Health Issues that come with Large Breasts

When your breasts make up a good percentage of your body mass (giggling) you want them to be healthy or health issues can arise. I've written several pages addressing these issues because healthy boobs = happy boobs. ;)

Health Problems can be caused by large breasts.
Do breast reduction pills actually work?
I address the myth surrounding breast reduction exercises.
These exercises will strengthen your neck and back.
Natural Breast Reduction Ideas

What you'll find on my Health Issues Pages

Did you know that large breasts can cause health problems? Things like shoulder grooves, back pain, heat rash, and stretch marks. I cover all that stuff and give you some possible remedies for them. Exercise is very good for strengthening the back and neck muscles. You'll find a list of those exercises on my Breast Exercise List page.

Also, I go over all the myths and truths of a breast reduction without surgery. Specifically breast reduction pills. Do they work? And if yes, how?

I'll give you a hint. It has everything to do with fat loss. So yes, breast reduction pills can work if they help you lose fat. But I'll explain that more on my 'pills' page.

I can honestly say that losing weight and exercising has reduced my breast size and I'd recommend both of those things before trying fat burning pills (aka breast reduction pills ;) I talk about what happened with my bra size during and after pregnancy when I lost the baby weight.

Speaking of pregnancy....Pregnancy does a number on our boobs. So much so, that I've dedicated an entire section dedicated to Pregnancy and our Breasts. If you're expecting, you might want to check out those pages as well.