Large Bust Swimwear Picks 2014!

This isn't my first large bust swimwear page. A couple years ago I wrote a page with 7 Tips about what to look for when shopping for a big bust swimming suit.

You can read all the tips on my big bust swimming suits page.  (I mostly talk about 1 piece swimming suits on that page.)

There are several new swimming suit picks on that page (I updated it the middle of March 2014). Actually come to think of it you'll find one piece swimming suits on that page and tankinis on this page. So if you prefer a one piece click over to my other page.

You're probably wondering how I determined which swimming suits to recommend. Here's how I choose.

  • 1st - The suit must have a built-in underwire bra- Not a shelf bra, or a ridiculious foam bra - an actual underwire bra that the swimsuit is built around.There is one exception I found. The Freya Active Sport Tankini. It has a soft cup bra but offers great support.
  • 2nd - Reviews from other women - preferrably women who give their bra sizes so I know if other big busted women like the suit or not.
  • 3rd - Cost - If you're like me you have a hard time shelling out 80 bucks for a suit (or half a suit!) I don't know why large bust swimwear is so darn expensive, but it is. However, once you find a great swimsuit with a supportive bra you'll be willing to pay the extra 40 or 50 bucks (but we don't have to like it!)

Large Bust Swimwear

FYI: All of the suits on this page can be found at If you decide you love one and buy it from herroom I'll receive a small commission.

Freya Swimwear Active Swim Tankini Top

Okay, this suit is for active ladies! It says so in the name. Therefore, it's got more coverage. If you're looking to show some skin while sunnin' by the pool, scroll past this one. However, if you're running, jumping, and playing on the beach this one will keep you contained and covered.

This tankini DOES NOT have an underwire bra. However, it does have a softcup bra and it holds you in tight! Also you'll notice from the picture below that it has a bralike clasp in the back which is a good indication that this is a supportive swimming suit.

You can purchase the boy shorts separately.(Pet Peeve of mine, if they're going to charge you 80 bucks for a suit why can't they throw in the shorts for free)
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Update: Read My own Personal Review of this Tankini Here!

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Panache Veronica Tankini Swim Top

This is a new suit from Panache. I really like the navy color, but they also have it in a pinky purpley color and a deeper purple with yellow flowers. You can see from the picture above that it comes with a real bra. The cups are lined with a clear plastic that acts as an underwire.

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Panache Isobel Tankini Swim Top

The back of this tankini is different and I like it. I like the diamond cut-out. I also like the side-shaping seam. It's a little boring in the black. I wish it came in a print or maybe a metallic fabric. It is also slightly cheaper than the other tank.

Did I mention that I really like the back?

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Well there you have it. 4 great options if you're looking for large bust swimwear. I'm thinking all place my order within the next couple weeks. If I'm super brave I'll post pictures of the one I choose!