Ever wonder.....
How to Return a Bra you've bought online?

Yeah, I know. You've got 99 problems and stressing about how to return your bra to the online store you bought it from shouldn't be one of them. 

Why do we see mailing back a bra as such a hassle?

It's really not that bad and I swear to you it only takes like 2 minutes plus a trip to the post office.

I've sent back lots of bras over years, mostly because I'll order 3 or 4 at a time and pick the one I like best and send the rest back. Today is the first time I'm actually sending a bra back because it totally didn't fit and was all around awful. I talk about that here.

The thought of sending a bra back can be intimidating and you'll probably put it off for several days, but I promise you that once you do it you'll be like, "Sheesh, that was totally easy."

The steps I'm about to show you are the steps I went through to return a bra to Herroom.com. I'm sure most online bra stores are similar.  Herroom is the place I buy most of my bras and I recommend them.

How to Return a Bra in 7 Easy Steps...

Whenever I buy anything online, I'm always careful to save any of the stuff that comes in the package, including the original packaging (because then I reuse it if I need to send it back). 

So, to return a bra you'll need...

  • the bra you're sending back (obviously)
  • the return label
  • the return form
  • something to mail it back in

Yep. Just stick it right over the old one. I like to put the label on before I put the stuff inside because I can lay it flat on the countertop. It makes it easier to get the label on nice and neat. 

Filling out the return form might look intimidating, but it's super easy.

All of the information can be found on your order/invoice form)

They need to know

  • Your order #
  • The style # of the bra you're returning (this is written on your invoice. It's usually a 3-4 digit number written right after the brand name)
  • The color
  • The Size
  • The Quantity (usually this will be 1 unless you're returning 2+ of the exact same bra)
  • And then the 'Reason Code' i.e. why are you returning this bra.

Then you circle whether you're returning this bra, or exchanging it. If you're returning it then you're done. If you're exchanging it then you fill in all the information for the new bra you want them to send you. 

Note: If you're returning/exchanging multiple bras, you'll fill out a different line for each one. (unless they are the exact same bra in which case you'll just put a #2 in the quantity box)

For Example, this is my return form....

I'm exchanging a black 34F bra for a nude 36G bra. My reason code was 200 (it's too small) I guess I could have also written a '300' on there too. Because Dang it was uncomfortable!

Now flip the paper over and cut on the dotted line.

The bottom part you put in with your bra. The top part you keep for your records.

And there you have it! Hopefully I have taught you everything you need to know about how to return a bra. If you're considering ordering a bra online, but you're worried about what you'll do if it doesn't fit or you don't like it, STOP WORRYING. Returns are super easy and it's totally worth buying a good big bust bra from a great online company (like Herroom.com)