Sports Bras for Large Breasts

Sports bras for large breasts are definitely worth their weight in gold. (That's a lot of gold!)

Why? Because 'D' sized breasts can bounce an average of 6-8 inches when running! Ouch!

We spend about as much time going up as moving forward.

I have long given up on horse back riding, running stairs, and hop-scotching. There are many things that our smaller sized sisters take for granted. Being able to exercise without wearing three bras and duct tape for added measure is one of them.

Is Excessive Breast Bouncing a Health Concern?

Bouncing during exercise is not only embarrassing and annoying, but did you know that excessive bouncing can cause lasting health effects?

Our breasts are held up by something called Cooper's Ligament. If this ligament gets stretched out it can cause your chest to sag. Bouncing can also lead to stretch marks and chaffing.

Aside from exercising, large breasts can cause health problems.

I've written a new 'best sports bra page for 2014!!
Makes sure you check it out after reading this one!

Is there anything out there that can contain the bounce?

There are several companies that are finally making high impact bras for big busts that work excellent during exercise, but before I mention specific brands, lets take a minute and talk about what to look to look for.

  • Don't buy one that you have to pull on over your head. For one, they're embarrassing to put on and second they will not offer you good support. If it's stretchy enough to pull on over your head then it's definitely not tight enough to hold you tight.
  • Look for a one that hooks in the front or the back.
  • It needs to be the right size to keep you held in tight. They tend to run smaller in size in order to do this.
  • Invest the time to find the right sized bra.
  • Look for material that wicks away moisture. Nylon works great for this.
  • Also the material that makes up your bra should not be stretchy. Try stretching it with your hands. Look for strong fabric.
  • A good sports bra for big busts will probably be ugly. The uglier the better. You're not trying to win beauty contests here, so it's okay.
  • It needs to have lots of re-enforced fabric, extra wide bands, and full coverage cups. No one will see it anyway, but they will notice you if you have to run with your hands supporting your chest. Now that looks funny.

Sports Bras Especially for Large Breasts

Now that you have some knowledge about what makes a good sports bra, you should have no trouble finding one that will work for you. If you're looking for a couple ideas I will recommend two. (I recommend several more on my new sports bra page you can read about here.)

Also, I want to be honest with you. I'm affiliated with This doesn't affect my opinion of the bras I review. I just earn a few bucks when you order.

The Enell!
The Sports Bra that Started it all!

Of course this is the Oprah Sports Bra. She wears it, atleast she did at one point (so does Drew Berrymore). It's suppose to be unbeatable for big busted ladies doing high impact activities (i.e. hopscotch, jumprope, oh and running).

The Enell Bra will support you better than duct tape ever could, and is less painful to take off. It hooks in the front and has extra reinforced straps in the back.For reals, it looks like body armor. And comes in 7 different colors including the basic white, and black.

It has a whole row of clasps in the front

Did you know that this bra has been reviewed 800+ times on!!?? And it has a 4.5 star rating.

Click Here to learn more about the  Enell Sports Bra

Wanna to See the Enell in Action?!

So the model below is size 36DD, and this video shows her running in slow motion in both a front and side view. I'm sure she's not running sprints or anything out of control, just a jog, but either way this video gives you a pretty good idea of what you can expect when it comes to support and containment from the Enell.

Click Here to visit and learn more about the Enell

My Personal Review of the Shock Absorber

The Shock Absorber Support Level D+ runs up to size G cup. I own this bra in a size 36F (which I think runs a little big)

Read my thoughts below.


  • It does reduce most movement, especially the jolting, downward movement. There is some movement from the top of the breasts at the top of the bra, but that might be because my cup size was slightly too big.
  • very well made
  • nice, lightweight material 
  • only has three hooks in the back. All my big bust sisters will understand why this is listed as a 'pro'.  (rant: Am I the only one out there tired of having to wear an armored tank for a bra? My dream is to wear small, feminine, dainty bras.
  • Washes Well


  • Some women complain about their shape while wearing this bra. I can understand why. It does make the breasts have a  slightly pointed look to them. I'm sure it's more noticeable the bigger you are. 
  • Doesn't have a ton of colors

Time for the Bounce Test!

You can see  in the bounce test video that there really is almost zero movement with the shock absorber. It is so nice to wear a sports bra that reduces movement so much. 

Another thing is the difference in the shape of the breasts when wearing the Enell and the Shock Absorber. The Enell almost compresses them all over like a minimizer and the Shock Absorber lifts and supports from the bottom. You will have two different silhouettes from these two bras. Keep that in mind. 

Both work fabulously, just personal preference on what you like.

Interested in the Shock Absorber? Click here to see it at

Additional Family Review of the Shock Absorber

 My sister got the shock absorber a couple months before I did. She's a long distance runner, competing in cross country throughout high school and college. I would classify her as having a 'baby big bust' (size C) and she absolutely raves about the shock absorber sports bra. Here's her review.

"Boy, am I won over! After having spent a third of my life in competitive running I was amazed that I was ever able to run at all without it. Any high school or collegiate runner out there with a big bust, this is the bra for you."

(she really, really, really loves this bra- trust me, I've heard about it over and over)

My Verdict between the Enell and Shock Absorber

If you wear a C,D, and maybe a 'small' E then the Shock Absorber D+ is most likely the sports bra for you.

If you are bigger than an E, I personally would go with the The Enell.

Both bras are excellent choices for a large breasted woman.

Hope this will help put the spring back in your step and keep it out of your big bust.
Happy Exercising!