My Prima Donna Bra Review!

I promise I'll get to my prima donna bra review in just a second, but first....

My husband likes to tease me that I always fall in love with the most expensive item when given a choice between 2 things, whether I know their price or not.

I tell him that's not true because I fell in love with him! ;) And then I laugh and punch him in the shoulder to let him know I'm just kidding.

He, however, is not kidding and he is usually right. I like high quality things and for the most part high quality things are more expensive and worth the extra money because they last longer and perform better.

With that being said, I must admit that we are full fledged budgeting penny pinchers at our house. I'm a stay a home mom, and my husband works hard to provide for us. I work on this website during the afternoon while my girls are at school to help make ends meet. Sometimes the ends meet, sometimes they don't, but we take pride in the fact that we make things work without the use of credit cards.

So, to throw down $124.00 for a bra, ONE bra mind you, not 5, had me questioning my sanity. (my husband surprisingly didn't seem to mind once I told him he could take pictures of me wearing it ;)

To be honest, it truly felt wrong to pay that much for a bra! (And I did pay for this bra with my own money, it was not given to me by Prima Donna to review. I wanted to feel like I could be completely honest, without someone questioning my integrity)

In the long run, my curiosity overpowered my wallet.  Is a $100 bra really that much better than a $30 bra? How is an expensive bra different from a cheap bra, besides the obvious price?

Also, I didn't feel like I could, in good conscious, recommend an expensive Prima Donna bra (like I did on this page) without first trying it out myself.

So without further ado I present to you....

The BigBustSupport
Prima Donna Bra Review
by Me

I ordered the Prima Donna Madison Full Cup bra.

The final price for my white, 34F bra was $124.00.

I measured myself before ordering and was pleasantly surprised that the size was spot on. I'll talk about the size and fit in a little bit, but first I want to point out some of the things I noticed immediately when I opened the box.

It was obvious from the first touch that this is a well built, high quality bra.

  • The fabric felt soft everywhere.
  • The seams were sturdy and perfectly stitched.
  • The cups were lined, so there were no itchy lines.
  • The lace was soft

There were no short cuts taken that I could see. I'll talk about the structure of the bra next, but first I wanted to share with you some of my favorite details.

These are details that have nothing to do with how the bra performs. They're 'extras', like sprinkles on top of the icing on top of the cake. ;)

1. A Lace Name Brand!

It's kind of hard to see in my pictures, but those are individual lace letters. In my pictures it kind of looks like the letters are sewn onto the fabic, but those are individual, free hanging, lace letters. I love little surprises like this! So cool.

Can you see the lace label that reads, "Prima Donna"? Also, my OCD goes crazy when I look at this picture and see that some of the trim is folded over into the band. Oops! ;)

2. Perfectly formed tiny bows. I'm not sure how Prima Donna made such awesomely cute little bows, but there are 3 on this bra. One in the middle and one on each strap. These bows were sewn on straight too, not all skeewampus like some bra bows. ;)

middle bra bow with two different kinds of ribbon
Look at how tiny these bows are! Pardon my gross thumbnail, I would get a manicure, but I spent all my money on this bra. ;)

I love the straps on this bra. It's kind of hard to describe the material that the straps are made out of. Maybe a super soft, thin, almost canvas-like, with a little bit of give material.

The straps are fully adjustable, which is nice because some bras are only adjustable only within a certain small area and after awhile the straps stretch out and the bra design won't let you shorten them any further. But on the Prima Donna bra, I could pull the strap 'adjuster' all the way to the front bows if I wanted. I was alittle surprised it was a plastic 'adjuster'. I thought it would be metal, but maybe they had a reason for using plastic instead of metal.

One more thing about the straps, they're not going to be stretching out too much over time. There really isn't much stretch to them. Just enough to make it comfortable.

I must say, the first couple days I wore this bra, the straps kind of dug into my shoulders, maybe I had the straps too tight, but I'm now on day 4 of wearing this bra and I  no longer notice the 'digging'.

The Structure:

This bra has a 3 piece cup.... which I find to be excellent when it comes to support and form.

You can kind of see the 3 'pieces' in the photo above; 1) lace 2) side 3) bottom.

The side piece does a great job at keeping the breast tissue from pushing into the armpit. It also helps with the overall shape. The top part of this piece is gathered with elastic.

The bottom piece gives the bra it's support. This is where the 'heaviness' of the breast lays so it's important that this fabric is strong and not stretchy.

Now for the magic....

The Lace cup!

It's the lace that really gives the bra a 'custom' feel. Did you know that it's very common for one breast to be bigger than the other? A stretchy lace cup allows for this difference and molds each cup to the breast. In my case, my left breast is bigger than the right. This can make it difficult to get a good fitting bra.

