Freya Sundance Swimsuit Review

Guys, when I picked out a few swimsuits to review clear back at the end of March, the Freya Sundance was the first one in my shopping bag. I loved the look of this suit so much (on my computer screen); The bright color, the lacy mesh overlay, the fact that it had an underwire bra. All of it. It seemed like a great suit to bridge that gap between 1 piece and bikini.

But alas, this suit has caused nothing but problems from the beginning. It's like the super hot boyfriend who lives in the basement with his mom, refuses to get a job, and is always texting other people whenever you're trying to spend time with him. You try really, really hard to make it work because he's so good looking and in the end you just get frustrated and move on.

So, spoiler alert: I just couldn't love this suit, but I really really wanted to.

Here are the basics...


This suit is comprised of 3 parts; the briefs, the bra, and the lacy mesh and all 3 are minimally connected to each other. It's hard to explain but I'll try. For example, the briefs are connected to the mesh only at the leg holes and the bra is connected to the mesh only by a line of stitching down the side seam. Everything else is free floating, moving independently of each other. 

The underwire bra is fully lined with the cute orange fizz color on the outside and white on the inside.
I ordered the 34E (for some reason it has 34DDD listed). I recommend going up atleast 1 cup size, probably 2. This bra ran small!

The color is fantastic, loved it! I felt like it was very true to the color shown on my screen. Just a bright rich orange. Very cute. And the color plays very nice with my skin tone to make me look darker than I really am. 

I bought this suit at If you're interested in this swimsuit you can find it there.

Let's talk about Fabric for a minute

Part of the reason I bought the suit was because I thought the lace suit was cute. I thought it would be perfect for the girl who didn't want to wear a bikini but wanted something edgier than a 1 piece. And this suit certainly fits that bill. So there's one check in the pro column.

Here's a couple things to keep in mind. The lacy mesh is not your typical swim material, it just kind of sits there. It doesn't smooth over your bulges, or help 'gloss over' any bumps like lycra or other swimsuit material does. It stretches, but doesn't 'suck in', if that makes any sense.  It's not necessarily a bad thing, just thought you should know.

Also, at least for me, it seemed to highlight any bumps I had. For example my belly tended to press against the fabric thereby highlighting the color of the suit in that area.  I'm sure you'll notice in some of the pictures.

How 'see-through' is the fabric?

I'll try to show you some pictures that might be helpful in explaining how see through the suit is. 

You can definitely see skin through the holes.

Yes. You will be able to see your belly button, and cleavage through the suit. 

For better or for worse, Yes, you can see cleavage through this suit. Not a big surprise, it's a lace suit after all.

Now for all my issues with this suit....

In my opinion this suit ran small. The bra was atleast 1 cup too small, maybe 2. So if you're considering trying this suit out I would go up in your cup size. For example I ordered a 34E, which is my regular bra size, but I would order a 34G in this suit next time.

The bikini briefs were teeny and tight so they cut into my belly at the worst possible place. I HATED the briefs x 1000. 

...and yes, I now realize there is a large swooping arrow right up the middle of my butt. However, I'm too lazy to go back and redo my infographic, so the-unfortunately-placed-arrow is going to stay put as a reminder to myself that I shouldn't work at 2 am. Also, my sexy sexy farmers tan is another reminder to myself to wear sunscreen when I work outside in my flower beds.

In truth I believe issue #2 was caused by issue #3. The back band of the swimming suit (which also happens to be the bra band) kept inching lower and lower, which meant that the bra itself kept inching lower and lower resulting in almost no support from the bra and a very unflattering silhouette. Boo and Boo!

How I Rate this Suit....

One and a half stars for fit. This suit just didn't fit. The briefs were too small, the bra was too small.  I don't believe playing around with sizes would have made any difference. It was just a bad fit for my curves.

One star for support. There was none. End of story.

3 and a half stars for design. I loved the color, I loved the idea of the suit, I loved how the suit looked on the model. Those are probably the only 3 things I loved about the suit so I'm giving credit where credit is due. 

Who this suit will work for....

I really don't mean to trash this swimsuit. It just wasn't for me and my 34E curves. I think it could be a great suit to try if you're a size A-D maybe???? I don't know.

There wasn't any question in my mind when I tried this suit on whether or not I would keep it. It was a big fat 'nope'. In fact, I didn't even want to do the review because I hated how it looked on me, but in fairness to you I muscled through it. So you're welcome ;)

Now you have my 2 cents on the Freya Sundance. It just wasn't my favorite. But there are some suits I have tried that I liked much better...

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