Today's Lesson: Full Figure Bras!

By the time you're done here you'll have your PhD in Full Figure Bras'ology!

In this class we get 'D's, 'F's, 'H,I,J,K's and everything in between.

We are definitely 'above average' students and we all have one thing in common - bras, or more specifically BIG bras- and the constant challenge of trying to find the perfect bra!

There are so many different  bras out there, how do you find the right one, for the right occassion, in the right size, for the right price?

Hopefully, I can help lead you in the right direction.

Breasts, especially big breasts, might make males stupid, but they can make women frustrated. And nothing is more frustrating than shopping for a full figure bra.

Caught Red Faced and Flat Chested

I remember one memorable trip to the store walking up behind a couple of young ladies in the bra department.

They were holding up a big red bra and laughing.

(It was big, so I totally don't blame them)

Anyways, one girl said to the other, "Who in the world would wear something this big?".

Their faces were as red as the bra when they turned around and saw me there.

With experiences like that it's no wonder that the thought of bra shopping can cause us to break out in a sweat.

It's only natural that we put off bra shopping because it can be such a hassle.

It's also difficult to see all the cute, little, lacy bras hanging on the rack and wish we could wear them, instead of the industrial strength, 4 hooker, substitute Barbie tent, grandma bras (no offense Grandma) that we usually find.

The less time we have to spend bra shopping the better in my opinion, so prepare yourself before you even leave the house. That way you can zero in on the perfect one like a heat seeking, 'bralistic' missle.

Get your degree in Bra'ology
by completing 5 simple assignments!

Assignment #1: Convince yourself that wearing the right full figure bra is important.

Assignment #2: Study your bra. It could be the wrong bra for you

Assignment #3: Educate yourself on how to find the right sized bra for you.

Assignment #4: Learn the characteristics of a good big bust bra.

Final Assignment: Find your perfect full figure bra by researching the bras below. (Like the dude in the picture below. The smile on his face cracks me up. He's loving life right now! 3 cheers for bra shopping!)

A Supportive Full Figure Strapless Bra does exist! This bra can be wonderful for your wedding dress, or any formal occassion. A good strapless bra is consider the holy grail of all big bust bras.

A good minimizing bra can make you look up to 2 cups smaller, It does this by smashing the breast tissue and re-arranging it. There are other benefits of a minimizer bra and it very well could be a big breasted woman's best friend. Read how they work, why and when you should wear one and find examples of great minimizer bras for big busted women.

A full coverage soft cup bra is what most of us wear, most of the time. It seems like everyone these days is going wireless, including big busted women. Read all about wireless, softcup bras. You'll also find out why these bras can be some of the best and most supportive, not to mention comfortable, bras out there for us.

A Demi Style bra would be considered the 'half empty' cup. You will not get much support from this style because the cups are shorter, just covering the nipple. (not the most supportive for a full figured woman)

An Underwire Style bra will catch the attention of airport security. Just like the name implies a wire is sewn into the fabric under the cups.

A good big bust sport bra is a must for any 'gifted' athlete. You need a great full figure sports bra that will offer even greater support to help minimize bounce (and black eyes) during physical activity. A good big bust sports bra is SO Important!

A plus size nursing bra is different from just a regular nursing bra During breastfeeding, our breasts can grow extra huge! That's the bad news, the good news is that there are some great nursing bras out there specifically for large breasted women.

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