The Long Awaited Brajama Review!

I took a LONG vacation from my website over December (and it was wonderful), but the whole time I was thinking, "Gotta get my Brajama Review done!" Even my brother caught me during the holidays and said, "So.... when are you going to review that brajama thingy?".   LOL. 

Why I'm doing a Brajama Review.

One of my most viewed page on BigBustSupport is my 'Nightgown with bust support' page.

So, back in November I decided I wanted to order and review one of the nightgowns I mention on that page. Sounds easy right? The problem was that all the nightgowns I recommended were no longer being manufactured! Big. frowny. face! 

I searched everywhere online. Surely there was a nightgown out there that didn't look like sexy lingerie. Not that I'm opposed to sexy lingerie, (I've written a page about  big cup lingerie,) but it's not always appropriate.

I wanted a NIGHTGOWN with bust support  AND sleeves AND in a knee length that I could wear around the house. 

Apparently I was asking for the moon because it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a nightgown that met all three of those requirements. The Brajama was the closest I could find.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not affiliated or associated with Brajama or QVC in anyway. They didn't pay me to write this review. I ordered and paid for the Brajama myself with the sole purpose of reviewing it for you! I have not and will not receive any compensation if you decide to order the Brajama.

Boring Details on the Brajama Review

Full name:  Brajama V-Neck Nightgown w/ Wirefree Bra

Where to find it: 

Cost: $35.00 plus shipping

Colors: Available in black and pink

Sizes: S,M,L,XL,1XL (I ordered a Medium. And it was almost too big for me, both in the neck and in the bra.  My bra size is 34E and I'm a size 8). I wish I would have ordered a Small. Be warned that the brajama seems to run large)

My Brajama Review

First things first. My order shipped very quickly, I can't remember exactly, but I think it was at my house within a week. It was packaged in a plastic mailing envelope. (sorry no picture)

The Brajama Nightgown Basics

The nightgown was very soft and had pretty lace around the sleeves and also around the bottom hem. The material is 51% polyester/44% rayon/5% spandex. If that means anything to you. I just know that it felt good and was thick enough that it wasn't see through or anything. It's not double lined.

Neckline was a little low and showed more cleavage than I liked. But that's my personal preference.

The material hung well and came to the top of my knees. I wish it was slightly longer in length because it comes up quite high in the back when I bend over. Husband not complaining ;). 

The 'Bra' Part of the Brajama

It's pretty simple. The Brajama is a nightgown with a very simple front clasp bra sewn inside.  

There are two rows of clasps on the bra making it SLIGHTLY adjustable. The bra is attached to the nightgown at the shoulder straps and collar. This is the only place the bra is attached. 

As far as the bust support of the bra goes there really isn't any "Support" so to speak. The bra is more like a gently hug on the breasts. This bra keeps the breasts together and out of the arm pits. But there isn't any uplift. Make sense? 

I'm going to speak about the the bra at length. BUT first....


The next few pictures show the bra portion of the brajama. Specifically ME wearing the 'bra'jama.

If it will scar you for life to see your sister/daughter/cousin/friend in a bra DO NOT SCROLL DOWN!

Consider yourself warned. LOL. 

(I have to put these warnings because my brothers, dad, and cousins regularly read my webpages and appreciate the heads up.)

We'll start with the back of the bra first....

The back is very comfortable, like a satin tank top. I didn't find the seams to be itchy or bothersome. You can see in the picture that the bra is attached at the neckline and shoulders. The arm holes of the bra and  the nightgown are seperate. Making it difficult to put on, but I'll talk about that later.

Here's a side shot. Sorry for the picture quality, but you get the idea. The bra was looser than I would have liked and I think this is due to the stretchy fabric that the bra is made from. I felt like I could have taken an inch or two out of each strap and it would have fit me better. I had to keep reminding myself that this bra isn't meant to provide copious amounts of support. We're going to bed, not running sprints. 

That's not a long armpit hair, it's a black thread! I swear!

Another side shot. You can see how simple the construction of the bra is. There's no side structure  or 'lift'. The breasts are pulled together by adjusting the tightness of the clasp in the front.

Like I mentioned earlier, the bra is looser than I like, but it's sufficient for a nightgown. 

Is the Brajama hard to put on?

I read all 35  brajama reviews on the GVC webpage and one of the biggest complaints was the fact that this nightgown is DIFFICULT to put on. To be honest I initially dismissed these complaints as silly. I mean, come on, how hard can it be to put on a nightgown? 

Well, it turns out it's harder than it looks. Imagine putting on a bra and a shirt at the same time. You've got to put your arms through both the bra loop and the sleeve hole without getting tangled up. It can get confusing fast.

Apparently Brajama has tried to address this problem because they included a sheet of special instructions.

It looks so simple right? That's why you feel like idiot when you can't do it.

It does get easier each time you put it on. What I found helpful was doing up one clasp of the bra before putting it on. Then line everything up and slipping it on. After I have it on I do up the rest of the bra clasps. 

Bottom Line: I like the Brajama!

The Brajama is a modest nightgown with bust 'support' . It fulfills all the criteria I had.

1)a built-in bra


3)knee length.

 I use the term  bust 'support' loosely because it initially seems like the bra isn't really doing any supporting. However, I did a little test where I wore the brajama for 10 minutes with the bra done up and then 10 minutes with the clasps undone and I GREATLY prefer the bra done up. There is definitely some support going on. 

The nightgown is comfortable and I like wearing it, (after the initial hassle of putting it on)

For 35 bucks it's probably an alright purchase.

However, it's very simply constructed. I'm guessing that you could find a plain nightgown that you like and pick up a 'sleep bra' from and be just as happy or moreso because you could customize it to your liking. I haven't reviewed any sleep bras yet, but will do so in the future!

Well that's it folks!

Thanks for reading my brajama review!! If you liked this you should check out My $100 bra review: Is it Worth the Money?