Large Breasts Cause Health Problems...
(and Global Warming!)

woman holding her back

Well maybe not global warming, but it is true that large breasts cause health problems.

These issues have been documented by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and psychologists.

Ask any well endowed woman and she'll tell you that large breasts have perks, like getting out of speeding tickets, but they can also be a real pain in the butt,and neck, and shoulders, and back.

Oh My Achin' Back!

All women will complain of backaches at some point in their lives.
Sometimes it can seem like we were born to pick up.

We pick up the kids,
we pick up the kids stuff,
we pick up the laundry,
and we pick up our husband's socks off the floor.

Women are constantly bending, lifting, and twisting. Throw in a couple of large breasts and you're almost guaranteed a backache.

Here's the best way to describe WHY large breasts cause backaches...

charlie brown's christmas tree

Remember the movie, 'Merry Christmas Charlie Brown'? In the movie, the kids find a scrawny Christmas tree and attempt to decorate it. When they hang a glass ball on it, the tree bends forward from the weight of it. Get the idea?

We have these big, beautiful 'globes' hanging on our frame, pulling us forward.

Our back is constantly fighting to keep us upright.

No wonder it gets sore. There are stretches and exercises that will help relieve backaches, strengthen the muscles and eliminate health problems.

It's also a good idea to bend at the knees and not at the waist whenever you pick up.

How Can You Help Your Back?

Straighten Up!

woman sitting up straight

Some of us make backaches even worse by slouching our shoulders, either because of poor posture, laziness, or we're trying to make our bustline seem smaller.

Can you blame us?

We're already self conscious of our breasts and we're expect to throw back our shoulders and stick out our chest all in the name of good posture!

Yes, you most definitely should!!

And here are three reasons why.

  • Poor Posture can cause your back to 'round'. You already have big humps on your front. Do you want a big one on your back too?
  • You'll look ten pounds lighter if you stand up straight.
  • Your back and neck will feel better and become stronger.

Groovy Shoulders Baby!

shoulder pain

Painful Shoulder indentions are another one of the health problems that can result from large breasts. Shoulder grooves are caused by the weight of the breasts pulling the straps of the bra into the shoulders. It Hurts!

Shoulder grooves are definitely not groovey!

This condition is often not permanent and can be remedied by wearing the right sized bra (those of you who have attended Bra'ology 101already know how to find your right size and why it's important).

However, for some women, if this condition is left untreated for an extended length of time, their bra straps can cause permanent indentions and lead to further health problems (keep reading).

Pain in the Neck!

Doctors aren't sure what the exact causes of migraines are. Certain foods, external stimulus, interruption of sleep cycle, and stress are a few of the possible triggers.

Some large breasted women swear that their bustlines are the culprits and there is medical evidence to support their claims.

Ill-fitting bras do not support breasts properly, leading to shoulder grooves, which in turn leads to neck pain, which can bring on headaches and migraines. It's a vicious cycle of painful health problems.

Stretched To Thin: A Health Problem?

ripples in sand that looks like stretch marks

Most doctors don't classify breast stretch marks as health problems, but due to the fact that they're rather prevalent among big busts and they bother us emotionally, I decided to include them on this page.

Stretch Marks are caused when a body part (thighs, tummy, breasts) grows quickly, or become huge, and our skin isn't able to keep up.

As a result, the skin is stretched and breaks apart resembling ripples in the sand. Unfortunately, once you have stretch marks they are usually permanent.

However, they will fade over time and turn from purple to silvery white. Recently there have been lotions, creams, and laser procedures that claim to reduce stretch marks, with some noted success.

Rubbed the Wrong Way

Chafing is a skin condition that is caused by skin rubbing against something, like skin or fabric. The most common places for big busted women to experience chafing is on the sides of their breasts (due to side spillage because the bra cup is too small), on the inside of their upper arms (because the arms rub on the sides of the breasts), and under the breasts (if this happens the bra band is too large and instead of resting firmly against the skin, it rubs back and forth with movement)

Solutions to Chafing

  • wear the correct size of bra
  • rub a lubrication on the area, such as BlisterShield Roll-on, or Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief.
  • Keep it dry

Don't Do Something Rash

red itchy skin rash

Heat rash is the most common health problem for big breasted women. A heat rash is caused when sweat can't evaporate because it is trapped by tight fabric, or by skin. As a result the skin surface heats up and breaks out in a rash.

On large breasted women a heat rash can be found on the breast 'fold' and on the underside of the breast. It's itchy and uncomfortable, and ugly. You can help to alleviate the problem by airing out the area, and applying a cool washcloth or ice.

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