Freya Tropicool Swimsuit Review:
halter top one piece with built-in underwire bra

It's time for the Freya Tropicool Swimsuit Review!

Update 5/8/2017: I know I just wrote this post last week, but I'm already back with an update! I ordered a different size and holy moly it made a huge difference. Click here read to the update and see the comparisons.

ReUpdate 5/23/2017: I'm back with another update! In my quest to find the perfect size, I ordered a 32F and I think it's the one! You can read my updated update near the bottom of this article.

I'm planning on reviewing a few Freya swimsuits this season, but Freya's Tropicool One Piece is first in my queue. 

Before we begin I want to quickly explain how I go about picking suits to review.

For a swimsuit to qualify for me to review it, it must meet a few guidelines. (If you want to skip all my blabbering and get to the review click here to jump down to it)

First. It must have a built-in bra. I'm not talking about those atrocious tan colored, flimsy padded, one size fits all monstrosities found in every $20 suit from Walmart and Target. I'm talking a bra bra, with a back clasp and actual bra sizes. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure those suits work wonderfully for our 'ABC' sisters. But for those of us who finish out the rest of the alphabet those swimsuit bras just aren't going to cut it. We need a bonafide bra.

I only review swimsuits that come in bra sizes. Although maybe I should review one without so you can see the difference. hmmmm. Something to think about.

Second. I have to like the look of the suit. It has to catch my attention somehow. Maybe it's the colors, cut, or style. Hopefully all 3. When I'm looking at suits to review I'm usually killing 2 birds with one stone and shopping for a new suit for myself at the same time.

I'm not going to review a swimming suit that I wouldn't choose to buy for myself. So you're probably not going to see me review any suits with necklines plunged to the navels or backsides with thongs. I wear my suits to our small town city pool and family reunions just like you do, but if the Kardasians ever decide to invite me on their yacht.....nah, who am I kidding? I'd still wear one of my tried and true 'modest is hottest' swimsuits. Maybe the one I'm reviewing today?

Third. Price. I pay for all the suits I review. I feel like it's more transparent for you, my visitor, if you know I'm using my own money to pick and choose the products I review on BBS and not getting free stuff from companies. It also gives me complete freedom to criticize or rave about a product without you wondering about my motivations. Another perk of paying for everything myself is it allows me to choose what I review instead of someone telling me what to review.

Some days there just isn't $300 in my bank account to order that really beautiful, stomach shrinking, miracle swimsuit that I would love to try, so I'll pick a $100 one instead. Some of the products I keep for myself, some I return or exchange, but I go through the same shopping processes as my visitors. I want to keep it as real as possible.

Fourth. Okay there is no fourth. Lets just get on to the good stuff!

Just the Fact Ma'am

Brand: Freya

Style Name: Tropicool Underwire Halter Top One Piece

Price: $130

Where I Ordered it From: Herroom

Size: I ordered a 34 E, but the tag read 34DDD which is the same thing I guess? 

Time it took to arrive: I ordered it Wednesday April 26th and it arrived Tuesday May 2nd. So, 6 total days, 3 full business days. Pretty good. 

Now onto the pictures....

This is how the Freya Tropicool swimsuit arrived. I pretty much order exclusively from Herroom because they're the best online company I've found for Bras, swimwear, etc. IMO.

The drawstring packaging was an unexpected touch and I thought it was nice. Like I mentioned earlier it arrived in 3 business days.

It came with a card saying that I have 30 days to return or exchange the suit if I don't like it and then it gives instructions for a 3 step return process. (which I had to use because of sizing issues, but we'll chat about that later in the post.)

After I got done staring enviously at the woman's abs, (sigh) I actually took the time to read this card telling you to wear your underwear when trying on their stuff!

PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS!! It will ultimately protect your wallet and other ladies' hoo haas if you need to return your suit! It states that Herroom inspects any returned merchandise very careful.  If there is anything 'fishy' (ahem) about the returned garment they'll send it back to you, so you could end up with an expensive swimsuit that doesn't fit. It might sound harsh, but they're doing to protect other customers.

PLEASE PLEASE WEAR YOUR UNDERWEAR while trying on suits. Otherwise you could end up sad (and not just because your abs don't look like hers)!

First Impressions

The suit appears to be very well made. It's lined throughout and the fabric is soft. I really liked the colors. The background is white with black accents. The blues, greens and magenta were rich and bold. Not neon. I only mention this because it can be difficult to determine true color when shopping online. I feel like the suit shown online is pretty accurate  to the actual color.

