Oscars 2015 
Big Bust Dress Winners!

And the winner is....(actually there are 4 Oscars 2015 big bust dress winners, 1 'almost' winner, and 1 loser, and countless others not worth mentioning ;)

Confession: I didn't watch the Oscars on TV last night. I don't really care for all the Hollywood hoopla and politics.

HOWEVER! I spent 5 hours this morning pouring over photo after photo of actresses all dresses up in their Oscar dresses on the red carpet. It was awesome!

I'm sure these leading ladies have scores of high paid stylists planning their Oscar look for weeks before the big night. I'm always curious as to why they choose the dresses they wear. I'm sure body type plays a huge part in the dresses the stylists recommends to the stars. 

I love analyzing their choice of style, form, colors, and accessories. 

This year I decided to look at the Oscar dresses using my 'Big Bust' vision.  Which dresses on the red carpet work the best for ladies with a bountiful bosom?  And most importantly WHY???

First rule in Hollywood: Everything is an Illusion!

 It's all about tricking our minds into seeing what they want us to see. Most of the time this is accomplished with special effects. But sometimes our eyes do it all on our own. Especially when it comes to fashion. 

I'm sure you've seen a photo of an Oscar's dress you absolutely love because it 'just works' for some reason.

Or, maybe there's a dress that looks terrible, but you just can't put your finger on why.

 A great looking dress has nothing to do with the beauty of the actress or the fact that her body is perfect. (Most of the time it's not anyways). It comes down to the basic structure of the dress, the confidence of the woman wearing it, and of course the finishing touches of the perfect shoes, accessories, and hair.

I've created something I like to call the Big Bust Triangle Illusion. It's pretty simple really.

When you're choosing a dress you want to look for triangles. Look at the neckline, the shape of your body, the waist, your necklace, etc.

When you identify the triangles, pay attention to how they line up with each other. You're looking for triangles that create an hourglass shape like the green one in my illustration on the left.

A Big Bust Oscar Dress Loser!

Before getting to my long list of Oscars 2015 big bust dress winners, I had to throw in a loser. I wanted to point this dress out first because it teaches us a very important lesson about the triangle illusion that I'll be referring to again and again.

Triangle Illusion Bad Example.....

Can you see the obvious triangle in the dress below.....

Here, let me highlight it.

Yeah, this is not a very flattering dress for a big busted gal. Her breasts are taking all the attention. It's very plain, with nothing else to look at. Throw on a belt, fix the obvious neckline issues, lose some of the fullness of the skirt so you can see the shape of her hips, and possibly show some leg/shoes with a slit.

My sorry attempt at photoshopping an Oscar Dress....

I did a hack job on it, but maybe you'll get my intent. I was hoping to show how changing just a small part of a dress can change the whole shape of the body. It might just be me, but I believe her breasts look smaller in the second picture....what do you think? 

I hope this triangle analogy is making sense. If not, don't worry, just keep reading because I'm going to be pointing out examples of dresses that use triangles to their advantage. 

Now, it's time for the
Oscars 2015 Big Bust Dress Winners!

Winner: Jennifer Hudson

If I had to pick a favorite dress from the Oscars it might be this one. Jennifer looks pert near perfect. So polished, and radiant. 

Can you see the hourglass outline? (Hint: draw an imaginary inverted triangle starting with her shoulders down to her belt, and then draw a triangle starting at the belt and down to her wrists.  Boom! Perfectly balanced hourglass. 

Winner: Jessica Chastain

The beautiful drape at the top of Jessica's dress does 2 important things. First, it creates an inverted triangle using her shoulder line. And second, it takes the bust line and divides it between two different textures. This is another great illusion making the bust appear smaller. 

The waist is defined and the curves are balanced. 

This dress is stunning on her. 

Winner: Octavia Spencer

This dress isn't my favorite, but I picked it as a winner because it is a great example of using fabric and detailing to create that coveted inverted triangle shape without showing tons of cleavage.

An off the shoulder neckline works perfectly with the V across the chest.The bottom half of the dress is gathered beautifully.

I might have lengthened the sleeves slightly and done them in a sheer or lace fabric, they're a little overwhelming.

Winner of the Triangle Illusion Award: Oprah Winfrey!

Oprah wins this award hands down.

Oprah's dress designer (Vera Wang) is pretty much brainwashing people into believing that Oprah has an hourglass figure.

Vera designed the whole dress around the 2 triangle shape and accomplished it using a giant X! Brilliant.

Notice the belt in the middle where the triangles meet. I'm seeing some sort of pattern here....

I hope Oprah paid her stylists handsomely because she looked fantastic. 

Almost Winner: Ava Durvernay

An 'ALMOST' Oscars 2015 big bust dress winner.

So close Ava! What's up with your sleeves? I loved this dress...almost. Just tighten up those sleeves a little bit. The embellishment on the chest creates a wonderful triangle and your waist looks teeny, but then the wide sleeves create an opposite triangle that fights against the hourglass figure. It's conflicted in my opinion.

Take away points from the OSCARS 2015 Big Bust Dress Winners....

1) It's okay to show off your curves in a form fitting dress, especially if you've got great hips. Don't drowned your shape in fabric. 

2) Belt it!!! A belt will emphasize the smallest point of your waist. The belt will become the 'point' where your 'triangles of illusion' will meet. 

3) Create a 'V' shape across the bust, either with fabric, cleavage, seams, embellishments, beading, sleeves, ANYTHING! Just get that V! 

4) Keep necklaces to a minimum. Your breasts and the beautiful lines of your neck should be all the accessories you need. I was shocked by how few of my winners were wearing necklaces. Only 1! Apparently, the rule for 2015 is 'wear a necklace or earrings, but never both'.

5)A slit for your leg to peek through or a billowy train is a great way to draw attention away from your chest and balance out the look.

6)Avoid excessively long cleavage. It looks trashy.

7)Remember the illusion of the triangle! It will ensure you an hourglass shape.