Big Bust Sweaters: Do's and Don'ts 

This is NOT the type big bust sweaters we will be discussing today. ;)

Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters.

I just noticed what a strange and disgusting word that really is.


How can something so soft, warm and comforting be named after something wet, smelly, and gross?

Doesn't make any sense.

I could go off on a huge tangent right now but, I know you're not here to discuss word semantics.

You're here because you want to know the best big bust sweaters and I've got lots of information about that!

The good news is that wearing the right sweater is a fantastic way to showcase your figure. Sweaters have a way of showing off the soft curve of a woman's breast almost better than lingerie.

Okay, that might be an exaggeration. But the fact is our breasts look good in sweaters.

Unless you're wearing this sweater....

or this sweater....

And for the love of all that is wooly, please don't ever wear a sweater that looks like this......

Those are examples of sweaters that DON'T work for women with a big bust. ;)

Of course you probably know that already. It's pretty obvious that tinsel, orange cones, and springy ta-tas do not a good sweater make.

But what are the characteristics of a flattering sweater when you have large breasts?

I'm going to show you!

There are a ton of graphics from here on out. I think it will be easier for you to see what I'm talking about if I show you specific examples. Enjoy!

What to Avoid in Sweaters if you have large breasts.....

Why avoid thick, chunky sweaters?

Well, it's pretty simple. You're adding inches to your figure. When you wear thick sweaters (or any thick clothing for that matter) your bust looks bigger, your waist looks bigger and your arms look bigger because your body's got an extra thick layer on it. Kind of like when there's a thick layer of snow and your bushes look twice as big. Do you really want that happening to your chest? Chunky fabric buries your curves in a thick blanket. Look for thinner sweaters.

Look how how the thick, bulky collar adds like 4 inches to the width of the bust.

Avoid this by wearing sweaters with flat, minimal collars. Preferably with a V-neck if possible, but we'll talk about that more in a second.

The point is, don't wear a horse collar around your neck. ;)

Why do ribbed sweaters make your bust look bigger?

Well, it's mostly due to an optical illusion. Your eyes/brain are very good at noticing changes in lines. So when you have big breasts, your bust pulls and stretches the fabric changing the distance between the lines and making it appear as if the breasts are literally 'growing'.

 Pay attention to this when shopping for sweaters. I'm not saying that ribbed sweaters look bad on busty girls, on the contrary, the right ribbed sweater could end up looking fantastic. It's just something to pay attention to.

Why do Turtlenecks look terrible on big breasted women?

Repeat after me: "I will not wear turtleneck sweaters."

Here's what turtlenecks do. They change the perceived topography of your body. Turtlenecks have the magical power to move your breasts from the upper half of your torso to right smack dab in the middle. This makes you look droopy.

Yes, I realize that your breasts don't actually migrate when you put on a turtleneck, but it looks like they do, so what's the difference?

It's not just turtlenecks that make this happen, any shirt with a high neck can be unflattering. Case in point, the picture below. See, boobs in the middle. Bam!

So what neckline should we look for in big bust sweaters?

Collarbones are seriously sexy. Make sure people can see yours. A 'v-neck' is a great style for us. So is a scoop neck. I also like a boatneck as long as it's not to high like the one above.

Why short, boxy sweaters just won't work for us.

This is a pretty easy answer. Short, boxy sweaters make you look.....wait for it.....wait for it....SHORT and BOXY! [Gasp!] I know right! Imagine that. So, if you're after an hourglass figure then look for a sweater that isn't boxy.

The most flattering sweaters will hit past our hips. But make sure your sweaters aren't toooo long (unless you're wearing it as a sweater dress with leggings or tights.)

One of the great things about having a big bust is that our waist naturally looks teeny. So, look for big bust sweaters that either belt, or tapers around the waist.

A Quick word about Dolman Sleeves....

Dolman sleeves are HOT right now. And I'm torn about whether or not they're flattering for us.

Look at the picture below. 

Can you see that baggy sleeves totally hide the shape of her breasts?

Maybe this is a good thing, maybe it's a bad thing. I'm not sure.

Dolman sleeves kind of make the chest area look all stretch out, and then the woman is left with little T-Rex arms. Weird.The longer I stare at it the weirder it looks.

Use your own judgement when it comes to wearing sweaters with dolman sleeves. I think it probably depends on the individual sweater. Some dolman sleeves are very pronounced. Others tend to be minimal. Error on the side of minimal. IMO.

Big Bust Sweaters I approve of!
and most importantly 'why'

Well, there you have it, my big bust sweaters page. I hope maybe I taught you a couple things you haven't considered before.

Good luck with the sweater shopping. And if you decide you want a jacket to go along with your sweater check out my jackets page.

Also, if you're still interested in learning more about big bust sweaters, then check out Stacked DD+'s page. She has a lot of great examples of sweaters that she likes.