Let's talk about the print real quick. The print does a great job at disguising possible body flaws. You'll notice how the print is more concentrated/busy in the middle. This is good because it keeps the eye moving and also helps camouflage any rolls or bulges. 

Also I really like the pointy 'leaf' designs. Points and angles are good because they have the tendency to counteract any roundness. Which I have quite a bit of especially on top.

Now for the Built-in Underwire Bra!

Where to start? Where to start?

So, of course this suit has a built-in bra. I wouldn't have bought it if it didn't.  

When I actually got the suit and started looking at it, the bra was different than I thought it would be.  Not necessarily different in a bad way, just different. 

For instance, I thought the bra would be attached to the suit more. When in reality it's only attached on the sides of the suit.

The bra technically isn't 'built-in', more like 'sewn-in'. The front and back are free. The sides are sewn to the suit.
There is a back clasp on the bra

If it wasn't for the stitching on either side of the bra, it would have been 2 separate pieces, a swimming suit and a bra.

At first this  bothered me. Why didn't they attach it better? However, the more I wore it, the more I realized that it's actually not a bad design. Having the bra separate like that allows for the customization of the bra size. Also it keeps the suit from possibly shifting the bra when you move or something.

That being said, I think there were execution flaws in the design.

1) I didn't feel like the bra was true to size. I felt like it ran small.

2) There are no straps on this bra. I thought it would be a halter top style bra, when in actuality it is a strapless bra. Strapless bras can be very very tricky for large breasted women to get right. (I wrote a page on them)

3) This bra is not a full coverage bra. More like a balconette or half cup bra style. Once I realized this it didn't bug me so bad. Well I guess I should say, atleast on me this was a half cup bra. It literally covered half my breast. Again, maybe that's because I needed a bigger bra size.

It wouldn't be a proper swimsuit review without pictures of me wearing it.....

Here's a photo I took wearing the Freya Tropicool Swimsuit.

I also took several pictures with the halter top down to show you how the bra fits and supports (or tries to support) ;).

I think it looks pretty darn good. And my husband also gave it 2 thumbs up in the 'look' category.

Sorry for the poor cell phone photos and I don't have a full length mirror in my bedroom so you're stuck with half shots. Also, I probably should have cleaned my mirror, ain't nobody got time for that.

The Freya Tropicool Swimsuit has a wonderful design. The print is fabulous. I feel like it narrows my waist, at least optically.

I love the halter top neckline. I love love love (times infinity) that I don't have worry about showing yards of cleavage in this suit. My cleavage is totally covered by the halter top. 

It's really close to being a perfect swimming suit. I did have one huge pet peeve about how the suit fit me. Can you guess what it is by looking at the photo?

To be honest the suit itself was too big on top. I think that's why it comes down so low. Even when I tightened the halter ties all the way it was still too low.

I think the reason for this is my bigger bust. There's just a lot of 'weight' up there and the weight of my boobies could be pulling the neckline down.

And yes, that is my weird colored, seemingly unattached hand over my stomach. LOL.

The next couple pictures show just how loose the suit was on top. Which is super frustrating because as you'll see in just a minute the bra portion was almost too small. So I'm not exactly sure what size to  exchange it for. Do I go up a cup size and down a band size? Do I go up a cup and a band size? Not sure....

This awkward angle was an attempt to show the extra fabric that appears around my sides when I lean over. When I'm standing up straight it's not as noticeable.

How the Freya Tropicool Swimsuit fit.....

I debated for 5 days on whether or not to include the next few pictures. They show more skin then I'm comfortable showing online (or anywhere really..... except maybe a nude beach).

Ultimately, I decided that if you're still reading this you must be interested in this suit and my goal for bbs is to give you the best information possible for a product. Hopefully it's helpful to you.

In 3 . . . . 2 . . . . 1 . . . .

I few things I want to point out about the bra.

You can see what I mean when I say the front of the suit isn't connected to the bra. It truly is a strapless bra and those can be danged difficult to get right for those of us with larger breasts. 

There wasn't any 'lift' to the bra. Yes, it held the breasts in place, but it didn't do much to pick them up off the floor.

