My Fantasie Tankini Review

I'm excited to share my Fantasie Tankini Review today!

I ordered the Fantasie Portofino Tankini in a size 34E for a couple reasons.

1)I loved the cheetah print and the bright colors

2) Most Importantly, this tankini had an underwire bra!

I paid $100 for this tankini and yes that's expensive, but come on! It's got an underwire bra inside! You'll pay 30 bucks for a swim suit at Target or Walmart, but it won't make you look this good AND they won't come with a bra.

This is what the Fantasie Scoopneck Tankini looks like on a model.....

This is NOT a photo of me

And this is what the Fantasie Scoopneck Tankini looks like on me.....

'Farmer tans' are sexy right?

From here on out the photos in my fantasie tankini review are me..... In all my non-photoshopped glory ;)

No models were harmed in the taking of these pictures...... obviously.

My husband took the pictures in my kitchen.

Why the kitchen you ask? Because it's the only place I have a blank, white wall with good light. I wanted to take these photos outside in the sun, but it was 32 degrees and snowing when we took these. ;)

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Front View.....

This is the Fantasie Scoopneck tankini.  

This tankini fit a little looser than the other one (Freya) around my middle, a little less 'huggy' on my belly which I liked, but it still managed to show off a nice silhouette. 

I wish that the neckline would have come up a little bit higher. I found myself tugging on it and shortening the straps to try to make it higher.

There was definitely cleavage going on.  It wasn't excessive, but more than I like to show.

Note to self: Swimsuits will always sit lower on your chest then the photos show on the models.

Back View

I've mentioned before that I have 'fat' armpits and this tankini certainly highlighted that flaw.

The Fantasie comes up high on the back, almost to the armpits. This means that all my fat got pushed up and over the edge.

(I circled it in the photo to make it even more obvious ;)

Is it just me or do I look like an old fashioned body builder from behind?

I think the cut of this tankini makes me look huge! Kind of like a stuffed sausage.

This was not a flattering cut for me and it was slightly uncomfortable. Even my husband noticed. And you know it's pretty obvious if a husband notices. ;)

It's not terrible, but I liked the back on the Freya Active Tankini better.

Side View.....

I really, really liked the shape of my breasts while wearing the Fantasie Tankini.

It was a nice round, full look. Almost a 'push-up' look. This is how I wish my boobs looked without wearing a bra, so to get this look in a swimmingsuit is awesome!

The underwire bra was instrumental in giving me this shape.

There is NO way my breasts could look this perky wearing a swimsuit from Walmart.

Cheap swimming suit = saggy boobs (speaking for myself of course ;)

This lift and support makes the $100 price tag worth it IMO. This is what you're paying for.

Close up of the Fantasie Tankini Bra....Where the magic happens.

A real, underwire bra is sewn right into the tankini.
The bra is made out of stretchy, meshy, soft material that dries quickly and is nearly invisible when wearing the tankini.
Wish I could show you more of the bra, but it's pretty much see-through! You can definitely see nips! So you'll just have to trust me when I say the bra fit well and was comfortable.
The back of the bra has clasps like a regular bra.

My strap complaint....

One of my complaints of the fantasie tankini is the straps.They are thin and stretchy and can dig into your shoulders. Because the straps are stretchy, they don't support the breasts as much as they would with wider, less stretchy straps. Be warned that you will BOUNCE if you try running on the beach while wearing this suit. 

The straps shouldn't be a deal breaker, especially considering how good the built-in bra is. It's just something to be aware of.

The 'bottoms' compliant

You have to buy these separate!
My Solution: Bicycle Shorts

I have a complaint about the matching bottoms for this tankini. You have to order them separate AND they're 44 buck!!!

That seems a little crazy in my opinion!

I mean, I don't mind paying $100 for a nice swimsuit with a built-in bra, but that should include the bottoms!

Total pet-peeve of mine!

So I didn't buy the bottoms. I just bought some 19 dollar, black, tight bicycle shorts at Big 5 Sporting Goods. Much cheaper and I can wear them with my other tankinis.

Yeah, it'd be great to have a matching suit, but it doesn't look too bad. And I like wearing longer bottoms with my suits.

Final thoughts of my Fantasie Tankini Review

Overall I liked this tankini! The bra made my boobs look better than any suit ever has. The bold print is fun and it's well made. 

I didn't like how the back of the tankini came up so high and was so tight. Maybe it's just my fat armpits. Maybe I should have gone up one size. Maybe it would look different on you. 

Also, I didn't like the straps being so thin and stretchy. 

Bottomline: I'm glad that I ordered it. If nothing else it showed me how good my boobs can look in a swimming suit that has a built in bra. If the Fantasie Portofino tankini isn't your cup of tea, maybe a different tankini will work for you. 

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