Celebrity Bra Size


When I was researching celebrity bra size I really tried to find pictures  that showed their true bra size, and didn't reveal too much of their breasts.


Because, if you really want to look at naked boobies there's a gazillion other 'big busted' sites for you.)

Admit it, at some time or another you've wondered about celebrity bra size.

Maybe you've asked yourself, "Am I smaller or bigger than she is?".

Or maybe you just want some useless trivia to spice up boring dinner parties, either way you've come to the right place.

Also, you might want to check out my  funny breast size chart that relates breast size to everyday objects.

I listed quite a few celebrity bra sizes below, however if you want a more extensive list of celebrity breast size click here

4 Things I discovered while studying celebrity bra size.

1. A lot of 'old school' actresses wore a size A. Maybe because breast augmentation wasn't so readily available.

2. An actress's breast size seems to differ depending on the dress. Whether it's double stick tape, a great bra, professional lighting or kleenex, I don't know, but it proves the point that your bustline can look drastically different depending on your clothes, bra, and weight change, oh and plastic surgery seems to play a small role.

3. Unfortunately, actresses (especially ones with 'leading roles') seem to be defined by their breast size. Large breasted women were more infamous for 'adult films'.

4. Women are beautiful no matter what size so be proud of your shape.

Celebrities with a size 'A' bra

Audrey Hepburn 34 A

Kate Moss 32 A

Jackie Kennedy 35A

Sofia Coppola 33A

Other "A" Cup sized celebrities

Goldie Hawn - 34A
Nicole Simpson - 36A
Carol Burnett - 34A

"B" Sized Celebrities

Lucille Ball - 34B

Gwyneth Paltrow - 34B

Princess Diana - 36B

Tonya Harding - 34B
Nancy Kerrigan - 32B

Other 'B' sized celebrities

Ashley Judd - 34B
Cher - 32B
Doris Day - 36B
Jane Seymour - 36B
Jennifer Aniston - 34B

Julia Roberts - 34B
Julie Andrews - 34B
Keira Knightley - 34B
Naomi Campbell - 34B
Paris Hilton - 34B

Celebrities wearing a Size 'C' Bra

Angelina Jolie - 36C

Brandy - 36C

Marilyn Monroe - 34C

YoKo Ono - 34C

Jennifer Love Hewitt - 36C

Halle Berry - 36C

Zsa Zsa

Brittney Spears

Other C Sized Celebrities

Candice Rialson - 36C
Cybill Shepherd - 36C
Daisy Fuentes - 36C

Size D Celebrities

LeAnn Rimes - 34D

Carmen Electra - 36D

Bridget Marquardt - 34D

Jessica Simpson - 34D

Other Celebrities with D cup bras

Deborah Caprioglio - 38D
Jewel Kilcher - 34D
Latoya Jackson - 32D
Raquel Welch - 36D

Size DD Celebrities

Dolly Parton - 40DD

Kim Kardashian - 32DD

Pamela Anderson - 36DD

Anna Nicole Smith - 42DD

Celebrities with Size E Breasts

Kelly Brook - 32E

Keeley Hazell - 32E

Katey Sagal - 34E

Eve Meyer - 44E

Celebrities with Size F bra size

Jenna Jameson (Jenna Massoli) 32-F

World's Largest Fake Breasts - Size MMM

Maxi Mounds - 61MMM

World's Largest Breasts - Size ZZZ

Norma Stitz - 72ZZZ (born Annie Hawkins-Turner)

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