My Freya Tankini Review: Active Swim

I reviewed the Fantasie Tankini last week and now it's time for my Freya Tankini Review! 

Before I ordered it, I read some reviews that said the built-in bra ran small and recommended ordering a size up. So I did. I ordered this tankini in a size 34F (instead of my normal 34E). It fit well, but I would have been interested to try it in a 34E just to compare. 

I paid $80 dollars for the Freya Tankini. A few years ago I'd be ranting about how ridiculously expensive that is, but I've resigned myself to the fact that good quality bras/swimsuits etc for large breasts cost more money. So suck it up buttercup ;) 

Here I am wearing the Freya Active Swim Tankini....

Kind of a weird picture, but this shows the amount of cleavage you can see when I bend over. Not bad at all.

The Black and Pink Freya is an 'active wear' tankini. Designed for all those ladies who are running, swimming, and biking. Or for those of us chasing kids around the beach ;)

The Freya fits tighter and is more streamlined. It definitely hugs your middle. Some ladies might like this, some might not. It didn't bother me too bad. 

I liked the neckline on this tankini. The 'v' neckline appears to come down quite low, but it actually doesn't show much cleavage..... Hard to explain, but  It felt comfortable. I hate feeling like I have to constantly adjust my suit to cover my boobs and this tankini doesn't do that. 

The way this tankini's fabric is cut puts 2 seams that run down across the chest and it kind of bothered me. Not because it was uncomfortable, but because I felt like it 'highlighted' the chest area, drew attention to my chest. However, this style of cut does offer better support, so it's kind of a trade off. 

Some ladies complained about the Freya Tankini giving them a 'pointed' breast shape and I was worried about how it would look on me.

However, I think my 'girls' look pretty darn good!  

They aren't as 'pushed up' and rounded as with the Fantasie Tankini. (click here for my Fantasie review) But they weren't saggin to my belly button like they do in a 'regular' off-the-rack swimming suit from Walmart. 

To be honest my boobs felt more comfortable in this tankini, than the Fantasie.... they just didn't look as good. Isn't that way it always goes. ;) Can't have both comfort and fashion I guess. 

The pink strip down each side is super slimming. It really gives an hourglass appearance. Magic!

This suit also comes in purple and gray, which I wanted so so bad, but they were out of stock in my size :(. 

This Baby's Got Back!

I LOVE the back of this tankini!  It's comfortable and flattering. It's relaxed and doesn't cut into into my 'softer' spots (cough, cough "Fat armpits")

I like the crossed shoulder straps and where they rested on my shoulders. Because the straps were wider, they didn't cut into my shoulders like the thinner straps have the tendency to do. Also, the straps seem to be reinforced so they don't stretch as much, this helps with bounce control. 

Also, I felt like this tankini makes my waist look smaller due to the contrast of the pink and the black and that's always a good thing!

A look at the Bra: Freya Tankini Review

The bra clasp is super cute, but kind of hard to do up by yourself.
The built in bra offers great coverage and great support!
The bra fabric on the sides and back is meshy and dries fast!

The bra in this tankini is wireless!

No, I'm not talking bluetooth enabled, silly!

Now, this might be a plus or a minus for you. Some ladies love underwire bras, some ladies avoid them like the plague. I happen to love underwire bras, and I wanted a tankini with an underwire bra. 

So, I was hesitant to order this tankini because of the bra, but the fact that I found a great wireless sports bra a couple months ago gave me enough confidence to press the 'submit order' button.

And I wasn't disappointed. The wireless bra in this suit is great! Like I mentioned earlier, I ordered this suit in a 34 F because some reviewers mentioned that it ran small. The larger size worked just fine, but I think my regular size would have maybe been better.

My Freya Tankini Review Summary

I loved this tankini and I'm keeping it! The back view is probably my favorite part of the swimsuit with the built-in bra coming in a close second. 

Remember most tankinis don't come with bottoms, so you'll have to order them separate. (I hate that!!!) 

If you're interested in ordering this suit you can find it at! (I'm an affiliate)

I also talk about the Freya Tankini a little bit more on my tankini page along with a few others you might be interested in. On that page I teach you what to look for in a good tankini so you can feel comfortable ordering any darn tankini you want ;)

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