Finding Shirts for Large Breasts that Fit & Flatter!

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Before attempting to find shirts for large breasts, please note that nothing will look good you if you're wearing the wrong bra.

If you haven't done so already, enroll yourself in Bra'ology 101, to learn how to find the perfect full figure bra and why it's so important. A good minimizer bra can also help tops fit better.

Why do we have such a hard time finding shirts?

Maybe because we're looking in the wrong place and spending our time trying on the wrong shirts!

You just need to know what to look for and where to look when you are trying to buy shirts for large breasts.

Important Things to Look for

when shopping Shirts for Large Breasts


The shirts we buy must have extra length because we have so much extra body to cover. The most flattering top should hit several (4-5) inches inches below your belly button when you have it on. (This is an estimate length, use your best judgment and adapt it to your unique body.)

Reason: A longer shirt will lengthen your torso and slim your waist, bringing your shape into balance. Wearing a top that is too short will, in effect, squish your hips and bustline together adding imaginary pounds to your figure and give you a roundish look.

Cheap Fix: Buy a couple of 'layering tank-tops'. They're about $15.00. Wear extra-long camisoles underneath tops that are too short. It will give the same lengthening illusion and save you money because you don't have to throw away anything you already have. They're also great for covering up too much cleavage.

When shopping, for a shirt for large breasts look for one that is more rectangle than square. This will help you identify quickly if a top will be longer. Square shirts will make you look boxy.

  • Important Note!
  • Extra Length does not mean extra baggy! I'll be the first to admit that finding shirts for large breasts that fits right is hard, but don't give up and throw on a baggy top!

    Many women think that it will hide their bustline. It doesn't, it just makes you look big all over and we're not! We just have big boobs. Always be proud that you're a woman. Don't dress to hide your curves.

    The best top is one that is fitted around your torso area with extra room in the bust. A fitted, corset blouse an example of a great shirt for large breasts.

    Complete the look with the right pair of jeans for curvy women. Remember you have to dress the whole hourglass and not just the top.


Unless you have toned, tan arms (and not many of us do, *sigh*) look for shirts with sleeves. Any length of sleeve will work, but three-quarter length does the best at drawing the eye away from the upper arm and bust.

If you really like going sleeveless, look for shoulder straps that thicker and try to avoid spaghetti straps. Also make sure that your sleeveless tops fits snug under your armpit so that you're not showing your bra band.


You've probably heard it before and no doubt you'll hear it again, a 'v' neckline flatters a big bust, as well as a sweetheart, low-cut square, and plunge neckline.

Don't go too overboard and show tons of cleavage. The idea is to look stylish and sexy, not slutty and sloppy.

Reason: A 'v' neckline breaks up the chest into smaller more manageable pieces. It separates and defines your bustline. This will keep it from looking like your boobs are growing out of your chin.

Wearing a jacket or cardigan is another great way to achieve a 'v' look.

When worn correctly they will draw the eyes downward and slim you.

To sum it all up!

Look For

  • Length
  • Sleeves
  • 'v' necks necklines that don't show cleavage
  • Jackets are great for moving the eye downward.
  • Look for fitted blouses, wrap-around shirts and simple and clean colors and patterns.


  • Frills and lace on collar
  • Words across the chest
  • Pockets
  • Turtle Necks
  • Baggy
  • Tube Tops
  • Gaping Button Holes
  • Sleeveless tops that show bra band
  • Really Thin material
  • Tucking in your shirt (unless your waist and stomach are tiny, then you might be able to pull it off. Otherwise, you'll look short and stubby.

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Currently, the average is a 36C.

And I'd bet my best bra that nowadays the average bra size is closer to a D cup

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