Jeans for Curvy Women:

Tips on Dressing the Bottom of an Hourglass Figure!

The right jeans for curvy women are critical.

However, big busted women often focus all their fashion energy on finding the perfect top instead of looking for pants that flatter.

We need to remember that just because we can't see our pants (or our shoes) when we stand up, it doesn't mean that other people can't.

The right pant can complete an outfit and draw attention away from our bustline.

Finding jeans for curvy women that are flattering isn't hard if you remember a few simple guidelines.

Find jeans for curvy women that are the right size!

Avoid wearing anything that gives you a 'muffin top' A muffin top is caused by a waistband that is too low and too tight.

A smooth full figure silhouette looks gorgeous.

How can you tell if you're wearing 'muffin pants'?

You'd think it would be as simple as looking in the mirror, but judging by the amount of offenders out there, it must not be that easy.

Run your hands up and down your sides. Do you feel any overhang? If so, go up a size. You'll look better and feel more comfortable.

Here's another dressing room tip:

When trying on a pair of pants make sure that you sit down, bend at the waist, and bend your knees (squat) while looking at your backside in the mirror. Showing underwear, especially your thong, is a huge fashion no no.

Tapered or fitted pants:

Be wary of this style. You can pull it off if you have slim, toned legs and not wide hips (remember the lollipop figure), but it's better to play it safe and look for jeans with a wider cut.

Otherwise you could end up looking like an ice cream cone.

Good fashion can be magical. We can't make our large breasts disappear, but we can create an illusion of length and proportion by bringing everything into balance.

Avoid wearing 'mommy jeans'

These jeans are the opposite of 'muffin jeans'.They are super high waisted and make your bottom look super flat. If your back pockets are sitting on your low back instead of the roundest part of your bum, then you could be wearing mommy jeans.

For some reason, women like to tuck their shirts into their 'mommy jeans' and put on a belt.

Please don't ever do this.

It does so many bad things for your figure I can't even begin.

So how do you find pants for curvy women that aren't muffin or mommy jeans? That is the million dollar question. Trial and Error baby.

It took Thomas Edison hundreds of failures before the light bulb worked.

Hopefully you won't have to try on that many pairs of jeans but when you find the right pair, you'll know it and your figure will 'glow'.

Here's some more advice to take with you on your 'perfect jeans for curvy women journey'.

  • Straight legs are a good choice for the figure with full thighs or a prominent derriere.

  • Avoid soft, clingy knits - they emphasize figure flaws.

  • Pants are the ideal length when they slightly graze the floor when worn with either flats or heels. Length will help balance out the 'top heaviness' most big busted women deal with.

  • Darker colors are more slimming.

  • Avoid jeans that are 'stressed' in places because it breaks up your 'line'. This will make you look shorter and draw attention to areas like your thighs and bum.

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