Plus Size Nursing Bras:

Got Milk?.....You Bet!

Congratulations, on needing plus size nursing bras! This means you finally get to use that chest for what it was made for, breastfeeding!

That's the good news.

The bad news is that pregnancy and nursing can cause our bustline to grow even bigger! Up to 2 cups bigger, Yikes! Dealing with increase in breast size is one of the changes/difficulties women face.

There are other challenges during breastfeeding that you might not have considered.

Finding the correct nursing bra when you have a full figure is very important. It can make all the difference in your nursing experience.

I have some tips and things to consider when choosing a plus size nursing bra a little farther down the page, but most ladies just want recommendations of good nursing bras so here they are....

Big Bust Nursing Bras

Here are some suggestions of nursing bras you might be interested in. There are a couple here that would be excellent sleeping bras, there are also some underwire examples. Whenever I'm going to buy a bra I always read the reviews.

Just a heads up, these links will take you to who is an affiliate of mine. I earn a small commission if you decide to buy something!

Size Matters

Make sure you know your bra size.

Your nursing size will be different (as in ALOT BIGGER) than your pre-pregnancy size and slightly bigger than your maternity bra size. Measure yourself during your last month of pregnancy to get a good idea about what size will fit best. Then after your baby arrives you will have one bra to wear until you can find more. It's a good idea to find a bra fitter at a bra store. She can help you get an idea about which size will be the best.

Please Note:

When your milk first comes in, you will be very swollen and huge. This is called engorgement. And in my opinion it kind of SUCKS! After a month or so, your body will learn how much milk your baby needs and adjust accordingly. So you very likely need two or three in different sized nursing bras.

Sleep? What's that?

I highly recommend sleeping with a bra on at night. When I say 'sleeping', I really mean 'being awake'. New moms don't sleep, everyone knows that!

A sleep bra will keep you supported and dry. You can wear nursing pads and not squirt milk all over your sheets. Heaven knows the last thing you need is more laundry!

It's an Open and Shut Case

There are a couple of ways a nursing bra can open. There will either be a clasp up by the strap or a snap down on the band. Either one will work as a door for your baby's 'refrigerator'.

There's also a style of nursing bra that doesn't have any clasps or hooks. You just pull yourself out. Usually this style offers no support for well endowed women, however, it's great for sleeping in.

Open for Business 24/7

You will be feeding your baby approximately 12 times a day, 84 times a week, and 370 times a month! Make sure you get a quality bra.

  • Is it easy to undo with one hand?
  • Will it hold up to washings?
  • How hard is it to stuff yourself back into when you're done?
  • Do you feel 'good' in it? (As good as you can possibly feel while wearing a nursing bra)

Remember plus size nursing bras can be expensive so take care of it.

Crying over Spilled Milk

You will most likely need at least 3 plus size nursing bras. That may seem like a lot, but they will get 'dirty' fast. The smell of breast milk might be appealing to your infant, but your bra will start to stink after a couple 'leaks' and sour breast milk can also breed bacteria, which may lead to a breast infection. Also, doing laundry will become a lot more difficult after the arrival of your little one and having several on-hand will ensure that you have enough to get through the week.

Underwired = Overwhelmed

It is recommended that you wait to buy an underwire bra until after your milk routine has become well established, usually around 4 or 5 months.

  • Reason: An ill fitting underwire bra can pinch or constrict your breasts leading to a possible infection. Actually, no matter what style your bra is, underwire or not, if it's too tight it can lead to an infection.

The Price is Right?

The prices of these plus size nursing bras seem a little steep to me, but I can't seem to find cheaper bras that will do the job of supporting larger breasts. You can find bras for under $20.00, but you will probably be sacrificing support.

You can always justify a good nursing bra if you compare it to the price of formula.

Good Luck with finding plus size nursing bras and breastfeeding. Remember I'm here to support you and your big bust!

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