Motherhood and Your Breasts:
(Things are about to get crazy!)

Motherhood and Your Breasts: Don't Get Scared Now!

Oh boy, oh boy! (or girl ;) You're pregnant! Here's some booby advice for you.

You know how your breasts used to be big and somewhat annoying?

Just a heads up, your boobs are about to become gigantic and somewhat unruly, not unlike a set of spoiled twins.

They'll grow overnight (seemingly everynight), become sore, and pretty much take over your life. Oh, and they'll never be 'normal' again.

Maybe I'm being dramatic, but not by much. Of course I'm speaking based on my life experience and those of most every other big bust woman I know.

A music video perfectly describing Motherhood and Your Breasts.

If you want to perfectly understand what happens to your boobs when you're pregnant then you should watch this hilarious video.

Be warned it does say the "f-word" one time at 2:18 so hit the mute button if it bothers you like it does me. (not exactly sure why they had to throw that word in there, but whatever. The rest of the video is awesome)

I couldn't have said it better myself Ladies. Bravo.

In case that video left you bewildered and depressed, no worries. I've got you covered.

I've put together a few big bust pages specifically designed to support my big busted, prego sisters, because let's face it, it's kind of hard to juggle a baby and 2 giant breasts at the same time. (there's a mental picture for you ;)

Big Bust Motherhood Pages

Breast Changes During Pregnancy
Breastfeeding with Large Breasts
Big Bust Nursing Bras

Hold on tight!  Our breasts go through a whole bunch of changes during pregnancy. I'll give it to you straight, the good - the bad- and the ugly.

(Spoiler Alert: It's mostly ugly, but the important thing is to realize what a beautiful thing it is to bring life into the world. It also doesn't hurt to have a good sense of humor ;)

Also, once the little bundle of joy arrives you're going to need my tips for breastfeeding with large breasts. Did you know that breastfeeding with large breasts is more difficult than for our smaller breasted sisters? And also you should check out my nursing bra suggestions.There are some great ones out there designed specifically for larger breast sizes.

I wish you a healthy and fantastic journey into Motherhood. It's one heck of a ride.