My Panache Sports Bra Review

Get ready for my panache sports bra review

My Panache sports bra arrived in the mail last week along with the Glamorise Sports Bra.

I ordered 2 completely different sports bras because I wanted to compare the two. The Panache was considerably more money (almost $70) compared to the Glamorise (at $26) And the price was just the beginning of the differences between the two. For example this one is an underwire, the other isn't.

I'm planning on doing a separate review for the Glamorise tomorrow, so be sure to check it out. And then I'll do a blog post on Friday telling you which one I prefer and which one I returned...Care to make a guess?

The Panache Sports Bra Review (style 5021)

First, here are the boring specifics.

  • I ordered the Panache Sports Bra from
  • Size: 34E
  • Cost: $68.00 (shipping was free because I spent over a $100)
  • Ordered it on Jan 26th, Arrived Feb. 2nd (so it took 7 days to arrive)

Let's start at the beginning.... here are a couple shots of the bra and how it looked right out of the box. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors! I ordered the gray with purple accents. Panache is constantly updating their colors so there's ton to choose from. No more standard black or white choices!

It kind of made me laugh because the cups (which are pretty dang big when you're a size E) were stuffed with tissue paper, so I when I opened the plastic I had 2 perfect, boobie shaped paper globes. 

The bra is very structured, meaning that you're not going to be wadding this bra up and stuffing it in your gym bag. This bra means business and it needs it's own space.

It's a sports bra that I can see Xena the Warrior Princess strapping on before heading to the gym.

See what I mean? That's some serious molding baby! This sports bra is incapable of 'laying down on the job' so to speak. 

The shoulder straps are well made. The part that actually lays on your shoulder is the wider, foam mesh part you can see below.

Look!! Look!! 3 hooks!!

If you don't understand why I'm so excited then you're not a true big busted lady!

You see, most 'big bust' bras have like 4 or 5 rows of hooks on the band, and while this can provide better support due to a wider band, it's kind of embarrassing strapping on a ginormous contraption. I just want a cute little bra! This bra has 3 hooks so automatically it won major bonus points in my book.

Now for the Guts of the Panache Sports Bra Review...

The bra feels extremely soft to the touch. I really like the material it's made with. The cups are made out of some sort of foamy fabric stuff. I'm not doing a great job of describing it, but it's nice.

The cups and the fabric is not stretchy at all (which caused me some issues that I'll talk about in a minute).

But back to the cups. Victoria Secret makes a bra (I think it's their T-shirt bra) with some foamy material that reminds me a lot of this stuff. It's very thin and just barely squishy. It's not going to make you noticeably bigger. It makes the bra very smooth under workout clothes. The padded cup will also help hide hard nipples (those always seem to pop up when I'm working out :/)

Another great feature is the underwire in this bra has it's own little padded tract (you can see it in the pictures), so it's not going to be digging into you. See how wide the underwire seam is in the picture above? Most of that is padding. It's hard to feel the actual wire. AWESOME!

One last thing. This sports bra is considered an 'encapsulation' sports bra. Each breast is placed (or encapsulated) in it's own cup and then compressed to the body. It's highly effective in controlling the bounce while still giving us great shape and comfort. (No more smashed uniboobs) 

The 'fit' of the Panache Sports Bra...Time to be Honest.

One quick thing you need to know about me and my breasts/body before we continue (because it matters in relation to what I'm about to say).

There are a lot of different types of breasts out there. I happen to fall into the 'soft, squishy, somewhat fatty' breast category. I also happen to be one of the 'lucky' body types that stores extra fat in my arm pits. Sooooo, yeah. I guess there's worse places, but it kind of affects how sports bras (or any type of bra) fits on me. Keep that in mind when I tell you about how the Panache Sports Bra fit me and why it did or did not work for me. Just because I had problems with the fit doesn't mean you will.

One of the first things I noticed (and didn't like) about the panache is that it seemed to squish some of my breasts out on the sides. I don't know if this was because it didn't come up high enough on the sides or if I need a bigger size or what. You can see what I'm talking about in the next picture.

The sports bra fit really well everywhere else (band, straps, etc) except for the sides. If I had to guess, this probably means I need to go up a cup size. So maybe an F instead of an E. Or maybe it's because my breasts are set wide or their extra squishy or whatever, but it definitely bothered me.

One good thing is that once I put my shirt on, it wasn't as noticeable, so it didn't ruin the bra completely for me.

I think one of the reasons I was falling out on the sides is because the cups are so structured and there is ZERO stretch. There is very little room for adjustment. With my other sports bras I would just pull and cram the extra breast tissue inside and it would stay. But not with this one. It's important to get the cup size right!! 

Also, while I'm talking about things I didn't like about this bra I have to mention that this bra was HARD for me to put on. I'm talking specifically about getting the clasps done up. Kind of a nitpicky thing to complain about, just wanted you to know.

What about the bounce???

Even with the unfortunate boob fat overflow, this bra is amazing at giving my breasts a great uplifted, rounded look. AND it controls bounce like crazy! My testing methods? Well, it was extremely scientific. I did 3 things.

First, I did 25 jumping jacks in front of the mirror so I could watch the bounce. How much movement? Was it controlled? etc.

Second, I did 25 jumping jacks in my hall so I could concentrate on how my boobs felt when jumping. Did they feel like they were bouncing all over? Did they hurt? Was it jarring? etc. NO, NO and NO!

And lastly I jumped in front of my husband ;) (He has a hard, hard life.) The first thing he said was, "Now, bouncing is bad right?" LOL. Yes!!! After straightening him out, he said that there was a slight bounce, but it was the good kind of bouncing and he liked it. Hmmmm. Not sure what that means, but there you have it. Very little bounce.

Here's Another Panache Sports Bra Review ;)
Because 2 reviews are better than 1

I found this Panache sports bra review on A Sophisticated Pair you might want to check it out for more information OR you can just watch the YouTube video below.

This smart young lady does a great job at describing why the panache didn't fit me and I felt verified in my opinion that maybe it's just because of my soft breast tissue.

Bottomline of my Panache Sports Bra Review: 

Bra Construction/Quality:

Fit (probably my own fault)

Bounce Control

Comfort (Sometimes the hard structure of this bra can make it seem confining)

I really liked this sports bra. It's different from anything else I've tried in the past. The underwire was comfortable. It's well made. It does a great job controlling the bounce. I wish it would have fit me differently. I don't know if a bigger cup size would have made it better or if my boobs just didn't work work well with the design. I loved how smooth it was under my shirts. Overall, I feel confident telling you that the Panache Sports Bra is well worth your time and money in checking out. There's a very high chance that you'll love it! 

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