How to Pack a Bra

Yep, that's my strapless wacoal bra (that I love), and my suitcase.

I'm packing for a pretend vacation, all in the name of science. Okay, not exactly science, more like humanity. I'm trying to answer the age old question, "how to pack a bra". 

I recently received an email that started me off on my quest.

"Hi. I'm traveling in two days and I'm struggling to find a way to pack my bras. I paid very good money for my size H strapless bra and I am afraid it will be ruined in the suitcase."

Before I share my idea of how to pack a bra, I need to tell you that apparently the issue of packing a bra is very polarizing in the 'packing community'. (Yes, there is a packing community. If you pack anything, to go anywhere, you're apparently a honorary member of it. Welcome.).

There are two bra packing factions in the packing community. The 'Always-Stack-Your-Bras-Never-Invert-A-Cup-You'll-Ruin-It' Party and the more inclusive 'Invert-A-Cup-There-is-No-Other-Freakin-Way-This-Giant-Bra-Is-Fitting-In-My-Suitcase Party.  Guess which party I belong to?

You're going to have to decide which camp you feel more comfortable in.  I will say that I have never had any issue ruining my bra packing it the way I'm about to show you, but that's just me. 

Here we go....

This is also known as inverting one cup into the other. This is the step where people tend to get their panties in tangle.

Also, now's the time to pause and marvel at the massive size of your bra dome! You can almost wear it on your head like a helmet or turn it over and eat a gallon of ice cream out of it

FYI: Take a moment from packing to read a funny blog post entitled, "My Bra Looks Like a Cereal Bowl" over on the blog Life's Too Short to Use Dull Razors. I think you'll relate.

My container was slightly shorter than my bra 'dome', so it was squished slightly.

This did not seem to affect or harm the bra in any way and it sprung back just fine when I opened it.

****The important thing is to find a container WIDE enough so the wires are not bent in any way.****

Ta-Da! That's it you're done!

Now, nestle it in your suitcase. And you're ready to go! Have a great trip!

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And if you're not headed anywhere, join me in sadly unpacking all your clothes and then looking at google images of all the beautiful places that you'll never have the time or money to see in person.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to take off my bra and have a bowl of ice cream.