Plus Size Sports Bra?....

Your Search is OVER!

I've written two other plus size sports bra pages (you can read them here and here), but I keep finding so many great sports bras for us that I just can't stop! So here's one more page on sports bras!

Please allow me to speak freely about sports bras for a second. I have 3 thoughts going through my head today.....

This picture perfectly sums up my exercising experience.....I felt like everyone was staring at my......well you know.

Here's what I think...

1) Teenage girls, young women, and old women will avoid exercise/sports at all cost if they are self conscious about their breast size.

I know this is true. I remember wearing 3 sports bras AT A TIME when I was in high school. I 'bloomed' early and wore a 36 DD bra before my 16th birthday. I'm sure most of you can understand what that did to my body image. Before seemingly becoming a woman overnight, I was an active, athletic girl who played basketball for hours and loved playing football.

Yep, I wanted to be the first woman to play in the NFL. Fast forward to high school, the last thing I wanted to be seen doing was running, or jumping. Heck, I was self consicous just walking down the hall. I pretty much avoided all forms of exercise, mostly because of my large breasts. Would a supportive sports bra have helped me be more active? ABSOLUTELY!

So if there are any moms out there with plus sized daughters, please please please help them find a good sports bra. It is easier now than ever. Which leads me to my next point....

2) Give Thanks for the Internet!!

The days of being stuck only wearing bras you find at your local Wal-mart is OVER. Remember those 3 sports bras that I wore (all at the same time) in high school. I had to do that because I lived in a small town, we had two stores - Walmart and Kmart.

I had to wear whatever I could find there. Internet shopping was in it's infancy. There were no special bras for large breasted girls, atleast none that I had access to. So I had to improvise and wear 3 crappy bras.

Bra shopping is SO different today compared to 20 years ago. Online shopping for plus size sports bras has literally been born before my very eyes within the last decade. It's amazing!

3) There are lots of excuses not to exercise (I know, I've used them all), but you are no longer allowed to use the excuse that you can't find a good sports bra.

Atleast not without me magically appearing in your livingroom and singing the song, "Liar Liar! Pants on Fire!!"

Here are my latest "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, 'EM" in Plus Size Sports Bras!

Friendly FYI:  I get a small commission if you decide to buy one of these sports bras. I really like (the store that sells these bras) they have excellent service! I wouldn't recommend them if they didn't.

Panache Full-Busted Underwire Plus Size Sports Bra

How cute is this bra? Love the colors and the style. I'm not one to just walk around in a sports bra, but if I was this is the bra I want to be wearing!

AND it's not just cute, it's functional. This bra is EXCELLENT when it comes to support and no- bounce.

It comes in 8 colors! EIGHT!! And each one is so cute. My favorite ones are probably the gray one and the coral one.

Here's what one of the 444 Reviews said..."Cutest colors, awesome shape, totally comfortable, functional, looks great. This is my favorite bra ever" ~36GG

Check it out! I'm thinking of buying one myself. 

2015 Update: I did buy one for myself and I wrote a whole review on it. Read my Panache Sports Bra Review!

Glamorise No Bounce Cami Sports Bra


This bra is $36.00!!

Most high quality sports bras that are supportive will cost in the neighborhood of 60 bucks. 36.00 is a great price!

This bra got excellent reviews on It is designed for medium impact, but it's still very supportive.

How do I know all this? Because I bought one and tried it myself!

You can read my review of the Glamorise No Bounce Cami here

Another cool thing is the built in cami. This is a cleavage hider so technically you can wear this bra without a shirt.

I really can't recommend this plus size sports bra highly enough. I love it!

elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra

Okay, here's why I like the look of this plus size sports bra. Do you see the seams on the cups? Normally, I'm not a big fan of seams on my bra cups, but I like them on my sports bras. Why? Because more seams = less bounce. This bra fully encapsulates the breasts. (fancy word for surrounds). This is a great bra!

But don't take my word for it... or the word of 309 other ladies check it out for yourself. I think you'll like it. It's available in nude (pictured), white, and black.


Anita Molded Sports Bra

Read (258) Reviews

Don't be scared off by the 'wirefree' feature. This bra has mad skills when it comes to preventing bounce. Seriously. this bra got 4.5 stars from over 250 ladies, most of them bigger than a C cup. This bra is doing something right, it's a multiple awards winner!

It comes in 4 color. Sochi (pictured), white, sparkling grape (lol), and black.

I want this sports bra!

Check out the details

Well There you have it. 4 more excellent plus size sports bras for us! I hope that at least one of them inspires you to get out there and move!!

All the best,