Big Bust Jackets: Gotta Have 'Em!

Jackets are the fashion security blankets of large breasted women. I'll be the first to confess, I'm obsessed!

Nine times out of ten if I'm in public I'm wearing one. Which is fine, unless it's August and I'm in Phoenix. Even then I'll stare longingly at them.

It makes me feel 'covered' and gives me something to adjust (other than my bra strap) when I get nervous. I never have to worry about announcing to the world that I'm 'cold' and if I'm breastfeeding a jacket provides one more layer of protection against leaks. Oh yeah, and they keep you warm. I love them!

Jackets can do wonderful things to shape our figures.

The contrasting colors between them and the blouse creates a visual line that slims the body and draws the eyes downward.

It will help break-up the bustline, much the same way a great looking shirt does.

It slims the waistline and gives us a polished, hourglass figure.

Complete your look with the perfect fitting pants and you're unstoppable.

But Only if You're Wearing it Right!

Wearing the wrong one will...

  • make you look short and boxy
  • emphasize your hips
  • shorten your neck
  • and make you look 10 pounds overweight.

Ten Rules to Remember!

1. Single Breasted for the Big Busted

 Look for jackets that have one row of buttons. Not two, otherwise known as double breasted.

2. Pockets are NOT Hot!

Ideally it will have no pockets, however, pockets on the lower half can be flattering if they are simple. Avoid ones with pockets on the breasts.

3. Go Lapel Free or Small if you must

Lapels is another name for collar. Big, chunky lapels will add inches to your bustline and draw unwanted attention

Please note that you can have the perfect fitting blazer and still look terrible if you're wearing the wrong bra

Take time to educate yourself about how to find the perfect big bust bra.

4. Hip Hip Hooray!

Length is important. Most experts agree, as do I, that short coats on big busted women erase any benefits of wearing one. Look for one that hits mid to lower hip. Any shorter and you'll risk looking boxy and short.

5. Altered Ego

In my opinion hiring a good tailor is an undiscovered fashion secret. You will be amazed at what they can do to alter store-bought clothes. You're friends won't be able to figure out why you always look so spectacular.

6. Open 24/7

Wear it open. Or, only button the button directly under the bustline. Never button or zip your blazer up over your bust.

7. Shape Up

A good blazer will skim your figure in all the right places. It is never tight, nor baggy. Find one that has extra room in the bust while at the same time, slenderizing in the waist.

8. Belt it? Out!

Avoid anything with belts because they can cause extra material to bunch up, making the bust appear bigger while adding inches to your waist and shortening the torso.

9. Robbin' the Hood

A casual knit jacket can really work well (as long as it's fitted, not baggy, and you don't zip them up over the bust), but many times these come with hoods in the back. Avoid the hoods if possible. It adds too much weight to the upper body, extra fabric hanging down the back will add more to your bustline in front.

10. Inappropriate Material

Avoid heavy, stiff, thick material. You'll look best in something that flows over your curves. If you forget, just remember:Keep it SIMPLE. Let your shape accessorize your clothes.


Name 5 Reasons Why this jacket would not flatter a large bust


1. The belt (It breaks up your 'line'and adds bulk)
2. The lapel is too wide
3. The flower pin is cute but draws attention to the chest
4. The material is too heavy and stiff for a coat of this length
5. The pockets overcrowd it, especially with the added buttons.

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