The lace comes up high and covers the breasts. This will almost guarantee the elimination of the 'double bubble'. Also, the 'give' of the lace helps to form the nice 'round' shape on the top of the breasts.

The lace cups completely cover the breasts! No more spillage!

The bra fit me very well, with the underwires resting flush against my body. The cups also completely covered my breasts. This helped reduce the constant readjusting 'Shake and Settle' dance that I sometimes do 20 times a day with other bras.

Now for the good stuff.....How did this bra look on me?

Sorry Guys, I'm not about to post a full boudoir photoshoot of me wearing nothing but a bra on the internet. ;)

Besides, very few of us women spend the entire day walking around wearing nothing but a bra, so the real question is how did this bra make my figure look while wearing clothes?

I'm happy to report that there was a visible change in my figure when I put this bra on and I took pictures to prove it.(Well, my husband took the pictures and he was happy to do it ;)

I wore a striped shirt on purpose to help show the outline and lift of the breast. In the 'before' pictures I am wearing a Goddess bra.

When you look at the 'before' and 'after' shots, you'll notice the breasts takes on a nice perky shape.

I've had some bras that make my boobs look like pointy torpedoes.  The PrimaDonna bra didn't do this.

You can also see that my breasts are uplifted and supported. My bustline isn't pulling downward on my shirt.

One important thing to note: This bra has worked wonderfully underneath all my shirts except for my thin t-shirts. The lace bumps and cup seams are visible, but only under my thinnest shirts.

It's kind of hard to see, but you'll be able to see seams and the lace underneath your t-shirts

Bottom Line of the Prima Donna Bra Review.....

Okay, so I've shown you everything I can think of about this awesome bra. In my opinion, this is an AWESOME bra.

If you're willing to shell out some big bucks you won't be disappointed.

Do I think this bra is worth the money?

Yes I do, BUT...... I'm pretty sure I could find a bra that performed just as well for less money if I had to choose between paying the rent and buying this bra. 

So, if you love nice things and you're looking for a fantastic bra AND you don't mind spending a portion of your paycheck on lingerie then buy this bra. You won't regret it.

I'm keeping this bra and that's saying a lot because I'm definitely not the kind of woman who finds crumpled $100 bills in my dryer that I forgot were in my pocket. (Sometimes I find a dollar - that's a good day. ;)

I'll try to update you in about 6 months about this bra and let you know how it's holding up.

If you're interesting in ordering the Prima Donna Bra....

click HERE!

Thanks for reading my Prima Donna Bra Review! Check back often, I'm planning on doing a lot more bra reviews. Hopefully, I can find a cheaper bra that works as good as this one!

2015 Prima Donna Bra Review Update:

I got a great email this weekend from a lady named Erin. She had just read this review and wanted to know how it was holding up for me. Here's her email....

"Just a question - just read your review on the Prima Donna and am wondering how it held up for you.

I also am a 34DDDD and am in the process of rejuvenating my bra collection. I had an Empreinte a few years back (I paid $125) but those are now ($190). If I could rob a bank I would get another in a heartbeat.

I have never owned or tried a Prima Donna. I've been getting my bras from Nordstrom or Nord. They work while I pay the rent, but am considering adding one "workhorse" to supplement some less expensive options."

Today I'd like to answer Erin's email and give her (and all of you) an update on my Prima Donna Bra.

I wear my Prima Donna Bra almost every day. In fact I'm wearing it right now....

I ordered this bra back in October (I think) so I've had it for 7 months. And..... I've pretty much worn it every day since then. (minus washings and workouts of course ;)


It still holds its shape perfectly. There have been no stitches come undone. The lace cups are perfect for fluctuating breast size (which happens about once a month ;) It is extremely comfortable. I will buy this bra again! And I am totally comfortable recommending this bra to any of you out there. 

I know this update is sounding all sunshine and roses, but I honestly can't think of anything bad to say about this bra. The straps don't slip. The fabric is holding up just fine and it still fits me like the 1st day I wore it.

It has been worth every penny. 

Sidenote: I hand wash my bra with mild detergent and hang it to dry in my bathroom. I'm not morally opposed to machine washing my bras, but I have a very aggressive washing machine and I'm afraid it might be a little rough on my 'delicates'. 

Also, it's important to air dry or dry your bra on low heat. This protects the elastic in the bra from melting and loosing it's stretch. That would be sad. :( 
So Erin, long story short....I'm still wearing my Prima Donna Bra nearly everyday and I love it! If you're looking for a 'workhorse' as you put it, this bra is it!