My Sports Bra Comparison!

I was going to write this sports bra comparison on Friday, but my pre-Valentine's Day festivities got in the way. (I was reading valentine stories in my 1st Grader's class while boys made arm pit fart noises and girls looked annoyed. Good times, good times.)

Hopefully by now you've read my indepth reviews about our two 'competitors', the Panache Sports Bra, and the Glamorise No Bounce Cami. If not, take a minute and read my individual reviews. There are lots of pictures and details that I'm not going to get into on this page.

On this page, I'm going to do a sports bra comparison by comparing the  specific features of the bras and tell you which one I liked better, and why. With any luck, this won't be a huge disorganized mess (reminiscent of my bra drawer).

I was really hoping that I could pick an overall winner, but I just can't! There are too many factors to consider! So you'll have to settle for 'winners' of specific categories/features. Both of these bras have their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe what I have to say can help you decide which one could work for you.


Panache - $68.00

Does the price reflect the quality of the bra?

Yes. I believe the Panache is a well made bra and uses quality fabric. The price of $68.00 IS justified IMO.

Some people might think it's a lot to pay for a sports bra, but it is a high quality bra. 

The panache sports bra is sewn well. 

Glamorise - $26.00

Does the price reflect the quality of the bra?

I'll admit, my expectations for this bra were low from the beginning. I mean, "Really? $25.00 for a sports bra? I'll bet it sucks."  However, I was very very surprised by the quality of this bra.

This bra is cheap, but the quality is not!

It is a basic sports bra. The material is nothing fancy compared to the Panache.

Winner Based on Price: Glamorise

It was hard for me to pick a winner in this category, because the bras are so different. I almost felt like I was comparing apples & oranges (or a Toyota to a Lexus).

But bottom line, if I can save 50 bucks and get a well made sports bra that works well, then 9 times out of 10 I'll do it.



The Panache sports bra is beautiful. The colors are modern and feminine. It's fun and interesting to look at. It's got great shape. It's sexy. I could go on and on describing this bra. It's a work of art.

And you can get this bra in 6 different colors!


Honestly, it looks like a 'granny bra. No shape. It comes in 3 colors. White, black, and sometimes nude. Bland, bland, bland.

Winner Based on Beauty: Panache

No big surprise here. The Panache wins this beauty contest hands down. The Glamorise will have to settle for Miss Congeniality.  

The old saying of 'you can't judge a book by it's cover' does not apply in this case. Some people believe that if you look good, you perform good. If having a pretty sports bra is a deal breaker for you, then the Panache is a good bet. 



To be honest, the Panache sports bra didn't fit well with my specific breast/body type. I believe I got the bra size right, but the way the cups compressed my soft breast tissue was unflattering and uncomfortable. You can see in the picture that my breasts are being pushed out the sides and top.

The band fit well and was very comfortable. The straps also fit well and were comfortable on my shoulders. Darn those cups! 

I've done some more research and apparently there's a small amount of women that have this fit problem with the Panache. Lucky me... :(  NOT!


The Glamorise fit me like a glove, like a dream, like a second skin.  

I'm not sure what else I can say about it.

Winner Based on Fit: Glamorise

Pretty easy pick for me. The Glamorise worked perfectly for my body. Almost like it was custom made. HOWEVER (I capitalized all the letters because what I'm about to say is important ;) I've read hundreds upon hundreds of reviews for the Panache that rave about how well the Panache sports bra fit their body.

So, I'm not saying that the Glamorise will fit you better than the Panache or vice a versa. The fit of the sports bra is dependent on your breast type.

If there was one thing this Sports Bra Competition taught me, it's the importance of trying multiple sports bras to find one that works for you. I can't tell you how much I wished the Panache would have fit me better. :(

How it looked under a shirt


The Panache sports bra was pretty darn close to seamless as you can see in the picture. The shirt I'm wearing is a very thin, 'silky' material that shows every little bump and seam, so can see that this sports bra is extra smooth underneath clothes.

Also, the Panache is an underwire bra with magical 'uplifting' powers. It lifts, separates, and molds your breasts into the shape of the sports bra. (Which is like 2 round globes ;)

No uniboob here. Each breast is cradled in it's own little cup.


Sigh. See the seams? Yeah, they're kind of noticeable. They don't look terrible, but you can see them underneath shirts.

Also, the Glamorise didn't have the 'uplift' and shaping properties that the Panache did. Probably because it's not an underwire.

One last thing. There is a slight uniboob going on underneath the shirt. 

The shape that the Glamorise gave my breast definitely isn't as round as the Panache. But it isn't an unflattering shape. 

Winner based on How it Looked Under a Shirt: Panache

I loved the smooth, seamless look of the Panache. Also, it's important to note that the cups of the Panache Sports Bra are lined in a very thin foam. This will definitely help cover up any nips that might pop up in the gym.

I want to give a special shoutout to the Glamorise for the 'Cami' feature of their sports bra. I really really liked how it covers me when I bend over. 

The All Important Bounce Category


The Panache Sports Bra combines compression and encapsulation to almost eliminate bounce. I don't know if you can completely eliminate bounce when you have big breasts, but this bra does a fantastic job. Compression and encapsulation is considered the gold standard for controlling bounce. 

The material, the straps, the cups themselves are designed to eliminate bounce. There is no stretch to the material, you shouldn't have any problems with the bra losing it's effectiveness long term. 


I was very surprised with how well the glamorise sports bra helped with bounce. It's labeled as a 'medium' impact sports bra and I agree with that categorization. Will this sports bra eliminate bounce while riding a trotting horse? No. Will you notice bounce when doing Squat Jumps and Jumping Jacks? A little bit yes.

But it does a very very good job at controlling bounce for most activities.

I need to tell you, the Glamorise sports bra has the tendency to 'loosen and stretch' throughout the day. I'm sure this is due to the fabric that it's made out of. I've discovered that I'll put the sports bra on in the morning and by afternoon it doesn't seem quite as supportive.  

Winner of the All Important Bounce Category: Panache

The Panache Sports Bra is a hard core bounce controller. You should be able to perform most physical activities in this bra and feel comfortable and confident. You'll most likely still 'bounce' a little bit, (because, for the love, that's what breasts do! ;) but the Panache will keep everything under control. 

The Glamorise also does a great job at controlling bounce, just not as well as the Panache. When I first tested these bras, both the Glamorise and the Panache were pretty much tied when it came to bounce control, but the more that I've worn the Glamorise the less effective it is. Don't get me wrong, it's still an awesome sports bra, especially considering it's $25-35 bucks.

No sports bra comparison would be complete without a plethora of side by side photos!



Some final thoughts of my sports bra comparison....

Two great sports bra, you really can't go wrong with either one. It just depends on your own preferences and opinions. Try them out and do a sports bra comparison for yourself! See if your thoughts echo mine. If you're interested in ordering one of these two bras you can find them at (Affiliate link ;)

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