Big Bust Infographics

On this page you'll find a collection of big bust infographics all dedicated to interesting facts about breasts. I usually post these on my blog first, but after a time they're moved here permanently.

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15 Things you Should Know about Breasts

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Confession: I spent way too much time studying this infographic. Care to join me?

My Thoughts....
#1 doesn't surprise me, especially the fact that breasts make up 5-10% of our body fat. They are almost completely made up of fat which is why they shrink when we lose weight.

#5 was interesting. Were there no men in the Middle Ages?

#9 Blew my mind. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to build breasts out of ground up rubber! And Glass Balls?!! Gives new meaning to the phrase "Lost your marbles!" 

#10 Makes my back hurt just thinking about it! However I'm slightly intrigued with her story. Might have to research Sheyla more.

#15 Because lung cancer, stinking breath, and yellow teeth aren't motivation enough to quit smoking.

I knew it - Guys are looking for girls like us!

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Breast Cancer Fact

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more big bust infographics

My Breast Size Chart

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Celebrities arranged
by breast size

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