My List of Sports Bras for Men!

I've been promising a list of sports bras for men for months and after a lot of work I'm finally pulling all my information together for you guys.

I'm not going to lie. This was a very intimidating and exhausting process. I wanted it to be right and I wanted it to be useful. There's not a lot of information online about sports bras recommended specifically for guys so I feel like a pioneer in the Bras for Guys field and there's some intimidation that comes with stepping into uncharted territories.

So, if you haven't already, please read my Sports Bra for Men Page. I talk extensively on that page about the stupid "only women should wear bras" stigma. It's ridiculous. In my opinion a bra serves a very basic purpose and that is to support and protect breast tissue. Yes, it's true that women use bras to enhance and show off the female form and bras can make women feel sexy, but a bra's primary purpose is the support, comfort, and protection of breast tissue. It doesn't matter if that breast tissue belongs to a man or a woman. I have a couple other pages dedicated to men that I think you'll find helpful:

1) What guys should look for in a sports bra 

2)  How guys should measure for a sports bra

Men, please don't feel any shame or embarrassment that you're considering a sports bra. I hear from men every month who tell me that a wearing a sports bra improved their lives considerably, especially when exercising. 

***** If you want to skip all my commentary and get right to the bras click here! ****

"The world might say that men shouldn't wear bras, but the world also said women shouldn't wear pants."       ~Me

Biggest Question I had going into this.....

1) Will  the typical women bra size fit a man?

When comparing the male body to the female body they are very very similar. (minus the obvious sex organs of course ;). However, there are subtle differences that could affect how a bra fit on a man compared to how it fits on a woman. For example, a man's torso is generally wider, men generally have bigger lats, and broader shoulders. All these factors could have a huge effect on how a bra fits.  I was very very curious if a bra designed, modeled, sized and marketed exclusively to women would translate to a male customer. 

Yeah, sure I can tell guys how to measure and what to look for when bra shopping, but if men take their measurements and plug them into a bra calculator, will the bra size it calculates be the right bra size for a man?

About my male model...

My model is a 37 year old man with self proclaimed 'moobs'. Also, it should be noted that he's never worn or tried on a sports bra before (but has taken off plenty ;) so this was all new to him. He went in with an open mind and was completely honest and candid with his opinions. 

He was measured according to the steps on my how to measure page. I took his measurements and plugged them into the bra calculator found on (which is where I ordered his sports bras from). It gave his measurements as 40D and this was the size we used when ordering his sports bras.

When ordering bras for this experiment my rule was that only size 40D or the equivalent could be ordered.  For example, several of the bras only came in S,M,L,XL sizes. In those cases size charts were consulted and the size was ordered that correlated to 40D. 


My male model measured 40 inches under his bust and 44 inches across his chest and was calculated to be a 40D/XL

How I choose sports bras for Men

Simple, Basic, Comfortable, Functional, Low Profile

Those were the words going through my head when I was shopping for these bras.

  • I wanted sports bras that came in basic colors: black, white, gray.
  • No embellishments.
  • I wanted bras with a seamless cup so they would be less noticeable under shirts and help flatten the breast tissue instead of giving it a round shape.
  • I was also looking for wider straps and a wider band for comfort and support reasons. Dudes don't need dainty sports bras! 

Also, I was curious how different type clasps would look under shirts and which style the male model would prefer to wear and put on. For example, front clasps, back clasps, or pull-on. So I ordered 4 pull-on, 2 front clasps, and 1 back clasp sports bra for him to try. Also, I wondered about adjustable shoulder straps, would they make a difference in how the bra fit? I ordered a few with adjustable straps and a few with nonadjustable straps. 

Last thing I wanted to compare is price. The price of these sports bras range from $15 to $77. I wanted to see how the cheap sports bras stacked up against the expensive ones. Most guys I know HATE spending money on clothes let alone a sports bra so I had my fingers crossed that a cheap bra would prove itself to be okay thereby increasing the chances that guys would give it a shot. After all, $15 is a cheap price to pay if it will stop nipple chaffage and control bounce right?

Categories they were ranked on...


  • how well did the sports bra support and cover the chest area?
  • did it flatten the moobs?


  • how was the fit?
  • was it comfortable?
  • did the shoulder straps dig in?
  • did it restrict your movement at all?

Smoothness (aka Stealthiness)

  • was it noticeable under a shirt? Front/Back

Easiness to put on

  • how much of a challenge was this to put on and take off?
  • did you need help?

I had my model rank each bra in these categories on a scale from 1 to 10 the best he could. I also wrote down any specific remarks he made about the bra. I tried to be a quiet observer and not sway the opinion one way or the other. 

Now for the Sports Bras

If I posted all my information about each bra on this page it would be horrendously long so I'm making a separate page for each bra.

The following graphics will hopefully be a good visual comparison among the sports bras we tried.

Just a note: I organized the photos below into different groups according to camera perspective. So you'll be seeing the same 7 sports bras in each category.

If you're interested in reading my complete review of each bra there will be links underneath the image.

Also, if you're interested in ordering a bra, you can click the price link and it will take you to (affiliate)

Front View Comparisons (click image for bigger view)

This is a great view to judge coverage, strap thickness and placement, and the overall fit of the bras.

Side View (image for bigger view)

This is a good view to judge compression and gauge support. You can see from this perspective that #5, #6, and #7 the cups were too big. Ideally in for this model he is most likely size 42B, but since his measurements (when plugged into the bra size calculator) reported he was a 40D, this is the size we ordered. I talk more about this in the individual bra reviews. 

