Sports Bras for Men:
Glamorise Review

Basic Information

Bra Name: Glamorise Full Coverage Wireless Cami Sports Bra

Style: Back Clasp

Sizes Available: 34B up to 46G  (There is a size that fits you! We just have to find it)

Size I ordered: 40D. The bra calculator put my male model's size at 40D. However, clearly this wasn't the correct size for him. The band fit okay, but the cups were too big. I've reordered this bra in a 42B (which I think will be closer to his size) and I'll update this page and the overall bra score within the next month or two)

Where I ordered it from: $32.80

If you're interested in how to find out your bra size check out my 'How to Measure' page I wrote specifically for men.


My Male Model measured 40 inches under his bust and 44 inches across his chest. He was calculated to be a 40D/XL.

A Guy's Perspective

Commentary taken from a guy while he's trying it on: This doesn't feel as supportive, the cups are too big, I don't fill them out. It's a bad fit in my armpits, too high or something. 

Support: 3 out of 10: This was the least supportive out of the bras he's tried so far, but the cups were too big. A smaller size bra has been ordered and should be more supportive. I'll update this post when it comes.

Comfort: 5 out of 10:  average comfort. He commented that it was a bad fit in the armpits, points were docked for this reason. He also mentioned that it was about as comfortable as the Enell and Anita.

Smoothness: 3 out of 10: This bra didn't score well on the smoothness scale for several reasons. First the cups were too big resulting in bunchy fabric. Wearing the correct bra size will fix this issue (or atleast improve it greatly) However, the back of the bra was quite noticeable through the shirt due to the adjustable bra straps. It was very obvious that the model was wearing a bra when viewed from behind.

Easiness to put on: 8 out of 10: Initially my male model was very confused about how to put on this bra (it's a back clasp) and he said, "um, my arms don't twist behind my back, how am I suppose to get this on?". So I showed him the trick of wrapping it around the torso, hooking it in the front where you can see it, and then twisting the bra back around so it's in the correct position. He had this bra on in a snap and declared it was the easiest of the bunch to put on.

Incase you don't know what I'm talking about I found this handy comic from

How to put on a bra with a back clasp when you have no flexibility in your arms/shoulders. 1)Put the bra on 'backwards' and do up the clasp. 2) twist the bra around so it's in the correct position. 3) put your arms through the straps. 4) position the bra up where it goes. Image Credit:

My Perspective

One of my very favorite bras is my glamorise sports bra. I wear it everyday and LOVE it! So I was so so hopeful that this sports bra would work for guys. But there were a couple things wrong with it right from the beginning. First, the cups were too big so they offered no support and made it all bunchy under the shirt. 2 strikes right there. Second, the I didn't realize how noticeable the adjustable bra straps would be from behind. Not an issue for ladies, but probably not a great thing for dudes. 

The first issue can be taken care of by ordering a different size and I've done that. I've ordered a 42B bra for my male model to try and hopefully that will fix the smoothness and support problems. However, the second issue of the bra straps showing in the back I can't do much about. So guys will just have to live with them being noticeable. I guess a thicker shirt will help a bit.

I do think this bra is a possibility if you get it in the correct size, so I'm anxious to see what happens when we trade the 40D for the 42B. I'll let you know.

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