The Perfect Plus Size Bra will be Close to your Heart!

Unlike 'the perfect man', the perfect plus size bra really does exist, you just need to know what to look for.

Find one that is supportive, looks great, and won't leave you hangin' when you need it the most.

It will be your constant companion make sure you choose wisely because the wrong one could literally be a pain in the neck.

Characteristics of the Perfect Bra

The Band

The perfect plus size bra will have a wide, supportive band (the part around your ribcage). This band will be responsible for the lift that is so important to us with an hourglass shape. Forget about wearing a bra with one or two hooks. Think of your bra band as the shelf that will be holding your knicknacks. You can't display your grandmother's punchbowls on a shelf the size of a ruler. We need a big band!

Captain Hooks

Should your bra hook in the front or the back? This is a personal preference. Front hooking bras can be easier to put on. As long as you're wearing the correct size it should make no difference where it hooks. You will get the support and enhancement you desire from either one.

A word of warning: Take care when wearing a front hooking bra not to fold your arms to tightly. You could accidently unhook the whole thing. Which can result in a major embarrassment especially if you happen to be in a crowded room. (Speaking from experience ;)

All Strapped Down

Most large chested women like to wear a bra with wider straps. Wearing straps that are thin can cause them to dig into the shoulder causing painful shoulder grooves. Some full figure bras offer padded straps for an extra touch of comfort.

However, if your band size is correct (the number part) then it should be what holds up the breasts, thereby relieving your shoulders of their duty.

You can't have the perfect plus size bra without the perfect fit. So make sure you know how to find your right size.

Put Your Money where your Chest is!

A well-built full figure bra can cost anywhere from $30.00 to $100.00 or more. The average woman owns six bras so shelling out the dough for the perfect plus size bra can add up fast. Some advice, pay the money needed to find a good bra. It will pay you back ten-fold.

The great full figure bra is worth every penny. Make sure you take care of it so it will last.

Materials Matter

Bras have come a long way since their birth in the early 1900s. Cotton, as a bra's main material, has been replaced by a scienific formula of polyester, nylon, spandex, and good ol' cotton.

When picking a full figure bra, spandex and polyester will help you get the fit you need and want.

Make sure that the material is smooth on your chest, so it is less noticeable under t-shirts. Some ladies prefer lace, I'm more of a simple girl myself.

Color Your World

As far as colors go, it's a good idea to have a black, white, and beige bra. Those are foundation colors that will work with everything in your wardrobe.

Here's something you may not know, having just learned it myself, a beige bra looks better under a white t-shirt. Go figure. When you combine all these elements it will be easy to find the perfect bra.

And who knows, maybe wearing the perfect plus size bra will help you find the perfect man! (If only it were that easy!)

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