My Glamorise Sports Bra Review

Let me start off by saying I ordered the Glamorise sports bra for $25.60 on January 26th, 2015.

I checked the price 3 days later and it had bumped up to $36.00! What the heck?! 

So, my glorious plans of reviewing a super cheap, $25.00 sports bra suddenly became 10 dollars more expensive! I was bummed. Not that $36.00 is an outrageously high price, in fact, it's still a great great deal. Just not as awesome as 25 bucks.

Hopefully, the low price comes back, but if it doesn't I would still recommend shelling out an extra 10 dollars for this bra. It's amazing. (But I'm getting ahead of myself)

Why am I reviewing the Glamorise Sports Bra?

A couple weeks ago was the Super Bowl, and I love a great game, especially when there's an underdog to cheer for. So I got an idea to order 2 sports bras that I've never tried before and match them up in a battle for the title of Best Sports Bra 2015. 

The first bra I ordered was the Panache Sports Bra. (you can read my review of the Panache here) This sports bra had like 500+ 5 star reviews. It was expensive @ 70 bucks and it came with all the bells and whistles. Also, it came in 7 rockin' colors/prints. I considered it the 'favorite' to win. Like the Cowboys a couple decades ago. ;)

The Glamorise sports bra (officially known as the No Bounce Cami) also got great reviews, but only from 100+ ladies. It was cheap, like I mentioned before, only costing me $25.00. It was very basic. It comes in 3 colors white, black, and a teal color (sometimes you can find it in nude). Nothing to write home about. If ever there was an underdog this bra was it. 

Later this week, I'm going to compare these two bras head to head and tell you which one I liked best and which one got returned....

But first my review of the Glamorise Sports Bra

Here are the details about this particular sports bra

Like I mentioned before, the Glamorise is a very, very basic sports bra. The fabric is soft, the stitches are well sewn, and at a glance there's nothing really 'special' about this bra. The one distinguishing feature is the 'cami' that comes up high in the middle of the bra. I'll talk about that feature more in a minute. 

Like most 'big bust' bras, the Glamorise has 4 hooks on it's band. It's not cute, but it is functional. The wider the band when you have big breasts, the better the support. 

The straps are padded on the shoulders and adjustable. Very basic.

Also, it's hard to see in the pictures, but the cups are double lined with thin fabric. Don't expect a ton of protection against those rascally nipples that seem to pop up in those air conditioned gyms ;)

I mentioned before that this bra does not have an underwire. I was interested to see how this affected the shape of my breasts and also the bounce control.

I've had both underwire and non underwire sports bras before. My Wacoal Sports bra is an underwire and I LOVE LOVE LOVE x 100 the shape and control it gives me. My Shock Absorber D+ does NOT have an underwire and it's amazing at controlling bounce, but it makes me slightly 'coned' shaped. I'll tell you about the shape this sports bra gives me in a minute.

"Tell Me More About the Cami Feature on this bra..."

This sports bra is called the Glamorise No Bounce Cami, which is weird because I always thought a cami was more like a tank top. This sports bra has a high 'panel' (I'll call it for lack of a better word) that comes up in between the two cups.

See, like this....

The glamorise sports bra makes it possible to workout WITHOUT a shirt (if you desire) and not show the whole world 2 feet of cleavage.

I didn't know if I would like the 'cami' feature, but I absolutely LOVE it. There are a couple of neat things that the cami does,

  1. It makes the bra more modest. I happen to like modesty. I think the world needs more of it.
  2. It helps to prevent boob spillage over the top of the bra which reduces having to 'adjust' yourself mid workout.
  3. I've found that it helps to control the upward bouncing motion of the breasts.

There might be one drawback of the cami (although I think it's a perk) The cami does come up high enough that it will show on most shirts. I happen to like the extra coverage and I don't think it looks stupid or out of place. 

One more drawback to the Glamorise sports bra is the cup seams are noticeable through my thin shirts, as you can see below. I don't think it's a reason not to buy/wear the bra. Lots of sports bras have visible seams. 

And because a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm posting these two pictures to show how great the 'cami' feature works...

A few more thoughts/pictures on how the Glamorise Sports Bra Fit

I was surprised at how comfortable this sports bra was. I've experienced ZERO itching or poking or pinching. It feels awesome on. In fact, I've been wearing it for the past 2 days. I love how I feel when I'm wearing it.

As for the shape it gives me.....

You can tell from the picture above that it gives my breast a nice shape, they aren't smashed flat or cone shaped, but somewhere between the two. There isn't a ton of 'lift' going on, because it's not an underwire, maybe if I tightened the straps a little bit more it would lift the girls, but I'm very comfortable with how it fits and looks right now. 

There is zero shoulder digging with this bra.

This is how the back of the bra looks on me. It fits well and it's easy to get on. 


Well, I did the same scientific bounce test in this bra that I did in my Panache Sports Bra Review.

I did 3 things.

First, I did 25 jumping jacks in front of the mirror so I could watch the bounce. How much movement? Was it controlled? etc. There was very little movement and it looked like my breasts were under control. ;)

Second, I did 25 jumping jacks in my hall so I could concentrate on how my boobs felt when jumping. Did they feel like they were bouncing all over? Did they hurt? Was it jarring? etc. The answer to all these questions was NO! 

And lastly I jumped in front of my husband. Somedays he loves being married to me, this was one of those days. ;) It was slightly hard for him to quantify the amount of bouncing he saw. So I'll just type what he said. "There is a little bit of moving, but your breasts aren't really bouncing around." So, there you have it. 

The bounce control in this bra is excellent. I was very very surprised.

Bottomline of my Glamorise Sports Bra Review

Bra Construction/Quality:

(4 out of 5)

It's a 25 dollar bra, so it's not like I was planning on a french seamstress to hand make this thing. I wish the cups were a little bit smoother.


(5 out of 5)

It fits me like a glove.

Bounce Control:

(5 out of 5)

Super surprised that a 30 dollar bra offers this much support and bounce control!


(5 out of 5)

I honestly think I could sleep in this thing. I could wear it 24/7

I LOVED this bra. This sports bra took my underdog expectations and blew them out of the water! I was surprised in every way. Can't recommend the Glamorise Sports Bra highly enough! For the love people it's 36 bucks!! (or sometimes less!) You really can't lose giving this a try.

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