Under Arm View

If a bra comes up too high into the armpit it can cause chaffing and irritation. The model remarked that the Anita #5 and Glamorise #6 were especially irritating under his arms.

Angled Side View

This view seemed to show the smoothness of the cups the best. The Great Divide (#3) and the Absolute (#4) had the smoothest cups, followed by the Infinity (#1)

Back View:

This view shows how the sports bras fit from the back. I purposefully choose several different back styles to try. The first 4 bras are a razorback style. These seemed to fit the male model okay. He definitely liked the wider straps of the Infinity (#1) and Patagonia (#2) the best. The Absolute (#4) straps were too thin and cut into his shoulders. Another perk of the razorback straps is that they're not going to fall down/off the shoulder. 

All 7 of these bras had nice thick bands, this is important for support, comfort and also helps with discreetness under shirts. 

Front View (under an Athletic Shirt)

This was the part of the photoshoot I was most interested in. I wanted to see how discreet these sports bras were underneath a shirt because I knew that would be a huge question for potential male clients. The model is wearing a silkdry, athletic shirt. We purposefully chose this shirt because this type of material is notorious for showing every bump, roll, and muscle underneath. 

Keep in mind that a thicker t-shirt material would hide the bras even more.

The first 4 bras were very smooth underneath the shirt. A faint outline of the bra could be seen, but it for the most part it looked very similar to an undershirt, maybe a tank top (thanks to the wider bra straps)

#5, #6, #7 were very noticeable. This is because the (D) cups were too big for the model so his tissue didn't fill them out properly.  I talk about this issue in length in the individual reviews, but this is a great example of how wearing the wrong size bra can affect how the bra looks underneath clothing. 

Back Shirt View

The back view is another interesting view. For the most part the bras were pretty discreet. You'll notice #6 is very noticeable. That's due to the adjustable, thicker straps of the bra. The rest of the bras were nonadjustable and had wider straps.

Flexing View (because sometimes you just need to flex at the gym right? ;)

I had the model bend over and round his back to see if the outline of the bra would be obvious. Not surprisingly the front clasp bras (#5 and #7) were very smooth in the back. Followed by #1. A back clasp bra (#6) of course was more obvious due to the clasps. 

The 2 things that surprised me most about this experiment!

So this little experiment I did was helpful for several reasons. Here's what I learned that will be useful to men looking for sports bras.

1) The bra size calculator was definitely off for a few of the bras.

It's a safe bet to for men to try a sports bra that comes in the sizes S,M,L,XL. This is completely opposite advice that I recommend to women. I always tell women to order bras in their cup size. However, for the time being, until bra manufactures start catering to men, the bra size calculator has some issues when calculating a bra size for men. For example it doesn't take into account the fact that men have a broader chest structure, or larger lat muscles. My model measured as a 40D, but he is more likely a 40-42B. His large lats threw off the cup calculations. Men are going to have to be patient and persistent in trying to find their bra size, it's going to be a trial and error process, but it's worth it.

2) Guys are much less flexible than ladies and struggle with pulling bras up and over their heads. 

The pull on bras were extremely difficult for my male model to get on or off. Guys are generally less flexible than ladies and the act of grabbing onto the bra and pulling it up and over the head just wasn't happening. The model remarked during the photoshoot that if someone had a shoulder injury or had surgery, that these bras would be impossible to get on/off. There was one bra (#4) that I had to physically take it off him because he was stuck. The front or back clasp bras were much easier to get on and off for him. This is something you'll want to consider.

Do you have a couple sports bras you're interested in trying? Or do you want more detailed information about a certain sports bra? If so, check out the individual reviews I've written for each bra. Hopefully this will answer more of your questions. 

What if you need a sports bra larger than a XL?

I've gotten a lot of great response from guys regarding my sports bra pages. However, the number 1 question I get is, "I need a BIGGER sports bra than size XL, are there any sports bras out there for for guys that are XXL-4X?"


I've done a little research, and there are a few options to try.... (please excuse the female model, I haven't been able to take my own photographs)

The Champion Plus Size Vented Compression Sports Bra comes in 1X-4X. This is great for bigger guys. Some of the reviews stated that it runs a little small, so keep that in mind. If I had to guess, I would say that most my guys would be a 2X-4X.

It looks like it's normally $32 on Herroom, but they're running a sale from $19-$22. 

It's also available on if you're more comfortable going that route. 

Another one you should check out is the BestForm Cross Trainer Back Support Plus Size Sports Bra (or BCTBSPSSB for short -lol). It comes in sizes 42-48. You'll find your size by measuring your band size (around your ribcage underneath your bust) 

If you measure 42-48 in your band size, this is a great option to check out. The downside is it's only available in white, so if you're looking for black or grey you're out of luck for the time being. (I would still try the white though) 

It's available on for $16

The Big Attitude 9555 Sports Bra - This isn't going to be a super supportive sports bra, but it will provide you with some support and protection against nipple chaffing. It comes in sizes XL-6X

The sizing chart on Amazon is garbage, but I went to Big Attitude's website and here's a chart showing what size to order...

Note: This is asking for your Bust Measurement, which is the measurement around your nipple line, (not your band size which goes around your ribcage)

I've read a few reviews that state it runs small, so that's something to keep in mind.

It's available on Amazon for $28-36

Check out the sports bras that we reviewed specifically with Men in Mind....