, and as painless as possible.

I've had the pleasure of helping several guys shop for sports bras and I wanted to tell you the characteristics I look for in a good sports bra specifically for men. 

Once you have a few guidelines, it's going to be easy to zero in on one or two sports bras that will work for you.

But first. Guys, if you don't know your bra size you need to figure it out! If you need help read my Sports Bras for Men: How to Measure page. I also wrote another in depth sports bra page dedicated to men. You can read it here.

In a Nutshell...

  • Look for a sports bra that has thick straps and a substantial design. More fabric = better support and better comfort.
  • Look for a pull-on sports bra, or one that 'does up' in the front. This style will be easier to get on and will be smoother under your shirt. Normally for big busted women I recommend avoiding the pull on style, but for guys who are new on the bra scene I say go with a pull on. With that being said, there are a few 'back clasp' sports bras that I recommend for guys, you can see them below. 
  • Look for non-padded, non-molded cups. (It's okay if it's 'lined', most bras are.) Padded and molded cups will give you more of a round, full breasted look. I'm guessing most guys want to avoid this.
  • Choose one that is wireless. 
  • Simple is good. There are lots of sports bras that come in black, grey, or white. You don't have to wear one that is hot pink with neon green lightening bolts, unless you want to. It might be a good idea to get one white and one darker color to wear depending on your shirt.

10 Sports Bras that meet all these suggestions...
(and yes I'm ordering all of these for a guy to try out in real life. Check back soon for our reviews) 

I literally searched through 260 sports bra on for 12+ hours to find ten sports bras I thought would be the best for guys to try out. Most of these also come in white and grey. 

Note: these are affiliate links. if you purchase one of them I receive a small commission.

I know they all look the same, but they're different I promise. ;)

Well, this page ended up being longer than I envisioned, but hopefully it helped you out a little bit. Check back soon as we review these sports bras. Good Luck!

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