A Sports Bra for Men?
It's about time I talked about this!

Sports Bra for Men? Even the King of the Jungle needs support once in a while!

Please Forgive me Guys!

A page about a sports bra for men should have been one of my top priorities here on BigBustSupport.com.  And it's taken me 6 years to write it! My deepest apologies!

It isn't just women with large breasts that need love, a growing number of guys  are also looking for bust support and by golly they're going to find it here!

Who better to  sympathize with busty men than us, right ladies?!

We're all in this together! There will be no judging, snickering, or staring here.

Men, your boobs are safe with us! ;)

It wasn't that long ago that women with large breasts couldn't find bras, swimming suits, sports bras, dresses etc that fit our shape.

So So frustrating! Remember? Now, imagine being a guy who needs/wants chest support. Their options are even more limited than ours used to be. 

I'm not going to go into details about what causes male breast development, or how to shrink male breast tissue right now. I'll save that for a different page.....coming soon...... Right now we're only going to discuss the details of sports bras for men.

October 2014: Update

I initially wrote this page in September '14. I did so with minimal research and in a hasty manner. My apologies! I was lucky enough to have a male reader call me out on a couple things I got wrong. He also was patient enough answer my many questions and provide valuable insight into the world of Gynecomastia.  Thank you Tom!... and Bob!)

For example, I made the false assumption that men would (and should) avoid wearing a woman's sports bra at all cost (unless they were transgender or gay) due to embarrassment and social stigma. I was wrong!

I have since found out that there are many, many thousands of men (straight, married men) who wear women's sports bras because bras offer the best support. These men, due to Gynecomastia, most often deal with breasts that are larger than a 'B' cup.

Of course, we 'busty' girls know firsthand that a compression shirt or a chest binder would be pointless in regards to reducing painful and embarrassing bounce.

It doesn't matter if they're female breasts or male breasts, they all bounce the same.

For millions of men with large breasts, a bra is the best piece of  'equipment' to provide relief. A sports bra for men is no different than wearing an ankle brace if you have weak ankles or a girdle if you have a hernia.

Unfortunately for men with Gynecomastia, society sees a bra as solely belonging on the woman's side of the closet, just like a tie belongs on the mans. These men find themselves in a 'catch 22' where they deal with the embarrassment of having large breasts, and yet can't wear a bra to support and minimize their breasts because of the societal stigma of being a man who wears a bra.  What a hopeless position!

I was able to ask a couple men with Gynecomastia  some questions and was lucky enough to get some very honest, candid answers. I'll be sharing the information I received from them throughout this page. Hopefully, you'll find it as interesting as I did. (Their quotes will be in the light green quote boxes.)

When I asked Tom if there were resources available to men with Gynecomastia, he directed me to gynecomastia.org. Specifically, the forum on that site is a great place for men to connect with other men with the condition.

"At least half who join (the forum) end up going to surgery for a mastectomy. Most of those gentlemen are young (20 to 30 years old) and do not want to live with the embarrassment of having breasts as a male.

Older gentlemen are through trying to go through life proving themselves and now have attained the wisdom to prioritize what is important.

Personally, I will not have surgery on something that is not life threatening. Besides, they are my breasts and they belong to me. I've had them for at least 5 or so years and I would rather spend the 6 to 10 thousand on a new motorcycle."
~Tom, size 40B

What should a sports bra for men accomplish?

This guy gets extra credit for a creative solution!

A man's sports bra should do 4 things....

1) Reduce Movement & Bounce

2) Minimize Size

3) Protect Skin and Nipples

4) Be inconspicuous

When exercising (whether we're male or female) we don't like a lot of bounce going on in the boob area. It's distracting, sometimes painful, and can slow us down. So it's important that a sports bra for men compress the chest tissue to reduce movement. This compression will also minimize the size of the breast by pressing the tissue flat against the skin.

Most women (myself included) don't like excessive compression when it comes to our sports bras. This is because I don't like a smashed pancake uniboob look while I exercise. I still want my curves, I just don't want them bouncing everywhere. A woman's sports bra is different from a man's sports bra because the desired outcomes are different.

Most men desire a flat, firm look on their chest. So compression is a great thing when it comes to a sports bra for men.

And as a bonus, when you reduce movement and bounce you'll automatically cut down on the amount of nipple chafing and irritation, win win!

Question: As a man, did it take you awhile to get use to wearing a sports bra?

