Blondie Bars or Brunette Bars?

First some background to these blondie bars...

Remember a couple days ago when I dyed my hair from blonde to dark brown? No?

Well, I did. And my hair looks like this....I wrote a post about how I felt about it here....

Anyways. I was surfing the internet looking for scientific studies relating hair color to bra size. Yes. For reals. I'm nerdy like that.

I reckoned if the government spent $500,000 to figure out why chimps threw their poop and another $176,000 to see if Japanese Quails were more likely to have sex when high on cocaine then surely there was some scientist somewhere with a doctoral thesis on busty blondes vs bombshell brunettes. Imagine my surprise when I found nothing. Shocking right?

BUT all is not lost. I discovered these....

The Brown Butter Toffee Blondie Bars!

This little cookie manages to celebrate being a woman with either brown or blonde or toffee or butter hair! (Don't judge. We've all had those 'butter hair' days)

It was as if the cookie bars were singing to me in a Michael Jacksonesque voice "It don't matter if you're brown or blonde!" It's all yummy.

AND HERE'S THE BEST PART!! I found these cookies on a blog called.....wait for it....The Busty Baker! (shriek)

I kid you not. How perfect is life sometimes?!

How the Busty Baker got her name...

"Why The Busty Baker? Why not? This is my world, and I make the rules. Just kidding. Kind of. It's a name my boyfriend, aka Boyfriend, came up with when I first started this blog 2 1/2 years ago. Much more fun and clever than my original "La Dolci Vita" name, which only stuck around for less than a month, but somehow still manages to live on up there at the top of your screen in your web address bar. (Maybe someday I'll change that.)

I wanted something that stood out in this big scary universe, something that people would remember. A legacy.

Boyfriend, having an uncanny knack for coming up with totally awesome names, suggested The Busty Baker. Honestly, I hated the name at first. I didn't want to be known as the "busty" baker! How awkward! But the more I thought about it, the more I couldn't get it out of my head. It just sounded right. I changed the blog title that night. And here I am, 2 1/2 years later, introducing myself to the whole world as "busty". But don't get any ideas. This is about the cake. Not the cups."

So, I'm off to make some Brown Butter Toffee Blondies.

If you want the recipe to these fabulous Brown Blondie Bars, click here!

 And remember, Life is about 'the cake, not the cups'!