Breast Reduction Without Surgery!
5 Ideas to Lighten Your Load

Many  women love their curves and rightfully so, but a breast reduction without surgery may provide solutions for women who have a desire to be slightly smaller without the pain, cost, and scarring of going under the knife.

Who wouldn't love to buy a shirt without wondering if it would fit and it would be nice to exercise without having to lock the 'ladies' in Ft. Knox. Health problems associated with large breasts can be motivation for a breast reduction.

Most women think the only way to shrink their bustline is to go under the knife, but there are other ideas to downsize your cupsize. What are they and do they work?

Getting a Breast Reduction Without Surgery
What Works & What Doesn't

1) Herbal Breast Reduction Pills

Some claim that herbal breast reduction pills work miracles, others think they're hokey. Who should you believe?

Asking your doctor or health care provider is a great place to start. Also talk to women who have actually tried them and had results.

If your Aunt Zelma took breast reduction pills and now has smaller, perkier breasts, then maybe there's something to it.

I am very wary of this method of natural breast reduction, because I believe that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

If natural breast reduction pills sound like something you're interested in, please make sure you do your homework first.

[Update! I spent my day researching Breast Reduction Pills and wrote a whole page about what I found. Read it by clicking here!]

2) Breast Reduction Creams

There has been a lot in news lately about the miracles of skin creams. Some have been clinically proven to tighten skin, reduce stretch marks, and shrink pores, but what about creams or lotions that will actually reduce breast size?

Don't bet your bra on it.

If there really was a cream that reduced the bustline, then we would have seen it on Oprah already and the inventor would have a Nobel Prize.

With that being said, there are creams out there that will tighten and tone your breast's skin, giving it a more youthful appearance, but unfortunately your cupsize will stay the same.

3) Minimizing Bra

A good minimizer bra will not reduce the size of your breasts, but it will make them appear smaller, so technically it does fall into the category of a breast reduction without surgery, at least until you take it off.

Make sure you know how to find a good bra by taking Bra'ology 101.

My Story

I will testify that exercise and weight loss worked to reduce my breast size.

After losing 30 pounds, my bra size decreased from a 38F to a 36D. Then, I've got pregnant and had a baby, breastfed her and went back up to 38F. *sigh*

2012 UPDATE!

I've been working out (mostly weight lifting, and intervals) I've lost 20 pounds, added muscle and my bra size is now 34DD! If you're really serious about a breast reduction without surgery, it is my firm belief that exercise AND weight loss is the way to do it.

2014 UPDATE! Still exercising and following the Paleo diet. Bra size is still 34DD.

2015 UPDATE! Well, For whatever reasons the Boob Fairy paid a visit this year and I'm up to a 34 F. My weight has held about the same and my band size hasn't increased. I haven't been exercising as intensely as before. Maybe that has something to do with it.

4) Exercise

Large breasts can be traced back to three factors, genetics, body fat percentage, and silicone, not exercise.

If exercise doesn't increase the bust, will it work to decrease it?

The answer is yes, and no.

Remember that your breasts, for the most part, are made up of fatty tissue. Exercising can lead to fat loss, which in turn leads to smaller boobs.

Exercise can also tone up the pectoral muscle, helping to lift and define the breasts. I discuss the myths of breast reduction exercises on my Breast Reduction Exercises Page.

There are many exercises that focus on strengthening the chest wall, incorporate them into your workout routine for the best results. I list and explain these exercises on my BigBustSupport Exercise Page

Before exercising,remember to find a good sports bra. I talk about the best sports bras for large breasts here.

I also have an indepth webpage on Sports Bras for men. 

5) Weight Loss

For most women this is the only successfully, proven way for a permanent breast reduction without surgery. As mentioned earlier, our breasts are made up of fatty tissues. Weight loss will reduce fat thereby shrinking the breast.

There are exceptions to this method. Women who have exceptionally dense breasts may not see a reduce in their bustline, but for most women their breasts will be the first place they notice shrinkage.

Other Factors that may cause changes in breast size.

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