Breast Reduction Exercises!

Here's the 411 on breast reduction exercises. Our breasts are basically composed of fat tissue, fibrous connective tissues, and a couple dozen milk glands.

Pretty exciting stuff, eh?

Here's the good news:

Since our breasts are made up of fat, it is true you can reduce your breast size by exercising and correct dieting! (and the crowd goes wild)

Breast Reduction Exercises Are a Myth!

Let me repeat myself. There are no such things specific exercises that will reduce breast size.

Stay with me and I'll explain.

In a perfect world, we could point to a trouble area on our body and say, "I will now do a crunch and lose the fat here" or "I just did 5 leg lifts and poof my saddle bags disappeared". But we all know that's just not true. Our bodies are not designed that way.

You can build muscle in a specific spot, but you can't lose fat in a specific spot. Your body gets to decide where, when, and how fast, the fat comes off.

It's not fair, but that's the way it is.

I really wish I could say, "Do these specific breast reduction exercises and in two weeks you will be 3 cups smaller!" But that would be a lie and you should be very wary of anyone who says otherwise.

It's important to incorporate certain weight resistant exercises into your workout routine to help to strength back, chest and shoulder muscles. This is important because carrying our 'heavy burdens' can take a toll on our bodies and building muscles can help relieve some of the health problems caused by large breasts. (I wrote a page about those problems Here)

I asked my sweet husband, who also happens to be an athletic trainer and personal trainer, to compile a list of exercises that would be most beneficial for large breasted women.

Keep in mind that these are not breast reduction exercises, but they will strengthen your back, core, and chest muscles - Things that are very important for large busted women to do.

 Follow this link!=====> Read what breast reduction exercises I recommend here

Here's the Bottom Line

If you're serious about giving your boobies an 'extreme makeover', here's the best advice I have...

  • decrease your overall body fat percentage through exercise and diet (read my personal story below for more info)
  • begin resistance training to build and tone the chest muscles (for some great ideas on specific chest exercises keep reading)
  • Cardio and Weight training can help transform your body

Most women will lose inches in their chest when they lose weight

If you're going to start exercising, I know of some great sports bras for well endowed ladies, read what I wrote about big bust sports bras here.

Be informed about the health problems associated with having large breasts .

My Breast Reduction Story

Personal Story: My weight and my bra size has gone up and down a lot in the last 10 years.

I have a baby, gain 50 pounds (yes I'm one of those women! I eat everything in sight when I'm pregnant!) and then breastfeed and my bra size will increase 3 or 4 cup sizes.

I've faced this scenerio 3 times (and have 3 beautiful daughters). You'd think I'd learn not to gain so much during and after my pregancies, but I don't.

So three times now I've lost all my pregancy weight and guess what happened to my bra size? Yep, it went down. Three times I've lost a significant amount of weight and three times my bra size has dropped. I'm no rocket scientist, but I think there's some sort of correlation there.

So I'm going to make the claim that in most cases. If you lose weight, you'll lose bra size.

So good luck ladies! Don't be afraid to pump some iron! Build muscles, they're sexy! And break a sweat on those cardio machines. If you can read, laugh, talk or play angry birds while doing cardio then YOU'RE NOT WORKING OUT!!