Nightgowns with Bust Support!

Are you dreaming of nightgowns with bust support?

Okay gals, it's time for a pillow talk. Topic: Nightgowns. More specifically the lack of bust support in nightgowns.

Now it's kind of hard to have a conversation by myself, so picture a group of us big bust sisters gathered around on my livingroom floor in our pajamas with pillows, blankets and of course M&Ms.

(all my crazy male fans from India are loving this article so far I'm sure ;)

So anyways, back to the Pillow Talk about nightgowns.

How's this for a conversation starter: "When I get tired of having large breasts I just lay down and BAM! Instantly I'm flat chested. Of course, now I have really fat armpits or a really thick double, double chin!"

[Picture in your mind right now, hysterical laughter, clapping, and me getting pelted by M&Ms.]

It might be funny, but admit it, you were nodding while you were laughing because it's true.

Why is it that it's nearly impossible to find nightgowns with bust support? I understand there's the whole comfort aspect. No woman wants to keep an underwire on 24/7. But is it too much to ask to have some kind of "gentle" support when we're sleeping.

I guess it would be false to say there are zero nightgowns with bust support available, because technically there are hundreds of options, just open a lingerie catalog. You'll find plenty of 'bedwear' with bust support - lacy, sheer, underwire, extremely short bedwear (and we look darn good in it too). I've written a page about large cup lingerie if you're interested.

But is that 'stuff' practical to wear all the time in the bedroom?

(guys are nodding vigorously)

Examples of Supportive Nightgowns

Here are some nightgowns with bust support, not a lot. Mostly just a shelf bra, but hey it's better than nothing and I think they're super cute.

Just a heads up, these links will take you to who is an affiliate of mine. I earn a small commission if you decide to buy something!

Update 2015:

Most of the following examples aren't manufactured anymore. :(

But I recently reviewed a nightgown I found online called the BraJama.

You can read that review here.

These 3 'nightgowns' all have a very light, shelf like bra.

I'm guessing that the support in these nightgowns isn't the best, but there is some sort of bralike feature in them. 

I really like how sexy this nightgown looks. It's less functional and more 'fun'. Probably won't be making pancakes while wearing it. ;)

I like the lace extension on the bottom. 

This sleepwear is made out of a fabric that is supposed to keep you 'cool' during hot flashes. And it's suppose to be super soft. The support will be very minimal and features a basic shelf bra

The following nightgowns have GOOD BUST SUPPORT! They appear to have even better support than the "BraJama" that I reviewed Here.

The two night gowns shown above have a similar style. They both have built in bras and most importantly you order these nightgowns according to your bra size! So, you know the fit and the support is going to be better than a standard S, M, L, sizing. Both of these come in sizes up to Size J cup size.  

The bra does have a back clasp. I worried about it being uncomfortable when you're trying to sleep, but most of the reviews I've read said that it was no problem. 

The red nightgown has standard 'tank' straps. The navy features a 'razorback' style. 

Why do big busted women want nightgowns with bust support?

When you have to roll out of bed in the middle of the night to check on a sick toddler or wake up early to fix breakfast for your family we need a nightgown that is cute, comfortable, and SUPPORTIVE! And for those of us who don't have kids in the house, it would be really nice to find a nightgown with bust support that is both comfortable and supportive AND more sensual!

So my friend Caryn and I were wondering... when it comes to nightgowns with bust support, what's out there? Does any one else think it would be a good idea?

I put together a little poll. Totally anonymous of course. Take a second and fill it out. You don't even have to give out one teeny bit of personal information.

But before we get to the very scientific "nightgown with bust support" poll ;) I think it's only fair to share my answers with you! Because I would never ask you to do something I wouldn't do myself!

Question One
Is a nightgown with 'gentle' bust support something that interests you?

Answer: Oh Heck Yes it does! (but that's not choice, so I just marked Yes!)

Question Two
Your perfect supportive nightgown would be ...

Answer: I had to mark, "One I could wear around the house in front of my kids!" But only because that's the phase of life I'm in right now. I have young kids that are up in the night, and I'm up early fixing them breakfast so if I could find something that was comfortable, not too revealing, AND supportive I would totally be all over that.

Question Three
Have you ever looked online or at a store for a supportive nightgown?

Answer: I struggled between two answers on this question, Yes, I have looked for supportive nightgowns (didn't find any) and because I never could find any I liked I have turned into one of those ladies who don't wear nightgowns. I usually sleep in a shirt and pajama pant, but I could very easily be swayed back over to the nightgown side if the right one came along.

Question Four
Have you ever slept in a bra because you felt you needed the extra support?

Answer: Yes, especially if I'm staying at someone else's house or if we have house guests. It's combination of security, modesty, and courtesy. Never know who you're going to run into during that 3am bathroom visit.

Question Five
What's your bra size!

Answer: Curious minds want to know eh! Well currently (as of February 2014) I am a 34DD. I have been as big as a 38G (during breastfeeding) and I have been as 'small' as a 34D. So there you have it. Now you know the bra size of the woman behind Aren't you glad you read to the end of this article? (Pretty sure my dad and brothers are not, LOL! Love you guys! Did I mention my family is very 'supportive' of me? Now if I could just find a nightgown...)

Now it's your turn! I want to know what you think! Vote! It will only take 8 seconds. Give or take :)

Night Gown Poll!

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