Sports Bras for Men:
Enell Lite Review

Basic Info

Bra Name: The Enell Lite Front Close Sports Bra

Syle: Front Clasps

Sizes Available: S-6X. The sizing for the Enell Brand is kind of tricky so make sure you consult their size chart when you order. I ordered a size 3x for my 40D model. The cups ended up being too big, but the band was definitely on the snug side of things. I'm wondering if a 2x would work better or if it would be too tight on the ribcage. 

Size I ordered: 3X

Where I got it from: for $80.00

If you're interested in how to find out your bra size check out my 'How to Measure' page I wrote specifically for men.


My Male Model measured 40 inches under his bust and 44 inches across his chest. He was calculated to be a 40D/XL.

A Guy's Perspective

Commentary made by a guy (40D): This would be easier to put on if it was larger. The clasps are screaming for their lives. The sizing of this bra is wrong for me. Too tight on the band, but the cups are too big. There's no support because the cups are too big. It's pretty comfortable when it's on. 

Support Score: 4 out of 10: The enell sports bras are infamous for their support. These things are the gold standard for controlling bounce. However, for our model the support was subpar. In my opinion this was because our male model doesn't have a lot of looser breast tissue. Men who have more breast tissue, (think similar to what a female breast might look like) Should consider this Sports Bra. IT COULD WORK for you. 

Breaking News: Men can order a custom-made bra from Enell. They call it the Enell MSV (Male Support Vest). It looks just like the Enell Lite, but it doesn't have the arching seams so it's flat across the front. If you're a man with larger breasts I highly recommend checking this out. I'm sure it's pricey but it's designed and made especially for you! Read more about it on the Enell Website.

Comfort Score: 7 out of 10. This was a  comfortable bra, except for being kind of tight on the band. The model did comment that it was kind of binding on the shoulders.

Smoothness: 2 out of 10: Let me explain that the back of this bra was mostly smooth, however, the cups were too big so there was a lot of loose fabric so the front was pretty bumpy, however, if the cups were the right size this bra would have scored a lot better on the smoothness test. 

Easiness to put on: 4 out of 10: This bra has 8 front clasp which made it a process to put on, but it was possible. Taking it off was EASY, like ten times easier than the pull-on/off bras. If you've recently had surgery or have limited flexibility/mobility then a front clasp bra is the style you should look for.

My Perspective:

I'm worried that the fact this bra scored low will discourage men from trying it. This is a great bra, it just didn't work for my male model, hence the low score. However, if you're a man with excessive breast tissue this is a great option for you. I urge you to give it a go. It might take a couple tries to get the sizing right, but stick with it.  

It was a little tricky for the model to put on. You put it on like a shirt/vest and then pull it closed and do up the bottom clasp, then work your way up. 

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