The construction of the bra is great. It's well made and the 3 piece cup design does it's best to maximize support and strength. This little bra was trying it's darnedest to do a good job! My breasts were just asking too much I think ;)

The cups are lightly padded which is great. This will help with nippleage when you get out of the water and there's a breeze. ;)

The phrase 'contains the girls' might be an overstatement. This bra does just enough to keep 'em from flying out and smacking some poor, unsuspecting sand castle. BUT, this bra is WAY better than those terrible tan shelf bras in other suits.

5/8/2017 Review Update:

If you read my original review you know that the fit was less than perfect, so I sent it back and requested a different size.

PS: Herroom's returns are super easy and fast. I requested a new suit on Tuesday, and they shipped my new suit that very day. I sent my old suit back to them in the mail Wednesday morning and I received the new one Saturday Morning. So I got it in 3 business days.

Original Size Ordered: 34E or 34DDD

New Size: 32E or 32DDD

How I determined what size to try: This was tricky for me. If you remember, in the originally ordered swimsuit the bra seemed slightly too small and the suit itself was too big. I had 'gapage' around the armpits.

I was very flummoxed about which size I should get. Ultimately I decided to stick with the originally cup size and just go down in the band size. So I went from a 34E to a 32E.

Sometimes when you go down in a band size it can also make the cup size seem smaller and when I reordered the 32E I was worried that this would be the case.

However, I wanted to establish a baseline so I knew what measurement affected which part of the suit, instead of jumping all over the place. I'm happy to report that I discovered something!!

By going down from a 34E to a 32E I eliminated my 2 biggest pet peeves! The gapage problem around the sides and a haltertop that seemingly hungdown too low!

A picture's worth a 1000 words so I'll just shut-up and post a few.

32E is so close to perfection I can almost taste it! Does it get better than this? I'm going to find out! I'm trying one more time and ordering a 32F

I can't believe what a difference 1 size made in the fit of this suit. It went from being pretty good to being awesome! However....the bra was still a little small and since I'm trying to find the perfect size I must keep trying.

So, I'm going to send this suit back yet again (good thing returns are easy!) and try a 32F. I'm hoping that the suit size will stay the same and the bra size will go up. If this happens we'll have found perfection! And plus I'll feel like I can better help give you guys some helpful information if you're interested in ordering this suit.  Annnnnnd you should be. click here to see this suit at herroom

Newest Update: 5/23/2017

In case you're confused with all the updates, let me try to simplify it for you. I initially ordered a 34E. The suit was too big and the bra was too small, So I reordered a 32E and it was so close to perfect (I talked about it in update #1), but the bra was still too small.  So, I returned it again for a 32F and boom! Found it!

Let's start with how the top of the suit fit...

The 32E and the 32F fit about the same in regards to the halter top. The real difference was in the bra.

Now for the bra...

You can see that the 32F bra provides slightly more coverage. It comes up higher across the front of the breast as well as the sides. It's kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but it's noticeable when you wear it. It's easier to see in the photo below.

Another thing I noticed, because the bra fit better in the 32F suit, I spent less time adjusting the suit. The sides of the suit and the back of the suit stayed in place longer.

This suit is great! And it was worth the hassle of returning the suit twice to find the right size. 

So, if you're considering ordering this suit, and I recommend you try it out, I offer this advice....Take your regular bra size and go down in the band size (the number) and go up in the cup size (the number). For example, I regularly wear a 34E and my perfect size in the Freya Tropicool Swimsuit was 32F. Now of course your body type/size is going to be different, but this what I found worked best for me. 

I ordered a different style Freya suit that I'll be reviewing shortly and I guess we'll find out if the sizing is the same for it as well.

Freya Tropicool Swimsuit Review: Final Thoughts

Here's how I rank this suit.....

5 stars for Design. Love the colors, Love the print, Love the overall look of the suit

3 for Fit:  I've talked ad nauseam about the issues I had about the fit. The top of the suit was big and I felt like the cups were small. blah blah blah ;) Why can't it just fit right?!!! Update: I have exchanged sizes and now I give this suit 4 stars for fit! 


So much to love about this suit!

I look back through the pictures and I really like how I look wearing it.

There were a couple of things that really really bug me. The 'gapage' around the halter top and how low the suit comes down. Also, I felt like the bra ran a little small. All these are sizing issues. I'm convinced that my size is out there somewhere!

So I returned this suit to Herroom for a different size. I ordered a 32E instead of a 34E. I'm hoping that the smaller band size will result in a tighter top. I'll let you know.

Do I think this suit is worth trying? Yes. Yes I do. Just know that sizing is going to be a little tricky.

Click here to check it out