Need a Bra Size Converter?

A Power Converter, a currency converter, and now a bra size converter????

What the heck!? Just when we start to feel comfortable bra shopping online we discover that bra sizes are different in different countries! Boo on that!

If we can't agree on a standard bra size how are we ever going to reach an agreement on bigger issues like a universal shoe size? ;)

I guess the UN probably has bigger fish to fry than announcing bra size mandates, you know with an Ebola outbreak, middle east unrest, and countries declaring bankruptcy right and left . Although, I'm sure there are diplomats who would be willing to make a customary bra size a pet project in their spare time....but I digress.

First I need to thank DeA from Canada for writing me and asking me this question...

"Can you write about the difference in bra sizes between North American to European bras? I never know what size to order online as some American brands have a more European sizing.

PS. love your website and especially your section on necklaces. I never seemed to end up wearing my longer ones (even though I liked them when I bought them)  but I didn't know why...till now."

Thanks DeA for asking such an important question and thanks for the kind words about my site!

Did you know that most bra companies regardless of what country they're from have standard cup sizes IF you are a size A, B, or C cup?

Yeah, I'm guessing since we're all reading this on we are NOT a size A, B, or C.

Anything bigger than a D cup and the bra sizing becomes very different depending on brand of the bra.

Let me show you an awesome picture I found on It explains perfectly what I'm trying to say perfectly. This is the same woman wearing 3 different bras and they're all different sizes....

So obviously this is where the confusion and panic can start to set in. How are we suppose to know what bra size we're suppose to buy in specific brand?

Amen Sister! Ain't nobody got time to memorize their bra size in the 157 different bra brands out there.

Solution? I've got 2 answers to this problem!

1st Solution  has started doing something earth-shattering fantastic. They sell bras according to a Universal Cup Size! And I'm nominating them for a Nobel Peace Prize!

Whadda Heck is a Universal Cup Size?

Here's how it works. All you need to know is your bra size for a specific brand.

For example, I'm a 34F in my Goddess bra.... I plug this information into their Universal Bra Size Converter found at Herroom.

Enter my info here

It tells me my Universal Cup size is a 34 D3

Now no matter what brand of bra I'm shopping for I know I need to look for a size D3 on their site!

Pretty Cool Eh? No more worrying about EU, or AU, or UK, or I, or US sizing in different brands. Someone has figured out the difference for you!

I'm just going to be upfront and honest and say that herroom is an affiliate of mine. So it might sound like I'm trying to push them on you, but I swear to you, on the pile of 15 bras in my drawer, that they are really really good at what they do, and that is making the process of buying a bra online as easy as it can possibly be. I'm just saying, check them out.

2nd Solution

This bra size converter is helpful if you're shopping at a store or online that sells specifically in a certain national size.

For example, if you were on holiday in Europe and you stopped in an exclusive bra store and you wanted to find a bra with EU sizing.

You need to know that EU is different from US..... and US is slightly different from UK.... and UK is different from BEF....etc. etc.

A Bra Size Converter in 3 easy steps!

1st Thing

Bet you didn't know measuring your boobs could be so much fun!

You've got to know your measurements. So take a minute, read my page about finding your bra size for some tips.If you already know your bra size skip to the 2nd step!

You're going to need to measure underneath your boobs and around the biggest part of your bust and underneath your armpits.

Get a friend to help.... or a perfect stranger if that's how you roll.

Tip: Remember to wear a good fitting bra while measuring and write down your measurements. And take into consideration the tips I mention on my bra size page.

2nd Thing

(If you already know your bra size then click here to open a bra size converter calculator.)

Take your measurements that you wrote down from Step 1 and click here. This will open a super nifty bra size calculator AND a bra size converter in a  new window (on a different site.... why reinvent the wheel eh?). Plug in your numbers and..... wallah! Now you know your bra size in 5 languages (so to speak)

3rd Thing

Pin this and brag to all your friends about how smart you are!

Good work!