Fashion Guidelines For Your Big Bust:
Dressing the Twins!

Do you need some fashion guidelines to help highlight your lovely shape? Don't worry. Tons of women have struggled to find clothes that right fit because of their large breasts.

I've gone through most of your wardrobe pieces and created guidelines for each piece. Hopefully this will help you buy flattering clothes. If you need suggestions for specific items, I have a couple of those too. ;)

It's time to start building a stylish and functional wardrobe that will downplay our figure follies and display our heavenly assets.

Men love our shape, but what they love even more is a woman with the confidence to show it off right.So remember to smile and strut your stuff.

Fashion Guideline Pages


Probably the number 1 compliant with big busted women is trying to find shirt that fits their large breasts. They are either too tight or too baggy, or too short or too long. There are things to look for that will help eliminate your shirt frustrations.

Big Bust Swimwear

Very few things are more despised than going shopping for a big bust swimming suit (I mean, it's just about as close to getting naked in public as most of us will ever get right?), but don't throw in the towel just yet. The right swimsuit will have you looking like the new girl on Baywatch in no time. (well almost)

I also talk about big bust bikinis and underwire tankinis!

Wedding Dress Tips

The excitement for an upcoming special event can be replaced by the frustration that comes when looking for the perfect dress. Wedding Dresses for women with a big bust are especially beautiful. Don't ruin your special day by choosing one that is unflattering or completely embarrassing!

Picking the Right Jeans

We are known for our knock-out legs. Do your gams justice! Showcase your asset by wearing the right jeans for curvy women.

(Even if you're not curvy on bottom, this still has some great tips.) There are three kinds of pants you should avoid at all costs...


Finding the right jacket to flatter your full figure is key. Where should it hit? Should it be double-breasted? Do you button it? All very good questions.I love jackets!

Nightgowns with Support

Lingerie is great, but sometimes we just want a comfortable, supportive nightgown, but do they exist? Read my rant here - Nightgowns with bust support?!

Accessorizing our Shape

Our breasts aren't our only accessories. Learn the Do's and Don'ts of Choosing the right necklace if you have large breasts.

Skirts Rock!

And for those days when you're feeling a little more feminine, a skirt can be just what you need to bring together the perfect outfit. Does the length and cut matter? Absolutely! Look for one that hits right at the knee and is an A-line cut. Show off those legs!

Sexy Lingerie

Hourglass figures were made for men, not for clothes. So when the mood is right, wear as little of it as possible with some sexy large cup lingerie.

Confidence is the Best

Remember that wearing your clothes with confidence and smiling are the two best fashion guidelines for a big bust. Full figured women are beautiful, but a woman who loves her body will outshine anyone else, no matter what her size.

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