Full Figure Bra: What's the big deal?

Wearing the right full figure bra is so important! Can deodorant make you look 10 pounds thinner? Can deodorant make your clothes fit better? Can deodorant stop your back from hurting?

Time Magazine quotes a study that found 85% of women wear the wrong size of bra. (The other 15% are probably too small to need one) A good bra is especially important for us girls with 'big girls'.

Why is it that women are horrified to forget their deodorant and yet leave the house in a bra that doesn't fit right?

Ladies, a house is only as strong as it's foundation and the perfect bra is the foundation of a great looking wardrobe.

No one would build a house on a foundation that was bulging, sinking, or in general disarray because it would look terrible and probably fall down.

Wearing the right sized bra can eliminate back fat. You'll notice that your shirts fit better. The right bra can lift your breasts making them appear perkier (and younger)

Large breasted women who wear the wrong bra can appear apple shaped. Wearing the right bra will naturally narrow your waist, transforming that apple shape into a coveted hourglass silhouette.

With that being said, let me say that there are studies showing that wearing the wrong size can be even worse than wearing no bra at all! Oh the horrors!

A bra that is too tight or too loose can cause back pain. Tight straps can cause pressure on your trapezius muscle, resulting in neck and shoulder pain; numbness and tingling in the arm; and headaches.

We have enough in life causing us headaches, a bra shouldn't be one of them.

Have I convinced you that wearing the right bra is important?

If not, take a few days to think it over.

Maybe you can ponder while you're putting on your deodorant.

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