Breast Changes During Pregnancy:

Will you experience breast changes during pregnancy?

Uh yep.

And it will probably go something like this, "Holy Cow! What happened down there?!"

Your breasts will change a lot during pregnancy and it will seem to happen overnight.

Breast changes during pregnancy will be most noticeable during the early months. If this is your first pregnancy your breasts will be extra tender and maybe even alittle bit sore (okay a lot sore!).

You may notice this uncomfortable symptom of pregnancy even before a missed period, in fact, it's how I knew I was pregnant with my second and third - a week before the traditional 'stick' test.

Ouchy Mama!

Remember when you were in Middle School, (or High School for you late bloomers) and you kept your arms protectively across your chest because even the smallest bump was enough to make your eyes water?

The bad news is your breasts could be that sore during the beginning of your pregnancy.

The good news is that the tenderness should lessen throughout the pregnancy.

The extended bad news is that the soreness and tenderness will most likely come back during engorgement, breastfeeding, and weaning.

Relief for Breast Tenderness

  • Wear a good fitting bra: Don't try to squeeze your girls into something that's too small.

  • sleeping in a comfortable soft cup bra or sleeping bra may also help.

  • avoid cold temperatures if possible. Getting 'cold' can really hurt.

  • Heat will feel good, but could bring on braxton hicks contractions, especially during your last trimester, so limit direct heat stimulation on the nipple area.

  • Gently notify the proper authority (your husband) that the general area has become temporarily off limits. Make sure to emphasize the temporarily part.

Whoa Mama!

For many women out there, pregnancy can bring the never-before experience of having large breasts (or atleast larger than you were before). This can be an exciting development for you and the soon-to-be daddy!

If this is the case for you, then I extend my congratulations and welcome you to the Big Boob club, (no - this club does not have a secret handshake or a frequent flyer rewards program).

You will quickly outgrow your bras and will be wearing sizes you didn't know existed. I made a page with a Breast Size Chart that you might find informative (well, mostly humorous and a little informative)

That's all fine and dandy, but what about those of us who were 'huge' before pregnancy?

Yep, you guessed it, you will be even 'huger' (which isn't even a word, I know, but makes the point).

And yes you have my sympathy.

I grew from a 36DD to a 38F/G during my pregnancy.


The average breast size can grow 2 cup sizes during pregnancy, but you will most likely return to your pre-pregnancy size after weaning.

Other breast changes during pregnancy

*please note: Any and all breast changes during pregnancy should be discussed with your doctor. He/She will be able to determine whether what you're experiencing is normal.

  • Stretch Marks: You might as well have some stretch marks on your breasts to match the ones on your belly right?

  • Bigger Nipples: an obvious change for breastfeeding purposes

  • Darker Areola and nipples: A baby's vision isn't great at birth so the contrasting color between the breast and the Areola makes it easier for her to seethe 'target'. Think of them as two giant bulls-eyes.

  • Colostrum leaking from the nipples: This has a 'golden yellow' look to it. You might notice dried or liquid Colostrum in the cracks of your nipples. This is normal and it just means that your body is getting ready to breastfeed. You will probably notice it during the third trimester.

Congratulations! And Good Luck with those breast changes during pregnancy!

I've also research and written a page on plus size nursing bras. and also page on breastfeeding with large breasts that you might enjoy.

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