My Elomi Strapless Bra Review

Okay ladies! I've been so excited to review some strapless bras for you!

First up is the Elomi Strapless Bra

The basics about this bra...

Name: Elomi Molded Strapless Bra 

Size I ordered: 36DD

Sizes Available: starts at size 36DD and goes up from there. They offer this in size GG, which is cool they go so big. I wish they offered a smaller band size than 36, but they're tailoring this bra to those of us who are bigger chested.

Price: $69

Where I ordered it from:

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Details about the Bra itself....

This is a pretty looking bra and the material is very soft.

I ordered the nude color and I think nude is the only color it comes in.

The cups are 'molded' which basically means they'll stand up on their own, or like my husband says, "put those two halves together and you've got one awesome ice cream bowl". ;)

You can tell from the picture above that the band is a 'mesh' see-through-type fabric. I wondered if this would affect the support of the bra, but it actually worked okay and it was light and breathable.

One thing I noticed that the Elomi bra lacked compared to the other 3 strapless bras I reviewed, had no 'boning' support in the band. 'Boning' is a stiff material that bra designers put on the sides or in the bands to stiffen things up. This bra had none. I guess they left it out for comfort reasons, but I think the support/structure of the bra suffered as a result. I'll talk more about support in a minute.

The construction of the bra is good. I made a note that it was well stitched. There's a little cute bow in the middle.

Can you see the silicon strip?

Another common feature on strapless bras is a silicon strip that usually runs around the outline of the bra. The purpose of this silicon is to create no-slip surface that kind of sticks to the skin so your bra will stay in place better. Don't worry it's not really sticky, just feels like it.

It's really hard to see in the above picture, but the elomi bra did have a silicon strip, however, it was very thin and sparse compared to the other bras. (the silicon strip is the shiny stuff you can see on the band.)

One last thing I thought was cool about the bra...

I love finding cool little details on bras. (Like I did on my prima donna bra) Details that most people probably never notice, but show that the bra designer made an extra special effort. They're like hidden mickeys at Disneyland. 

I was taking pictures of this bra and noticed that the glimmering little threads at the top of the cups actually said Elomi! Pretty cool! Can you see it? They're tiny!

Now for the Fit and Support!

Sigh....soft bellies are 'in' right???

I think Webster's Dictionary should redefine 'courage' as the act of Rachel posting pictures of herself in her bra.

So anyways, here you go....all in the name of bra science right? (I should get a medal or something)

One thing I need to point out in this picture is the little bit of 'side boob overhang' on the edges of the cups.

The 'overflow' is very small, but it's there because the bra cup cut into my 'shape' a little bit.

This might have been because the bra was a bit too small. I probably should have ordered a 36 E, but the 36DD fit pretty good.

You can see what I'm talking about in the next picture. It's super important to order the right bra size (ESPECIALLY for strapless bras!!)


Even with the slightly too small cup, you can see that this bra does an okay job at supporting me. It is managing to hold up my breasts without straps, which is an engineering feat. I would probably rate the support as a 6 or 7 out of ten.

Out of the 4 strapless bras I tried, the elomi strapless bra came in 4th for support, but please don't let that discourage you from trying it. I have quite soft breast tissue, so my bras really have to work extra hard to support me.

Just because it wasn't the best for me doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you.

This bra received tons of reviews from big busted ladies on most of them talked about the great support this bra offered. If you want to read those reviews click here... It just wasn't supportive enough for me.


One of the noticeable things about this bra is the 'pointy' shape.

At first it kind of bugged me, but I actually ended up liking it. I was kind of rockin the vintage pin-up girl vibe.

If you're wearing a 1950's type outfit or wedding dress TRY THIS BRA! It will give you the silhouette you're looking for.

Some Other views...

Final Thoughts for the Elomi Strapless Bra Review

Do I recommend this bra? Yes, I recommend trying this bra. I'm not 100% positive that you'll love it, but it's worth trying and seeing if it works for you. I ended up sending this one back. Lucky for us Herroom has a super easy return policy so there's no harm in ordering a few different styles and seeing which one you like the best. Everybody is different.

The Elomi Strapless Bra is strong competitor in the field of strapless bras for big busts. Let's face it, when you have large, heavy breasts the fact that there are any strapless bras out there that can support us deserves our love and attention. 

If you're interested in learning more about this bra, check it out at Read other ladies reviews and check it out in greater detail.

I'm currently writing more strapless bra reviews as we speak so check back often. I'll post links here as I post them.

update: just finished a review of the Curvy Kate Strapless Bra