Answer: I suppose getting used to it was a twofold process.

The first was wondering who was going to see it. The fear of wearing a sports bra and "getting caught" was in the back of my mind. After wearing it a few days, that completely went away.

The second was feeling the immediate relief of no longer having my nipples tormented or feeling stretched after a good run. ~Tom, size 40B

Guys: How to Find the Right Bra Size

I wondered when I was re-writing this page if a man found their bra size the same way a woman would. And the answer is yes. If a man is interested in wearing a bra, he will need to take his measurements to determine his bra size. This bra calculator might come in handy.

Update: May 2017

I posted a new article just for guys. It's all about how to measure yourself correctly for a sports bra. Check it out!

Couple things to consider when shopping for a sports bra for men...

  • Men tend to have a wider rib cage, so their band sizes will most likely larger.
  • Bra sizes vary among brands
  • Good News! The sports bras you're probably interested in come in S,M,L sizes instead of traditional bra sizes with cups and band sizes. Guys will probably always need to order at least a L because of their wider chest.
  • If your breasts are large, consider buying a sports bra that comes in traditional bra sizes instead of S,M,L. You'll find they reduce movement and bounce more.
  • Consider getting a professional bra fitting. I think you'll find most bra-fitters to be very understanding and kind.
"I was wearing front closing minimizer size DD bras from "Just My Size", but I always felt I was being pitched so I went for a fitting at Alure in St. Paul.

It turns out that I was much bigger then I thought!

Everytime my wife and I would shop for a bra I always thought the cups looked to big for me, but I would always over fill them! I found out that day at my fitting I was 46H!

I was treated with total respect at the fitting and any man that needs a bra should have one!"

The chest is wider on a man so fitting a bra, sports or full support takes more time, and that is why a professional fitting is a must.

I also feel that wearing the bra actually hides the breast better then not wearing one because the movement is reduced so much, not to mention the comfort.

~Bob size 46H

5/25/17 Update: I just finished a new page dedicated to helping men find a great sports bra. Check it out

Wanted: A Sports Bra For Men that is Inconspicuous!

One of the things that came up over and over in my research is that men want sports bras that are inconspicuous. Many times nobody, except their wives or close family members, know they're wearing a bra. There are things to look for when bra shopping to help you keep your secret.

  • look for bras that are thinner material. This will help with concealment under a t-shirt.
  • look for a 'hookless' bra. This is a bra that doesn't have any hooks. Avoiding bra hooks will help with concealment because you won't see them through your shirts. If you have large breasts and want a supportive sports bra with hooks, then look for a bra that hooks in the front. This will help to avoid the 'traditional' bra hook outline see on the backs of shirts.
  • go for a solid color, preferably the same color as the shirt you'll be wearing. Never wear a black sports bra with a white shirt.
  • Make sure the collar of your shirt is tight enough on your neck to hide bra straps. No stretched out t-shirts!

Sports Bras for Men to Try

Using the guidelines above, I found several sports bras for men to try. They are simple, hookless, and cheap! Don't expect the bras shown below to completely eliminate bounce. If you want that you're going to have to sacrifice some of the secrecy and buy a 'full fledged' sports bras with hooks and cups. Any of the ones I talk about on my sports bra pages will work in that case.

But I think the following sports bras will work nicely for most men. You can find them on Amazon or on Herroom.com and yes I'm affiliated with both, so you can buy a great sports bra AND send me a little 'thank you' at the same time!

Fruit of the Loom Tank 

Order from HerRoom

Order from Amazon

Under Armour HeatGear

Order From HerRoom

Order from Amazon

Check out the sports bras that we reviewed specifically with Men in Mind....

What if you need a sports bra larger than a XL?

I've gotten a lot of great response from guys regarding my sports bra pages. However, the number 1 question I get is, "I need a BIGGER sports bra than size XL, are there any sports bras out there for for guys that are XXL-4X?"


I've done a little research, and there are a few options to try.... (please excuse the female model, I haven't been able to take my own photographs)

The Champion Plus Size Vented Compression Sports Bra comes in 1X-4X. This is great for bigger guys. Some of the reviews stated that it runs a little small, so keep that in mind. If I had to guess, I would say that most my guys would be a 2X-4X.

It looks like it's normally $32 on Herroom, but they're running a sale from $19-$22. 

It's also available on Amazon.com if you're more comfortable going that route. 

