Large Cup Lingerie: Can You Handle it?

Let me tell you why we need large cup lingerie........

It's supposed to be the time you feel the sexiest. You're alone with the guy you love most in the world and you slip out to change into something more comfortable with the whispered promise, "I'll be right back".

Then you spend the next 15 minutes frantically defying the laws of mass, gravity, and inertia by stuffing, and wedging your breasts into flimsy lingerie in a manner that would make Isaac Newton blush proud.

 Finally, you have 'everything' in place, but you're afraid to raise an arm or even breathe for fear of spilling out like a overfilled tea cup. It's party time! (as long as you don't have to walk, jump, bend or roll over). Have Fun.

In case you can't tell, I have some pet peeves when it comes to lingerie. All I'm asking for is something that's sexy and fits my curves.  We need some large cup lingerie!

Pet Peeve #1
Most lingerie models have fake breasts.

This can cause unrealistic expectations about how lingerie will look on real women with real breasts.

I have nothing against boob jobs, but fake breasts aren't the same as real breasts. They don't feel the same, or hang the same. Real breasts are more bottom heavy, longer, and usually squishier (not that I have a lot of experience feeling boobs (real or fake), okay... I have zero experience feeling boobs, I'm going on visual clues alone, so sue me).

Remember ladies, when you see lingerie models with their perfectly round, perky breasts, sitting perfectly in the right position, that's because their breasts are fake, it doesn't necessarily mean that the lingerie is supportive enough to recreate the look with your breasts.

Lingerie Pet Peeve #2

Teeny, Tiny "bras" (I cringe even saying that word with quotation marks) and no band support.

I'm talking about the built-in bras on camisoles, chemises, and costumes. They're ridiculous and they're not made to fit real women with real breasts.

What to Do......What to Do?

Okay, So what are we fuller figured ladies suppose to do when it comes to lingerie?

Just forget it altogether and go naked!

(Wait? Can you hear that?...That's the sound of men everywhere cheering)

I'm kidding of course about having to go naked.

Luckily there are some large cup lingerie options out there. They are supportive, sexy, and perfect for the fuller figure. Before I give you my recommendations, here are a couple tips to remember when shopping for lingerie.

Tip #1: Search out lingerie that requires your bra size. Not a S,M,L or XL.

Tip #2: Study the cup fabric. Some fabric will stretch more than others allowing for a better fit for larger breasts. For example plain elastic lace will stretch and accommodate breast size better than a padded cup.

Tip #3: Get creative with your lingerie. An over-sized t-shirt, or a lacy see-through shirt looks heck-a-sexy with a bra and panty.

Tip #4: Confidence will take you farther in the bedroom than lingerie ever will. Don't stress about how you look, just enjoy the moment. This is the most important advice I can give!

5 Large Cup Lingerie Recommendations

So, I spent literally 48 hours searching through 100s of lingerie sets. Yes Guys, it's hard being me. I found several large cup lingerie pieces that I think will work great for those of us with fuller figures.

This lingerie comes from want to be upfront and tell you I'm an affiliate of theirs, and receive a small commission for any sales that I send their way. I love Herroom and am completely comfortable recommended them. They are a great company!

Parfait Kitty Underwire Babydoll

This babydoll has a real life bra. It comes in sizes from 30D-40G and everything in between. You order it by bra size, so you know it will fit your girls. There's nothing flimsy about this lingerie. It only comes in black. Unfortunately, the cute panties come separate :(

I'll just say that this lingerie will really highlight your asset. Your man will LOVE it!

You can see all the details by clicking here

Parfait Elissa Unlined Wire BabyDoll

Here's another babydoll that you order according to your bra size. Cute detailing with the white lace. It doesn't come with panties so you'll need to get some separate.

I would just pick up something cheap to go underneath. Spend your money on the supportive babydoll, not the panties.

The bra is unlined so it's not padded at all, which I prefer. I got enough padding, don't need to go adding anymore. ;)

Click Here to get the details about this large cup lingerie

Shirley of Hollywood Stretch Lace Halter Babydoll
With Matching Thong

(schwoo, that's a mouthful!)

Price -$22-29

Right off the bat you probably noticed that this large cup lingerie doesn't actually have bra cups.

However, notice how much fabric makes up the top. There's plenty to cover your ample bosom. Also, this is a halter top so you can tighten the top to give you additional support.

This comes in a "One Size Fits All" (Herroom clarifies this as,
One size fits women who are approx 5' to 5'10" in height, and weigh between 90 to 155 pounds.) But they also carry a plus size, if you're above this category.

Click Here to see more...

Oh La La Cheri Halter Babydoll and G-string Set

This babydoll is similar to the one above, but the wireless lace cups don't cut down quite as much and the skirt isn't as full. 

It's hard to see, but this piece splits in the front of the skirt. and the cups are sheer. The model is wearing nipple guards for modesty.

It also comes in black and white. I would recommend this piece for ladies up to an DDD cup, if you're larger than this with firmer breasts it should work fine too.

The reviews are positive, but several mentioned that it ran small so order a size bigger than you normally would.

Click Here to learn more about this set

A couple ideas for alternative large cup lingerie

I mentioned in my article above that you can create your own large cup lingerie by using a little creativity. Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing.

Well, there you have it. My rant and solution to our large cup lingerie problems. I hope it's been even a little bit helpful. I also have a page dedicated to nightgowns with bust support. On that page I talk about the more practical side of sleepwear. You know, things you wear to bed, instead of to play. ;)