What's Your Bra Size?

Knowing your bra size is IMPORTANT! I've got some tips on how to find out what it is.

Step 1) take your measuring tape, your pencil, your calculator and throw them out the proverbial window.


"How am I going to find my size?!!".

We're all familiar with the tedious process, take this number and add 2 then minus 5 blah blah blah.

Guess what, it doesn't work.

Measuring and calculating don't work to determine proper bra size, especially for big busted women.

Now before you write me off as loony hear me out.

Measurements can change with the slightest variable.

Were you holding your breath?
Did you measure with your bra on or off?

(Think about it, if you measure yourself while wearing a D cup bra, it's going to say that you should be wearing a D cup bra. Even if you're spilling out everywhere.)

Also the styles and brands vary so much that you might be a size 36 E with one and a 38 DD with another.

Before you send yourself into a hopeless plus-sized depression, Cheer up!
I have discovered a fail-proof way of determining your proper bra size.
It's really simple.... drum roll please.....

You Guess!

Yep, that's right - you guess, or I should say you make an educated guess. You're a smart lady and you just read the guidelines about how to check your own bra to see if it fits correctly. Using your visual results you should have a pretty good idea what your size is.

his method of determining your bra size will take some trial and error. You'll have to try on some different sizes. See what works for you, but DO NOT get hung up on a specific bra size.

Just remember that most big busted women are wearing a bra that is way too big in the band and at least 2 letters too small in the cup. Yep, two letters.

Hint: if your band was too big, go down in numerical size like from a 38 to a 36. This is most likely the case. If your breasts were spilling out of your cups move up a couple letters. Like from a DD to an E or F.

Still Feeling Unsure?

Here's the Key!

Go shopping at a store specializing in bras (NOT Victoria's Secret! They carry a limited stock of bra sizes and nothing over a DDD)

Bra shopping will be the best shopping you can invest in. These specialized stores have a wide array of styles and sizes to try on. They might even have a professional bra-fitter there.

Be friendly with the woman (bra-fitter) working at this store!! She can point you in the right direction. (she might take some measurements, that's fine, let her do the math)

If she's really good she'll have a pretty good idea at what size you are when you walk in the door.

What about Bra Shopping Online?

How are you suppose to find the perfect size bra if you can't try them on beforehand?

Find a website that has a great return policy and order a couple bras in different sizes. Most sites have a reasonable return policy.

Just make sure you read it carefully and make sure that you don't take off any tags or stickers while trying it on. Also, keep all packaging.

It might seem like a huge hassle, but it really isn't to bad. It is a lot better trying on bras in the privacy of your own room than in a dressing room.

To Review...

your full figure bra band should...

  • fit snug against the skin
  • not ride up in the back (check for levelness)
  • the bra band should be right under the breasts.
  • a bra with a wider band and straps work best for a big bust (I know they're kind of ugly, but you will look prettier with the right bra)

Your cup size should...

  • hold your 'girls' in a supportive manner. Like a hug from your best friend, not too tight, not too loose, but firm and gentle at the same time.
  • cover most of your breasts. No spillage from the middle or sides.
  • when looking from the side, the fullest part of your breast should be halfway from your shoulder to your elbow.

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