Another one you should check out is the BestForm Cross Trainer Back Support Plus Size Sports Bra (or BCTBSPSSB for short -lol). It comes in sizes 42-48. You'll find your size by measuring your band size (around your ribcage underneath your bust) 

If you measure 42-48 in your band size, this is a great option to check out. The downside is it's only available in white, so if you're looking for black or grey you're out of luck for the time being. (I would still try the white though) 

It's available on herroom.com for $16

The Big Attitude 9555 Sports Bra - This isn't going to be a super supportive sports bra, but it will provide you with some support and protection against nipple chaffing. It comes in sizes XL-6X

The sizing chart on Amazon is garbage, but I went to Big Attitude's website and here's a chart showing what size to order...

Note: This is asking for your Bust Measurement, which is the measurement around your nipple line, (not your band size which goes around your ribcage)

I've read a few reviews that state it runs small, so that's something to keep in mind.

It's available on Amazon for $28-36

Other options

Maybe your breasts aren't that big or you aren't ready to try a sports bra quite yet. There are a couple of things you could try.....

Using a Compression Shirt as a Sports Bra for Men

It seems like the most popular 'sports' bra for men is a compression tank or a compression shirt. A compression tank is basically just a really really tight top that holds everything in place. FYI: Women have been wearing compression clothes forever, we just refer to them shapewear. And they work really really well.

When choosing a compression tank it's important to remember that compression tops are designed to be super super tight and they are going to be a BEAST to get on. One guy commented that it was like giving birth to himself. So you're going to want to read the manufacturer's sizing recommendations. Most recommend going up at least one size bigger than what you think you should order. Error on the side of caution and go big.

Compression tanks do a great job doubling as a sports bra. You can wear them underneath a t-shirt or alone.

Please note that wearing a compression tank/shirt  as a sports bra will most likely make you sweat more because you'll be adding an extra layer of clothing (assuming that you're wearing it underneath a t-shirt).

Also, if you try to wear a compression shirt that is too small, it will have the tenancy to roll up. The right size is important!!

One more thing to remember.... read product reviews and look for men that have specifically bought an item to help with Gynecomastia.

Here are some compression tank/shirt options that I have looked at and studied. Of course I can't recommend them from personal experience, but maybe they'll work for you.

BTW I want to be totally honest and say that these are affiliate links. I get a small percentage of your purchase if you decide to buy. (Which helps me stay motivated to keep this awesome website up and running!) So thank you thank you thank you!

Underworks Mens Extreme Gynecomastia Chest Binder V-Tank Top

Honestly, if I was a guy who wanted/needed a sports bra I would try this one. There are lots of reviews by other men who have gynecomastia.

Heck, there are even reviews from women who wear this to flatten their chest and if it will flatten a woman's chest it will definitely flatten a mans.

One tip, step into this tank and pull it on from the bottom up, instead of trying to pull it on over your head.

Underworks Mens Microfiber Compression Tank

This one also looks like a winner. Same company, Underworks. Material looks very thin and breathable. Lots of great reviews'. One man said, "compresses my not-huge but very noticeable man-boobs." 

Insta Slim Muscle Tank Shirt

This compression tank received 4 stars from over 300 reviewers. Some remark that it will stretch out over time and that you should order your regular shirt size. It comes in a bunch of colors which is nice.

A Chest Binder as a Sports Bra for Men?

A chest binder is basically a strip of cloth that wraps around your chest and then is fastened with either velcro or hooks. Some people like to use ACE bandages to create a chest binder. One of the downsides to ace bandages is that it can be difficult to wrap yourself without help from someone else.

Some have reported success using it during exercise. It might be itchy and hot though. I would probably try a compression shirt/tank before doing a chest binder. I also wonder if they would stay in place when exercising, especially running. I would guess they would have the tendency to slip. But like a said before, I have zero experience with chest binders and I'm just speculating.  You can try this one.

Elasto-Fit Breast and Chest Compression Wrap

Some parting advice!

"Don't be ashamed of the fact that you wear a bra if you need to! I have got total support from family and friend. After all, a bra is made to support breast, what does it matter if those breast are on a man or a woman?"

~Bob, size 46H

Good luck Guys! I hope that you've found something here to help you find a great sports bra.

Check back often because I'll be updating my "Guys" section with tons of information about male breast development. BigBustSupport is here for you too! Thanks for reading my "sports bra for men" page!