How to Choose the Right Necklace!
(especially if you're big busted)

Give me 5 minutes I'll teach you how to choose the right necklace to flatter your bustline. Don't worry it's easier than finding a shirt that fits!

illustration of a curvy woman shopping

Check out this beautiful big busted woman! She's following all the fashion guidelines for a full figured woman!

*knee length skirt
*tapered waist
*and most of all her confidence!

But Wait!

Something is missing! Can you see it? Yep! The right necklace would complete this outfit perfectly! 

So, How to choose the right necklace if you have a big bust?

There are soooo many different opinions out there about what kind of necklaces we should be wearing, trust me, I've read them all.

My goal is to sort through all those opinions and give you the best necklace guidelines in a fun, easy way .

Always remember though...rules are made to be broken.

If you have a certain necklace that you love to wear and yet it doesn't meet these 'rules', don't worry about it. Wear it anyways! Remember, these are just guidelines.

Bad Necklace Example

necklace falling off to the side and hooking the breast

See how the pendant on this necklace hits the bustline?

Also because of it's length, the necklace 'hooks' the breast and has a hard time staying in the right place. Probably a bad necklace choice.

Avoid the 3 'H's....
Hit, Hang, & Hook

  • Necklaces SHOULD NOT Hit right at the bustline.
    Draw an imaginary line from nipple to nipple. This is your bustline. Avoid necklaces that end at this line.
  • Watch out for necklaces that Hook your humps
    Long necklaces have been very popular lately. Unfortunately for us, this style is a no-no because it's hard for the chain to stay in the right place. Most of the time it will fall to one side or the other
  • No Hanging off the bustline
    If we wear long necklaces they have the tendency to hang off end of our bustline like a giant swing. This is a no fail way to draw unwanted attention to your chest. It's like saying, "Hey Look at Me! My boobs are so big I can turn an ordinary piece of jewelry into playground equipment!"

Seek the Six 'Cs'!

We've talked about things to avoid in how to choose the right necklace, but what should we look for?

Consider Your Canvas


After you put on your outfit, look at the area above the neckline of your shirt or dress. An easy way to find your canvas is to consider the exposed skin between your neck and the neckline of your shirt. Your exposed skin is your canvas.

necklace over the top of the neckline

This is a good example of wearing the right necklace with a high neckline.

However, if you happen to be wearing a shirt with a higher neckline, your canvas could include the fabric of the shirt. Just remember to keep your necklace about 2 inches above your bustline and don't choose a necklace that ends right at collarline of your shirt, either above it or below it, not on it. See the example below.

Cover the Canvas

Find a necklace that fills up your space (your canvas), likely a larger, horizontally styled pendant, bib, or layered chains.

Notice in the pictures below that each woman fills her space with her necklace. In the first picture the woman's 'canvas' is much smaller, the second picture shows a much larger space to be filled. Both have done a beautiful job choosing necklaces that cover their specific space.

necklace example
filling the neckline with necklace. Good example

Great examples of "Covering the Canvas"

Clear the Neckline

example of necklace not hitting the neckline

When you have a big bust and you're choosing a necklace, a good rule to follow is to keep your necklace above the neckline of your shirt. Choose a necklace, that leaves a little bit of space between the bottom of the jewelry and your neckline. A half-inch to an inch should do the trick. This will keep your necklace from resting on top of or hiding under your neckline.

However, as mentioned earlier, if you're wearing a shirt that comes up higher on your chest, then it is fine to have a necklace that goes past your neckline and rests on the fabric of your shirt, just remember, the necklace should not hit your bustline or rest on the neckline of your shirt.


You can draw attention to your cleavage with necklaces. Could be a good thing. Could be a bad thing. Cleavage that looks like it's eating your necklace looks trashy in my opinion. If you have nice round, perky breasts (LUCKY!) and you have a necklace that lays nicely "in the valley" Go for it.


I think chunky necklaces look great on girls like us. A chunky necklace will take attention away from our big busts, just don't choose anything to crazy, like a giant chain necklace made out of yarn.


example of good chunky necklace


ridiculous example of chunky necklace

Size Matters

 I'm talking about necklace size of course. When you're wondering how to choose the right necklace, this question will probably cross your mind.

Will wearing a big, chunky necklace draw attention to a feature we're trying to downplay?

I think that's a personal preference. Some people love to make a bold statement with their jewelry. Some are more reserved.

However, there is a theory that large chunky necklaces will create an optical illusion making the breasts seem smaller. It can be explained quite simply with the following picture.

Which white circle is bigger?

The first one? Nope! Believe it or not both circles are the same size. The second circle is surrounded with larger circles making it appear smaller.

What can we learn from this? (besides the obvious answer: if we surround ourselves with women who have bigger breasts, our own breasts will seem smaller :)

The answer is that some people believe wearing large, chunky necklaces will create the illusion that our breasts are smaller. And judging from the illustration above there's definitely some truth to that.

However, small dainty necklaces have their place too. I'll show you below.

Again, it's a matter of opinion. Ultimately, you're personal tastes in jewelry will be the greatest factor when you're considering how to choose the right necklace.


Finally, just remember to keep your chin up, your shoulders straight, and smile because you look fantastic. You know how to choose the right necklace.

Some great examples of necklaces on women with big breasts. These women (or the designers who dressed them) sure knew how to choose the right necklace!

Notice how these necklaces follow all the rules. They fill the 'canvas', they're chunky, and keep clear of the neckline. And just because I know some of my big bust sisters will ask, most of these pictures are taken from You can check out some more necklaces at :

busty gal necklace problems

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