Sports Bras for Men:
The Anita Review

Basic Information

Bra Name:  The Anita Active Front Close Sports Bra

Style: Front Clasp

Sizes Available: 32A - 44D

Size I ordered: 40D

Where I got it: for $62.00

If you're interested in how to find out your bra size check out my 'How to Measure' page I wrote specifically for men.


My Male Model measured 40 inches under his bust and 44 inches across his chest. He was calculated to be a 40D/XL.

A Guy's Perspective

Commentary from a Guy (40D) when he was trying this bra: "Getting it on wasn't too bad, just 9 clasps. (I think he was being sarcastic.) This type of bra would be easier to get on for people with limited range of motion. It's not as comfortable as the other bras I've tried. It comes up high in my armpit I can see it causing me irritation. After wearing this bra for just 7 minutes it's irritating my armpits and I haven't even done anything but stand here." 

Support: 6 out of 10: This bra did provide some support. In fact it was the most supportive of the front clasp/back clasp styles we tried.

Comfort: 5 out of 10: This bra came up quite high into the armpits and caused some irritation right out of the chute. Points were docked for that reason. Also it felt quite restrictive when moving his arms. He commented that it wouldn't be as comfortable to lift weights in.

Smoothness:  3 out of 10: It's obvious from the pictures that this bra wasn't very smooth under the shirt. The cups were too big and created puckering. It was very smooth in the back however.

Easiness to get on: 7 out of 10: This bra, like the Enell, is done up by front clasps. This makes it easier to get on and off than the pull on/off style bras.  

What if you need a sports bra larger than a XL?

I've gotten a lot of great response from guys regarding my sports bra pages. However, the number 1 question I get is, "I need a BIGGER sports bra than size XL, are there any sports bras out there for for guys that are XXL-4X?"


I've done a little research, and there are a few options to try.... (please excuse the female model, I haven't been able to take my own photographs)

The Champion Plus Size Vented Compression Sports Bra comes in 1X-4X. This is great for bigger guys. Some of the reviews stated that it runs a little small, so keep that in mind. If I had to guess, I would say that most my guys would be a 2X-4X.

It looks like it's normally $32 on Herroom, but they're running a sale from $19-$22. 

It's also available on if you're more comfortable going that route. 

Another one you should check out is the BestForm Cross Trainer Back Support Plus Size Sports Bra (or BCTBSPSSB for short -lol). It comes in sizes 42-48. You'll find your size by measuring your band size (around your ribcage underneath your bust) 

If you measure 42-48 in your band size, this is a great option to check out. The downside is it's only available in white, so if you're looking for black or grey you're out of luck for the time being. (I would still try the white though) 

It's available on for $16

The Big Attitude 9555 Sports Bra - This isn't going to be a super supportive sports bra, but it will provide you with some support and protection against nipple chaffing. It comes in sizes XL-6X

The sizing chart on Amazon is garbage, but I went to Big Attitude's website and here's a chart showing what size to order...

Note: This is asking for your Bust Measurement, which is the measurement around your nipple line, (not your band size which goes around your ribcage)

I've read a few reviews that state it runs small, so that's something to keep in mind.

It's available on Amazon for $28-36

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